Thinking about where the other end of the stolen hole will be, I quickly waved a shovel to expand the stolen hole. It is very likely that we will stay here in just three days. It is not possible, but it is true that once these three days have passed, we will sink into the ground with the tomb. No one knows how deep it will sink. Anyway, by that time, the possibility of our coming out will become even more slim, not at all.

And now we have less than three days left. It’s almost a day, so we must race against time. We can’t wave for a moment. None of us know what we will face in one second. If we encounter any danger and trap our place like this, we will certainly spend a lot of time to get out of trouble. After all, it is impossible to be so lucky every time.
After half an hour, this passage has finally been widened enough for the four of us to pass through one after another. Of course, this is not my own credit. Li Rong is a reasonable person. In this issue, I will take a break.
When I widened the last passage, I got into the hole and watched the opposite situation a little, but to my surprise, only a light beam could be left where the light at the other end of the passage passed, which was like going to that city when we had Uncle Hei together.
This kind of black is not conventional black, but a kind of hand similar to the end of the universe. The effect of this place will be limited, and the surrounding situation will not be seen except for the small beam of light emitted.
Well, I saw at least three or four meters near the exit of the stolen hole. How can I put it? I really can’t tell what this place is like. It looks safe. After all, I didn’t see any unfavorable situation or footprints and traces. There is a thick layer of dust, which means that no one has been here for a long time.
Actually, this is also a doubt. What did the thief leave behind? Is it because he never came in? But if that’s the case, why did he make this stolen hole? Isn’t this a contradiction?
Former Li Rong also brought things to light. Now, no matter what danger lies ahead, we must face the passage we opened. After that, I didn’t come back. Instead, I went straight to the past with one point of fear and nine points of doubt in my heart.
Uncle Yun didn’t trust me, but maybe he knew my personality. You know that I decided that things would not change easily, so I stopped talking abruptly and quickly got in from the hole to’ protect’ me.
As soon as I got out of the stolen cave, the scene suddenly changed. Before I stole the cave, it looked like a corner of the universe without light, but as soon as I came over, it was a 100-degree turn. Although it was still dark around, I could clearly see the surrounding situation when I took a photo with my hand, and the light would not be limited at all. It looked just like an ordinary cave.
Chapter 365 Evil
2_2675 This is huge, but this is huge. It means that it is long and wide, and its height is more than two meters. I can even touch the stone wall above my head on tiptoe, and it is a long strip as a whole.
After I came in, I didn’t pay attention to the distance at first, but stared at the stone wall above my head and studied it. Maybe it was because we found the passage just now. I vaguely felt that there must be something wrong with the stone wall here. This is called once bitten, twice shy.
I have a real feeling when my fingers touch the stone wall. After studying for a while, I found that the ceiling is solid, at least a few meters around me.
At this time, I came to observe its place. The width of this place is almost 30 to 40 meters, and the length has exceeded the limit of hand exposure. On the whole, it looks like a highway with a cover and guardrails on both sides.
The reason why the ground is so flat is that it doesn’t look like natural erosion, and it’s not so flat. The walls on both sides and the ceiling stone wall are also flat, but it looks like a smooth mirror, but if you look closely, it doesn’t look like artificial traces.
Uncle Yun, the three of them also emerged from the stolen hole one after another. Of course, their first reaction was as attracted by this passage as I did. Even when they just came out like me, they didn’t notice it. Don’t stretch out your hand and touch the ceiling after a short consternation.
It sounds like it’s just a passage, and it doesn’t seem to be anything tall, but it’s rare to see it with your own eyes even if you search your memory. I really think it’s even more shocking than the golden passage where you first found the altar. This feeling is very strange, because it’s not as spectacular as the golden passage, but I can’t help but think of it in my heart.
