From the situation that Xiao Fan instantly killed Wang Heng in the past, it is not difficult to know that the friar of the original Yuanling realm can barely have the tearing force. For Xiao Fan now, it is necessary to display and bear it!

"Xiao Fan ….." Flower SiNiang also bite bite lips ask yourself before Hong hit. If she answered the phone, although it is not difficult, it will definitely not be as easy as Xiao Fan. But even so, there are still two old monsters over there, Xiao Fan alone … Is it possible to escape smoothly?
The contradiction in Hua Siniang’s heart is not without reason. Although she has a very special identity, she can be reckless in the holy city of Huangsha even if she still wants to give her face. If she really wants to face her face, she won’t get much benefit. After all, the holy city of Huangsha is behind the scenes of Honggu Shinto, not the emperor of the holy city.
This DaFeng is a middleman in HongGu Shintoism, and even the old woman who has always maintained HuaSi Niang Zhuo is also a member of HongGu Shintoism. All this also determines that HuaSi Niang, a clever woman, will never really DaFeng completely face her face and try her best!
"Xiao Fan … what can I do for you? Take it out quickly! I can help you so much! " Spend four niang early out in a rash glanced at zhuo old that old man will never step in Xiao Fan these people that exists.
"There are two things that stink. It seems that you have forgotten my horror!" Hong grimaced and gushed forth a little bit of scarlet force. Those forces have become solid and generally visible to the naked eye. A huge red scorpion appeared on his chest, like a sickle, and its tail flicked. It seems that even the surrounding gas has been corroded!
"Do you want to try your best?" Xiao Fan eyes a clot in the heart quickly calculated.
At this time, if he continues to entangle with this Hong, it is likely to be a lose-lose effect. Although he can do many things, it is terrible to display his power by relying on his own realistic strength, but it is really a deadly offensive against opponents like Hong.
If you pester too much, you can still cope with one thing or two by using Hong’s ability to cast a killer weapon one by one, but Hong’s side has always been eyeing himself. If he suddenly helps himself, it will be more dangerous!
Kill with one blow to have enough energy to deal with others!
At this moment, Xiao Fan has already had the best strategy for the enemy. When the mind moves, the four pieces of seven stars in the Yuan box will destroy the God’s disk and it will be ready to move.
Each piece of the Seven-Star Destroyer has more destructive power than terror alone, but with Xiao Fan’s strength at this time, he can’t even play out the power of destroying the trial plate. After all, it is an ancient magic weapon!
However, there is another way to make the Seven-Star Destroyer’s Disc, which Xiao Fan once used, and that is superposition.
It was only after he was promoted to the peak of broken walls that he really understood the so-called superposition of seven compasses, which two kinds of superposition produced different effects.
Three kinds of superposition or four kinds of superposition or more superposition will release the power root, which is not what this world should do!
Although Xiao Fan is now burning Shou Yuan as if he were using the seven stars to destroy the gods, now he has the power of life and death to dominate Yin and Yang, and he can draw vitality at will to supplement his own needs, just as he added Wang Heng’s vitality to Chen Yunfei before.
"If you want to kill Hong instantly … it’s too difficult to rely on a compass … and there are so many people on the other side … fight!" Xiao Fan eyes swept pretty, pavilion, and after a long day, took a deep breath and raised my hand. Four compasses with different shapes and colors slowly flew out of their suspended bodies.
"hmm? What is this? " A few old monsters saw one leng and immediately felt a force that made them fear from the bone marrow from four compasses!
"The seven stars destroy the God’s plate … four superimposed wolf plates devour the sky and the earth!" Xiao Fan’s black hair floated, and the color of his eyes gradually turned pale. A dark foot also floated several inches off the ground, and a black-and-white gas body was surrounded behind him, forming a picture of Yin and Yang!
The four compasses were driven by Xiao Fan’s force and buzzed, releasing more and more force. From a distance, it seems that Xiao Fan’s place collapsed due to this force and generally formed a huge black hole!
The air flow in the sky is violent and restless, and the earth is shaking violently with it.
Destructive forces are constantly spilling out from four compasses. Everyone seems to feel that his heart is like being squeezed hard and breathing normally.
"God that this little … how can this minor repair release such a terrorist force? What are those compasses? " Not only he, but even the highest calendar day feels a chill, which matches the uncontrolled violent shaking of the body.
This heartfelt fear has never appeared since he reached the fitting period. However, at this time, his fear is far better than all the superposition!
"Is it bad that he will destroy the whole holy city of Huangsha?" At the same time, Ge Lao and Zhuo Lao were frightened to disgrace and squeezed their hands to release their strongest strength to protect them.
