"No wonder …" YingBao face a become very strange.

Some chagrin, some indignation, but more.
There is something strange.
"No wonder?" Fang Siyi looked at Yingbao strangely and was puzzled.
"Ya ya … elder sister … come to me" YingBao said lightly.
"Looking for you?" Fang Siyi asked in an incredible way, "What does she want with you?"
"She said a bunch of puzzling words. I was forced to leave me at first because you were terminally ill, so that Ya Ya … elder sister came to tell me that I didn’t expect …"
Fang Siyi also some meng.
"She seems to really care about you …"
"Maybe …" Fang Siyi took a smile a bit awkward.
"You bastard! Go to hell! " Yingbao’s face changed as soon as he got up and pulled up the chair and hit Fang Siyi!
Fang Siyi didn’t escape the pawn.
Fang Siyi dodged a chair and watched Yingbao throw things. He hurriedly put Yingbao in his arms in the previous step.
"You bastard! How dare you cheat! I … I’ll fight with you! " Angry YingBao struggling fruit directly after head toward Fang Siyi face bump.
Have a mutually assured destruction posture
But obviously Fang Siyi how can let YingBao succeed?
Let her head hammer directly after hurriedly shouted "you listen to my explanation …"
"You give me to die! Who listens to your asshole explanation! " Yingbao directly opened his mouth and bit Fang Siyi’s neck.
Look at that posture. It’s like killing his rhythm!
Chapter 23 showdown (5)
Obviously Fang Siyi also found Yingbao going to a side head directly.
Moment Fang Siyi issued a stuffy hum.
It turns out that Yingbao has firmly bitten Fang Siyi’s shoulder.
What a feeling of being bitten by a piece of meat!
Terrible pain hit Fang Siyi nerve line.
Fang Siyi can’t help it. He can use the magic trick-that is, Yingbao’s weakness is broken.
He held out his hand and gently scratched Yingbao’s waist.
"whoops!" Yingbaoyuan bit Fang Siyi’s mouth and uttered two strange sounds.
Fang Siyi a look at the effective simply YingBao stuffy hum directly into the palm YingBao waist.
As soon as I touched Yingbao, the whole person shook a tingle.
Waist is one of her few G points.
At ordinary times, you don’t even have to touch it for a long time. What’s worse, Fang Siyi is now touching it gently with a very high super technique.
Gradually YingBao whole person finished flapping Fang Siyi arms mouth Zhongyuan tightly bite Fang Siyi shoulder mouth also gradually let go.
Fang Siyi’s shoulder Yingbao’s eyes are almost condensed with water droplets.
Mouth trembling to Chen "you … you win not force! You let me go … "
"Don’t!" Fang Siyi said with great certainty, "If I let you go, you will bite me again!"
"You … you so how can I …! Talk! " Yingbaoyin trembled more and more.
Hands consciously hugged Fang Siyi.
"That …" Fang Siyi stopped touching but didn’t take her palm back. Instead, she tilted her head and looked at Yingbao and asked softly, "Don’t bite me if you keep your word!"

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