"Ha ha, it turns out that there is a small law at the entrance to the cave. It is dark from the inside, but when it actually comes out, it will be found that it is very normal here. It seems that the owner of the tomb made the security guard a ten-sided face and this law is also a master. I didn’t feel it at all outside." Uncle Yun reacted, and we expanded the stolen hole and knocked on a rock wall around it and said, "Look at this stone, it is a kind of hard stone than ore. If someone didn’t make a hole first, I’m afraid it would be your special * * method to blow it
Gee, what a master! What’s the way to shoot this hole thief? I cann’t believe this hard ore is so neat and not scattered at all. "
I went to Uncle Yun’s side and studied carefully the stone wall in this letter, which is the last line of defense to enter the real tomb.
Sure enough, this stone wall is as strong as the iron cage we have seen before, and the indestructible dagger left by my uncle can leave a spark on my face.
It’s really amazing. After all, even if we have the means now, we can easily break this kind of thing. More importantly, it’s inconvenient for this stolen hole to display anything in such a small place. The person who hit the stolen hole is definitely an expert. Anyway, I think it’s impossible to hit this stone wall without borrowing those high-tech tools from Xu Ping.
"All right, all right, let’s go ahead. There was a lot of delay just now. Everyone should be careful. Although there seems to be no danger in front of us, it may be dangerous to hide in the dark and not be discovered. Everyone should not be careless. You must take care of yourself."
But Uncle Yun’s words had just finished, and we found that the earth suddenly shook, and then we heard the roar again when we were in the mutant plant land.
This time, we feel like we are around us, and people can’t help but feel a little cold on their backs.
"Dong … dong …"
The sound of the earth shaking is getting stronger and stronger, and the vibration is very rhythmic. We almost thought of the sound source at the first time, because this frequency completely conforms to the beating speed of zongzi.
But what zongzi can make such a big sound? Judging from the earthquake, this thing weighs several tons at least, but what is it that can be so horrible?
The stronger the strength of zongzi, the heavier it will be, but it will return to normal at the strongest time. The heaviest zongzi in the record is only three or four hundred kilograms. How can it reach several tons?
"Go back, you go back from where you were." Uncle Yun proved to be able to take care of people. After the reaction, he was not surprised and curious for the first time, but we thought about it.
No one thought that it was time or not. We just turned around a little, and suddenly felt that the evil wind behind us forced us to turn around half our body. Suddenly, there was a feeling that we didn’t know what to say.
Our dusty taupe gas makes us vaguely see a shadow, but the height of this shadow is almost the same as that of this cave. It goes straight away from us more than ten meters, like a benchmark and a pillar supporting this cave.
We can’t really see it, but we can vaguely see it wearing a blue-gray robe and a cap from the Qing Dynasty, and its face is gray.
Not to mention the three of us, even Uncle Yun froze because this thing is too fast, right? Our hands can still see out dozens of meters, but we didn’t see anything just now, and it has actually reached behind us when we turned around.
After half a minute, we didn’t move, and it didn’t move, but the smoke was gone, and we saw the tall figure clearly.
It was really dressed in the Qing Dynasty and the pattern on the official’s chest was Kirin, which means that he was a military commander before his death, especially in the DPRK, but it is not surprising that he is definitely not a civilian from his size.
About 2.3 meters tall, the trunk is like an iron tower, even if it has been dead for so long, the muscles exposed outside are still water chestnuts.
Actually, it’s nothing. It’s normal to meet this kind of dumpling, but it’s strange that his face is covered with white hair. What does this say? I told you, it’s just the lowest white rice dumpling.
But just now, when it roared, the speed at which it appeared, what kind of vibration did it appear? Can it be sent out by just a white hair? This seems unlikely.
"Glug …"
I don’t know who made a swallowing sound first, and suddenly we all woke up.
At this time, it was discovered that the official hat on the top of this strange white hair had been poked. Through the broken hat, we saw that there was a big dark hole in its head. Even after such a long distance, we still smelled the smell of it, which was the same as the black thing brought out by my former Luoyang shovel.
At the same time, we also found a seemingly impossible problem, that is, there is a look in this white hair’s eyes. Of course, it is all hatred

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