"Thank you before boss Hua. You should come behind me and join them, or I’ll wave you later!" Xiao Fanli controls the strength of four compasses and climbs the veins stood out on his forehead, jumping around and warning.
He can also feel that his body force is swallowed up by four compasses like running water, but these full 500 thousand yuan of force can meet the demand of the seven-star god-destroying disk, and at the same time, his vigorous vitality is rapidly passing away and the force is filled into the four compasses
Seven stars destroy the five magic soldiers of Pangu!
Have the power to destroy the world and the flood!
Once the heavens and the earth change color, all beings will fall!
Although Xiao Fanxiu is not strong enough, seven compasses are not complete, but the power presented by Xiao Fan’s reckless excitation is enough to make people feel scared. Presumably, no one in this cloud crane continent can resist this power positively. Qingyang can’t even be a holy demon emperor!
"Click!" Xiao Fan around this terrorist force coercion appeared several cracks and all around were imprisoned by this force, even if Hong and others want to escape at this time, they also have the ability!
"Let’s all join hands to form an array and come to me to rely on the guardian array seal of Huangsha Holy City to resist this terrorist force!" Calendar day more and more feel the death threat gradually enveloped itself hurriedly ordered
Ge Lao, Hong He Man, all the monks who came to round up the felon, heard that they had recovered from the shock and jumped up in succession. Around Li Tianxing, they released their own strength department to help Li Tianxing arrange a huge defensive cover together with the guard array of Huangsha Holy City.
"Entering the prestigious prestigious residence is created by several experts. It is stronger than the terrorist force!" Zhuo Lao also swept away quickly, and a roll of sleeves rushed the package of four people, Hua Siniang and Ning Shuang, into the prestigious chamber of secrets and left.
Chapter 12 The wolf devours the sky
See Zhuo veteran frost and others into the famous secret room Xiao Fan is relieved. This violent force is not even expected by himself.
Moreover, as the power of four compasses is more and more exciting, it is more and more difficult for him to control this power. He looked up and glanced at the enemy’s nervousness. Bi Hong and others provoked a cruel and cold smile at the corner.
This smile straight to see hong and others in the heart a tight!
"Destroy it! The wolf devours the sky! " Xiao Fan threw a few high-order pills to restore physical strength into his mouth and immediately roared and pushed four compasses into the middle.
The violent force at the head of the four compasses wolf-greedy plate slowly merged into a huge red Cang Lang, which was mixed with a foot to break all the meridians of the monk in the Dan period and roared into the protection condensed by Li Tianxing and others.
Just feel the coming of the red Cang Lang, the violent force spread instantly, and Hong and Man took the lead in spitting out one mouthful blood as soon as his face changed, followed by Ge Lao’s brow wrinkled and blood spilled from his mouth, which was barely able to resist for a long time, but his face became pale.
The impact enveloped the whole holy city of Huangsha
The flames burst through the sky and tore the dark night away.
A huge dark mushroom cloud rolled up into the sky, and the proud protective array seal of the holy city of Huangsha was blown to pieces in a short time. The shock wave of terrorist energy swept around madly, and the building disappeared in the first shock wave. It is a famous residence!
Just spend four niang and others to hide from the famous secret room, which is fortunate.
However, with the continuous expansion of the shock wave, more and more houses have been leveled, and even the oasis closest to this rich area has been lifted by the whole oasis. A large number of lakes in the oasis have been evaporated, and then a rainstorm has poured down!
This is a disaster enough to destroy a place.
If there is no powerful guardian array seal, if there is no manpower to resist the explosion, the power will make millions of people in the whole city become bones and erase the whole sand holy city desert!
And there are more reasons why Xiao Fan is afraid of hurting ordinary people too much and trying to compress the explosive power.
But even so, it has caused a devastating blow to the holy city of Huangsha!
When the explosive power reached its zenith and the most horrible, a golden light flashed from the imperial city, and the figure waved and protected the imperial city from other areas.
That’s all he can do. No one has the ability to protect the rich area at the center of the explosion.
The explosion finally went wild and gradually subsided.
Xiao Fan’s skin burst, and he was famous in the ruins. His body was bleeding and he gasped constantly.
He really underestimated the power generated by the superposition of these four compasses. As soon as he found out that there were several meridians in his body, he was badly damaged, and even the strange and huge Yuan Dan became smaller at this time.
The sharp pain in the body made Xiao Fan gasp and shook his head with self-mockery. "This time it’s really a bit big!"
The wolf devours the sky
As the name suggests, not only will a large piece of sky be blown to pieces, but even the ground will be badly shaken. If you don’t suddenly run out of the golden gleam from the imperial city, this yellow sand holy city will definitely disappear completely!

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