In the setting sun, the magnificent and ancient temple on the peak of Qingping roared out, and two rays of sunlight were also cut in tandem. The sunset sky chased the clouds and chased the sun as far away as a hundred miles away, and in a blink of an eye, it came to the center of the turbulent Sansheng River.

The sky and the sea are full of dark clouds, and the Kuroshio is turbulent.
Covered with silvery white, sword domain Luo Changfeng, black and silver hair, standing on the sea with negative hands, the figure fluctuates with the surge, like a boat in the sea
Tianjiu blade, white dress, plain snow, smiling, left hand behind her, right arm bent in front of her, such as modesty, courtesy, and black sea water at the bottom of her feet, such as listening to instruction, consciously rolling into a lotus flower that will hold it up.
Los Changfeng smiled.
Fate will go backwards, and the river of time will come to 10,000 years ago. The ancestors were most proud of fighting wine poems, and they asked for swords again and again. Throughout the ages, the first person, Tianjiu Blade, confronted Sansheng River. This double-edged opportunity of asking for swords and heaven must have lasted forever. Even if Tianjiu Blade couldn’t hold on to a hundred tricks, he still lost in glad you came.
Besides, now Luo Changfeng has entered the threshold of God’s introduction, and his predecessors, Tianjiu Blade, are in the same situation. This world war I is more serious, and he may not lose.
Luo Changfeng refers to the micro-motion in front of him and gathers into a sword. Around him, 100,000 drops of mist and water are called to form a sword with more than three feet hanging in front of him. It is crystal clear and another thought. Luo Changfeng was silvery white. sword domain jumped like a waterfall in thousands of feet, and millions of drops of water were quietly hanging on the turbulent black sea of Sansheng River.
Another thought is like a raging sword, and the deep-sea cool wind cuts several drops of water into words, like a bead curtain connected in series to form a poem, and thousands of sentences rise to the sky.
"People in Daliangcheng are most proud of this poem. Please ask Brother Tianjiu for advice."
Beihai ribuluo cemetery
This evening, of course, there is dusk here or Ayao’s room. There are not only heavy towns and mountains, but also Shi Zongliu, Yun Jian City and Liancheng Town, all of which are gathered here this time.
Slightly crowded
Zhenshan Chongkui is sitting at the table, and Ayao is lying in bed with his legs crossed. The teenager looks like Shi Zongliu, a big demon and Chongkui. Opposite him, he is sitting upright and grazing in Yun Jian City. His arms are reported by the window, and his hands are negative, and he is as straight as a pine after standing on the door.
Outside the humble house, there are two teenagers, Chen Yanzhen and Yu Qingqi, leaning against the dirt hills and looking at the sunset, whispering and laughing from time to time about drinking.
Crossing the North Sea by Kunpeng, fourteen people now gather in small groups. This phenomenon has long been common to grave keepers in the cemetery at sunset, including the grave owner. After all, it is human nature that these fourteen people gather together in different ways and even draw swords to catch each other and fight each other. Nowadays, it is’ exile’ in the ancient battlefield and gather together under the same roof to keep warm.
Therefore, when the teenagers Yue Qingping and sister told the details to the grave owner with cross legs closed and meditation, the latter did not even open their eyes and asked a sentence "Kun Peng?"
Sister, named Qingqing, replied, "Nine women in heaven are training."
The tomb owner called a name "when?"
The old man outside the gate is also a teenager, Qingping Azu. When he hears the call, he bends down and walks in.
"You told Tianjiu women not to take it lightly and keep good care of Kunpeng, but they are displaced from their homes. Who hasn’t been homesick yet?"
In Ayao’s room, Shi Zongliu looked at the big demon and asked, "Are you sure that the throne in the afternoon well is a thousand ways?"
In my mind, Joong-kui recalled that the old throne that was on the verge of death as crazy as a demon had reappeared once again, which proved his absurd view. Joong-kui almost died of the old throne, and his hand was badly injured, so he could not practice in the afternoon well for a while.
Pale and heavy, I nodded. "I’m 90% sure."
Shi Zongliu shook his head "not enough"
Yao o glanced at him "this is not enough? If we do it again, it’s time for the big demon to set up a monument. I’m afraid even the bones can’t be found by then, and it may be eaten by some foreign old thrones. "
The figure is straight, and even the city tactic is transmitted behind the door. After a long time of meditation, the setting sun also said the same two words "not enough 1"
90% sure that there are many things to consider after a thousand-way trip, such as the magical power of the old throne of a foreign country? The Thousand-Way Road is a unique school created by Emperor Yutian when he was young. If someone puts this magical power on his skill and weighs down the big demon, he can also be Emperor Yutian. Now, even if he is knowledgeable and widely known as the old man and Bai Zhiqiu, he will never be a strong alien ten thousand years ago. Is it a coincidence? The avenue is simple and the law is unified?
