Lin took a deep breath and shouted, "Let me retire first!"

This is a close call-
Gu Qingshan raised his eyes and looked at the light and shadow picture, silently saying "Ms. Black Sea"
"white!" Ms. Black Sea responded
At the same time
Lin’s eyes suddenly appeared in small print.
"Please note that the order creator has pre-installed the Terran Legion of Doomsday Lines in front of you."
"The Legion interface is now activated"
"According to Gu Qingshan Pavilion’s order, you are about to be sent away from the current world’s’ order reinforcements’ and go to another world to temporarily take care of another newborn orderer’s name’ earthly angel’"
Please hold on for five seconds while the delivery is in progress.
Lin stared at the lines of fine print and Lengli’s murder melted with the ice.
She looked at the light and shadow and said softly, "You … want to live."
The light curtain flashed
She disappeared.
"no! The twelve-winged angel is gone! " Life barrier ghost Lord shouted
His two ghost masters are also shocked.
Even Renee Doyle’s face changed color.
-The Twelve-winged Angel on the battlefield is a powerful force. If she disappears, then no one can resist that monster!
A burst of pain beyond human limit suddenly appeared three ghosts.
The three ghosts had just lost their temper when they were attacked by poor pain.
It attacked me?
Such thoughts emerge in the hearts of the three ghost masters.
This is also the last thought in their lives.
Gu Qingshan launched magic dragon’s blood descent, and at the same time, his hand was already holding the six sacred swords.
One thousandth of a second
A blazing white sword in the hall is as fleeting as thunder.
Lotus flower reflects the moon and the mountain returns to emptiness together.
Renee Doyle roared
Cleopatra, the goddess of fate, gave up chanting and pointed to Gu Qingshan.
"Fate-"she shouted.
Gu Qingshan gave her a fierce look back
-Yellow magic sword pupil forget Sichuan river chop!
Ding-ding, ding-ding!
Crotto was hit by a poor sword, broke through the roof of the hall and was beaten to death.
Followed by three flips.
Ghost owners’ bodies fell to the ground
They are still constantly lighting up the layered and airtight defense techniques.
But it’s gone.

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