The Secret of the Battle of Tsukidan in January

Several Tsukiji elders co-chaired the doddering dragon, and Ling Chuyun also watched.
"After being closed for so many years, today I finally look at the younger generation sometimes."
He’s a Taoist priest, and he’s always closed the top of Qingcang Mountain, and the family of abode of fairies and immortals is managed by the Presbyterian church. He rarely asks questions unless something big happens.
Now I want to live an ordinary old man’s life until I die, but unfortunately his children and grandchildren are no longer there.
Sixteen people took part in the Tsukiji Danbi Fight, two of them were monks practicing Qi dzogchen, and the rest were monks practicing Qi Jiu.
These people are the strongest of the nine-story monks. Those ordinary nine-story monks know that they can’t win the Tsukiji Dan and didn’t sign up for it.
After three rounds of competition, Ling Dingxian and Ling Youxian defeated their opponents and successfully won Zhujidan.
Defeated Ling Youdao also defeated Ling Dingxi and won the last Zhujidan successfully than Dou Lingdao.
However, Ling Youxian gave his grain of Zhuji Dan to Ling Dingxi. They were all shocked and looked at his heart and could not say why.
In the face of everyone’s doubts and shocked eyes, Ling Youxian calmly said, "I can break through on my own, and I have to use Zhujidan!"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Three uncles and aunts brought a man back!
Qifangling Youdao Courtyard
Mu Yanran asked, "Brother Youdao, did you want to see me?"
"Well, what do you think this is?"
Said ling Youdao took a jade bottle from the bag and gave it to mu Yan ran.
Mu Yan ran took a quick look and said, "Zhu Jidan!"
He pretended to be angry and said, "Well, you still don’t believe me when I said I would win Zhujidan."
Mu Yan ran sealed the jade bottle and stuffed it back into Ling Youdao’s hand and said with a smile, "I believe I certainly believe Brother Youdao."
Wen Yan Ling Youdao hum a.
LingRenYi head leaned in from the outside and carefully said, "Three uncles and three aunts MuYu predecessors came out."
Smell speech two people panic as if cheating was discovered.
"Brother Youdao, I’ll go first."
"Well, you are quick to go home."
Mu Yan ran casually returned to his own hospital. Although Mu Yu had doubts, he could find no evidence.
Ling Renyi smiled, "Uncle, is this an affair?"
"Smelly little boy, you are begging for a fight."
Ling Renyi, hey hey, smiled and ran away, but came in a hurry. Ling Renxin bumped into him.
Two people rubbing his head LingRenXin injustice way "second brother, why don’t you watch the road!"
See this ling Youdao laughed.
"My uncle and aunt brought a man back."

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