Jade bodhi old zu swaggered into the Tai Su world. The strong fox god came to the front of Jade Ten Niangs. The jade bodhi old zu patted the slender thighs of Jade Ten Niangs. "Little girl, bodhi old zu, I, your brother is a life-and-death friend. These guys are full of nonsense except enlightenment. Your brother has a deep hatred. If you believe it, you will die. You are still with the bodhi old zu."

"Jade, you unlucky reminder, can Ten Niangs be safe with you?" Whirling criticise 1
Jade bodhi old zu smell speech scratched his head and tugged at the fox skirt around him. "Ten Niang, this sycophantic girl is not your real sister-in-law, but your brother keeps cutting, and it’s still messy. You can’t follow the bodhi old zu. I always follow the fox, right?"
"Fart ten niang is my terran monk can follow the demon race?" Too yuan progenitor nu way
All the noise here can’t tell the clue. Ten Niang’s head is buzzing, and suddenly I heard a population saying, "All right! Yujingshan people are coming! "
As soon as this remark appeared, the atmosphere changed, and the golden-winged Dapeng said, "Sister-in-law went to the Jade Jingshan Mountain, but it was your brother who built his own power!"
Hearing this, Jade Ten Niangs looked at the side and turned her eyes under the pressure of the strong. Jade Ten Niangs had already turned her mind.
"I didn’t expect that it was the turtle prime minister himself!" Tai Su’s ancestor was surprised. "This old thing is not afraid that the old nest will be brought back by people to settle accounts with him."
"Old turtle, if I don’t come again, I’m afraid my aunt will be abducted by you." The old turtle looks faltering with his shell on his back, but it is instantaneous. After looking at Jade Ten Niang, he made a respectful ceremony. "I’ve seen that the aunt and aunt really have the same blood and the old turtle is polite. That Jade Jingshan is the Taoist who personally created the world. Please ask her to go to Jade Jingshan with me. The reason for this will be explained clearly."
SIRS ancestor to mouth but listen to jade bodhi old zu way "good! Not bad! Yujingshan is your brother’s lair, and your brother’s own son will know when you go! "
Listening to the words of the jade ancestor, Aole fists clenched bloodshot and slowly escaped, and his eyes were full of murder "son!"
Fox god also nodded "good! Not bad! Jade said yes, your brother’s life is too complicated to be described clearly in a few words. "
Just then, Tai Su’s ancestor said with a wry smile, "Ten Niangs’ turtle prime minister said that Jade Jingshan is your brother’s lair. You’d better go to Jade Jingshan with turtle prime minister."
All the people in the field look at me. I see that Aole, with a gloomy face, came to the front of the turtle prime minister and paid a respectful tribute. "I have seen the turtle prime minister and Hongjun is dead. I wonder if the prime minister can return to my East China Sea?"
Looking at Aole Turtle, the Prime Minister shook his head. "Thank you, Princess, for your kindness. Now the old turtle is a Yujingshan who dare not violate the law of the Lord."
After that, I looked at the Jade Ten Niang. "Please ask your aunt to go!"
"All right," Jade Ten Niangs grasped the palm of her hand, and the old tortoise nodded and rolled up a whirlwind to take them away. They could watch but did not dare to stop.
"Alas, it’s a pity that my aunt won’t follow me to Da Lei Yin Temple, or I have to call Sun Chi’s bald donkey to suffer retribution." Dapeng with golden wings scolded one.
Realizing that Dapeng with golden wings will seize the golden light and disappear
Since Yu Jingshan made moves, everyone naturally didn’t expect to go home.
"It’s a pity that if I can get along with ten niangs in the future, maybe …" Aole sighed gently and turned away to blink. The world of Tai Su’s godfather returned to quiet and left Tai Su’s godfather with a wry smile on his face.
"This is Yujing Mountain?" Ten Niang curiously looked at everything in Yujingshan.
The old tortoise gently sighed the prototype and lay there. "Sister-in-law, please help yourself."
"The Prime Minister won’t tell me about my brother?" Jade ten niang one leng.
"It’s not my mouth, and my aunt will naturally be white in the future," said the old tortoise unhurried.
Jade ten niang side words haven’t say that finish but see the distant figure flashing forget dust Wen Yingji with the infant to meet up.
"But ten niang?" Wenyingji exit
"Exactly!" Yu Shi Niang Dao
"That’s why your sister-in-law, nephew and your brother and sister are all close people," said Prime Minister Turtle.
"Aunt!" El Nino timidly said 1
Chapter 2124 Brother
Looking at this full house of relatives, tears glistened in the eyes of Jade Ten Niangs. It was because of their own vigilance that they heard shocking news when they came out. At this time, it was difficult to distinguish between good and evil. Although there was Tai Su’s ancestor Bao, Jade Ten Niangs still had a little vigilance in their hearts.
"I have seen you!" Jade ten Niang greeted Ji Yi with a warm welcome.
"Ah, it’s a pity that you’re out at a bad time. If your brother knows how happy you are," Wen Yingji held Ten Niangs before.
Jade Shiniang turned her eyes to the crowd in the field and finally turned her eyes. "Is my brother … dead?"
"Your brother … it’s a long story!" While forgetting the dust, I sigh gently that Jade Duxiu’s twists and turns in several samsaras are really complicated, which can be described in a few words.
"It’s a long story, then slowly narrate it." Jade Ten Niang said.
"I’ll just tell you." Forget the dust and look at Wei Chen. "Senior brothers and sisters should know best in the first half of their lives."
"Well," Wei Chen nodded, and then from Jade Duxiu joining Taiping Road, he repeatedly sealed the gods and rolled up the monstrous waves of the heavens and the earth, and then said that when Jade Duxiu sealed the gods, Wen Yingji lowered his eyes and revealed a bit of grief and held the baby in his arms.
"It turned out that the dry day was a big, bad guy who had to suffer retribution in the future. My injury was actually that dry day that fellow sent a dark hand." The baby’s eyes were ablaze with fire.
Forget dust shook his head. "Brother said that although it was a dry day, it was not a dry day. There must be a conspiracy hidden in this year’s poison. Brother has been tracking down the years and the poison has fallen straight. This time, it is just a trace."
At this time, the jade bodhi old zu came in with a smile on his face. "I know your brother best, but if you want to know about your brother, bodhi old zu, I will tell you one by one."
"bodhi old zu!" Jade ten niang to jade bodhi old zu line a gift.
"You little girl are really poor brothers, tens of thousands of them are born now, so it’s a sigh. But don’t worry, bodhi old zu, I’ll take care of you. I’ll talk about your brother’s past." Jade bodhi old zu came to Jade Ten Niang’s front, and his eyes were full of memories. "Your brother claimed to be the best in the heavens and the earth, but he was always the first person in the heavens and the earth. Later, no one could overwhelm your brother because he had to wash his body and exercise his powers. Great ancestor persecution had to marry in the East China Sea, but it was the East China Sea Dragon King who robbed your brother of his good fortune. Your brother was much better than finding another way, although he could not practice, but he was actually refined into an immortal medicine. "
"The elixir of immortality?" Jade ten niang one leng.

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