Congren, especially Shi Zongliu, once looked down on all sentient beings. Congren never believed in coincidence and karma. If the alien old throne really knew how to do everything, then did this person explain the karma of Zongliu? What is the cause and effect of a 14-person cemetery? Think about it for a long time.
Can it be enough?
The demon heaved a sigh of relief. "I’ll try again."
Pastoral Yun Jian city looked at him in amazement.
Even the city tactic has some accidents.
Yao said angrily, "You will die if you re-enter the midday well with an injury at present. I’m afraid you won’t last ten rounds if you force the throne to perform thousands of deeds."
"I’ll go." Shi Zongliu suddenly got up and looked around the crowd. His sight finally fell back on him. "I have a first secretary in law, Jing Yuehe, and the Tibetan mirror man, who are more generous than the foreign gods."
The sky is low, the sea is wide and the waves are huge.
The movement between the two saints in Sansheng River is too terrible. The sea is rushing and overturning, and the peaks and mountains are constantly flapping. Those peaks with a height of thousands of meters and many veins are flooded by Sansheng River, and then they are instantly swallowed up by the sea into submarine islands and reefs or exposed to the tip of the iceberg. In the distance, thousands of peaks and mountains are like veins. Several branches of water swim into streams and drift away in the hundred rivers.
Lei Long roared in the deep sea.
A golden heavenly sword fell from the sky and was inserted straight into the center of Sansheng River. At the bottom of the sea, two giant dragons took off, one black and one white, and then the two dragons collided with each other at the same time. Hundreds of millions of stars jumped back with the fierce wind machine, and the sea water evaporated for hundreds of miles. The rocks, land and trees were even darker in the blink of an eye.
"You win."
The sound of Luo Changfeng reverberates around the world.
Chapter 13: Prisoners of the Guest Order
Sansheng River’s gloomy clouds droop and the sunlight falls like a real fairy, flashing and revealing Luo Changfeng’s broad robe figure. Hundreds of miles away, the nine blades gather together to see the magical powers. There is a white shadow on three sides of the south and northeast, and a blue water lotus rises on the Sansheng River, bearing the nine blades and merging with the magical powers, and it floats in person.
Luo Changfeng kept his promise. Li Qinglian’s poem was sent to Tianjiu Blade without looking at it. Then Tianjiu Blade put it away and hugged the fuels at Luo Changfeng.
"Brother Luo’s first fascination with the realm is that the sword is cheap. If this sword challenge happens ten years later, the outcome will be very different."
Los Changfeng can’t be so melodramatic. It’s a common situation for military strategists to lose to the first place in the past and the present. I don’t feel ashamed or humiliated. The name of Pu Yuan "I have pulled down more than 90 tricks and tried my best to force Brother Tianjiu to move the magic handle. I don’t want to say that ten years is to practice Wan Changfeng again, and I am afraid I can’t leave the dust behind."
Ten thousand years ago, there was no list of magic weapons. Therefore, the magic weapon in the mouth of Jiutian Blade was the first praise word. I didn’t think about this question. He didn’t shine the sword, and naturally he knew that Luo Changfeng also kept the sword.
People are most proud of the poems entrusted by Li Qinglian Daliang Chengtou, which are the last wishes. Luo Changfeng will not be reckless regardless of the weight. Tianjiu Blade knows that the so-called ending poems of this sword challenge are all in the end.
Because all over the world, he has integrated Li Qinglian Taoism and Taoism to expel aliens and save the people in the coming troubled times.
He believes that Luo Changfeng knows better than anyone. What’s worse, this Luo brother is still a hero with a heart. He can accompany Li Qinglian crazy guy Tianjiu Blade. There is no reason not to believe it.
After a little meditation, Jiujian said, "Brother Luo, do you have any plans?"
Luo Changfeng lived up to his mission, and he was the most proud of that man. He remembered the process of getting to know Li Qinglian, and he didn’t wake up for a thousand days, and he felt a pity.
What are your plans for coming? He wanted to think that when he was in a hurry, it was natural to find the cat dish, go back to the river of time, and then listen for the emperor’s tears to go to the natural gate of Qingping Peak by the way. It would be much easier if he could find the emperor’s tears by taking advantage of the situation, and it would be necessary to restart the cat dish. Thinking about this Luo Changfeng has made a decision
He asked, "Where’s Brother Tianjiu?
? Nowadays, the alien army has been destroying everything in the east, and it’s like a bamboo. It’s also time for Tianhe Mountain to fall inch by inch and hit Qingping Peak. The whole day has high hopes for it. What are you going to do again? How much can Brother Tianjiu appreciate Li Qinglian’s poem Kendo? How sure are you to enter the final stage? "
Tianjiu blade reached out and gestured.
Turn two white lights into the horizon, and then leave two silver arcs to return to the Wanfa Hall on the summit of Qingping Mountain.

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