"Well, we were assigned to the same place after we went in, right?" Qin Mu Ye was very curious and asked.

"It’s very possible, after all, we are quite close to the place when we trigger before and after. According to the rules of the face-lifting game, we may be placed in the same novice scene," the captain of the task force replied
The countdown to the invitation was at that moment, and the whole invitation burned up. All the task forces disappeared, leaving Qin Mu Ye alone.
“? ? ?”
"Why didn’t I take me with me? ? ?”
Isn’t there something wrong with Qin Mu Ye’s face lying in the trough?
Soon he realized that the people’s thriller game might not catch him.
Although he is a real person now, he is not. I’m afraid he is not lighter than the rest of the world.
Just like when the live broadcast of the thriller escape wanted to draw him in as an escapee, this people’s thriller game couldn’t bring him to where he belongs.
"Gan ah, I have to go in by myself. Can I say that I can be a little higher? As a result, even the players can’t take it in and blind the invitation words. "Qin Mu Ye has been mixed up for so many years for the first time."
I made a disguise myself, and it was the first time that I had a problem because of my personal position.
I can’t go in by myself and follow it once. Just pay attention.
Luckily, I left a mind’s eye just now when I sent someone, otherwise Qin Mu Ye really wouldn’t be able to get in.
"And … temporary skills also triggered this. It’s not really going to let me go face to face with AOE, is it?" Qin Mu Ye vomited and chose to go.
If the law of causality takes effect, the plot will not be formal until Qin Mu Ye has passed.
He really wants to try what will happen if he drags on for ten days and a half months, but just think about it. There is no need to die.
Although he’s in the 9th rank, it doesn’t mean he’s an enemy. If you really want to brainstorm, something wonderful might break out to force him in.
If he voluntarily goes in, the temporary skill is likely to take effect, but Qin Mu Ye will definitely take effect if he drags on.
"Why do you actually point to different things?" Qin Mu Ye is also a little surprised. He didn’t expect that the pointing area is not the same as the task force, but another one.
"Interesting won’t have a protagonist again?"
"Is the leading role should not be a world defender organization? Or is this protagonist not the protagonist? "
Qin Mu Ye’s look remains the same. It’s not a rule that there is one protagonist. It’s like he can also give people an abyss and let the other side become the protagonist. It’s just that the game may not be very good
This ability is probably equivalent to the original Wang Weishen universe favored talent, but Qin Mu Ye gave it a variant.
The effect will not be too bad, but it will bring a little bit of insignificant sequelae.
"Then go to the protagonist’s side and the task force won’t die." Qin Mu Ye looked at the eye task force’s horror. What is the lack of firepower? When you face those horrible things, you hold a knife in your hand. When the Buddha personally passed the light limit bomb in Lan Huo and gatling, you will be able to understand what is called my Buddha’s compassion.
Although the task force has not been limited by light, Lan Huo and gatling, they have a black technology equipment.
"The restaurant? Is it all this round now? Or is the protagonist standard? " After Qin Mu Ye came in and made a big circle, he finally saw the protagonist. It was the protagonist who made a mistake in the camp
Chapter 59 Thriller Game Bureau Restaurant
"It’s a bit old-fashioned." Qin Mu Ye muttered something.
The rules are very simple, that is, a set of spectre restaurants let ordinary people act as clerks to spectre. In terms of guests, chefs, head chefs, store managers and so on, they are spectres.
It’s always the restaurant rules that constantly make things difficult for humans and then make each other make mistakes to kill and swallow.
There are ten people in a small number, Qin Mu Ye is not included in the people, and what’s more, it’s probably seven days of birth.

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