A listen to wang hong petticoats know Tian Hui pear fragrance immediately skin two dog is a big sigh of relief "red petticoats elder sister pear fragrance these two days don’t know which jin take wrong always bossing me around, I’m tired of scold her away! I admit that it is a heavy word! "

"And then the noodles are gone?"
"face? Of course, I invite her back. I can’t drive. It’s not convenient anywhere without a driver! " Don’t say that Pi two dog doesn’t have Tian Huili Xiang as his sidekick for a day. He’s really not used to always feeling that something is missing.
"You have to apologize to her or she won’t come back!"
"Shrimp? I’m her boss. How can the boss apologize to his followers? This is impossible! " At some point, Pi two dog suddenly turned the tables and said, "Daughter-in-law, do you know where Tian Huili is fragrant?"
"Nonsense, she is my home!"
"Ah, your home?" His eyes suddenly widened in surprise, and his heart said that Tian Huili Xiang had no friendship with Sister Hong Chang. Why did she go to Sister Hong Chang’s house to hide when she was in trouble?
"You don’t know this guy, do you? Tian Huilixiang and I don’t talk about good friends!"
"God, good friend?" Two dog said that this is a good thing, which is equivalent to Tian Huili Xiang’s entry into wang hong’s petticoats department. Maybe she can dig up many secrets of Red Dresses.
"Surprised? Pi two dog Tian Hui Li Xiang is my good sister. You can’t bully her, do you hear? "
"It’s the leader’s words and the imperial edict. I’m sure I have to listen!"
A word amused wang hong petticoats.
At this time, Lan Guixin driveway "Brother two dog, is this beautiful woman your horse?"
Before Lan Guixin left, Pi two dog was busy introducing the two sides. After the salutation, Pi two dog was busy when he saw that the time was up. He urged, "The boss’s time is coming. Find a room to ask for ghosts!"
"Oh, those two come with me!" Lan Guixin said that he would lead the way in front of wang hong and two dog. A group of people walked in front of him. two dog suddenly stood still and ordered Xiaohong, "Red has a horizontal fool to follow. Get rid of it!"
Xiaohong, a female ghost, had already come out to breathe. Whenever twelve o’clock in the morning is her happiest hour, Xiaohong got the master’s instruction and appeared in front of two dog. She said in a tender voice, "The master is so angry and angry that I’m afraid I can’t eat it?"
"All right, then, leave it alone!" Pi two dog carved two new seals of the Arctic canopy and blessed them with magic power. This seal is a great luck to stop sneaking and ward off evil spirits.
Thinking of him, I quickly printed the Arctic canopy with wang hong, wearing a neck and saying, "This amulet can protect you!"
"Little soul light now just think of to me! Tian Huilixiang is the first to see me, and you have no weight in your heart! " Speaking of amulets, wang hong Chang was angry when she thought that she was not the first to wear them.
"Red dress elder sister is like this-"
"I don’t want to listen if you don’t explain!" Wang hong petticoats was so angry that she stamped her foot and walked a few steps to chat with Lan Guixin.
Pi two dog’s heart said, Meow a Mi wang hong, you little bitch, why are you arrogant with me? When I put the leather cannon on the spot, you let you sing every day.
Just listen to Xiaohong’s face of fear and pass the message, "The master is not good. What does that cross-dead bastard want to do with us all the time?"
Smelling his goods, I looked back at the horizontal fool. When I saw the horizontal fool, there was a head with long hair fluttering ten meters behind him. It turned out to be a female ghost. The starry night looks quite strange!
Even Pi two dog felt a chill. It seems that the female horizontal ghost is staring at him. When he saw his goods, he said to the little red road, "Go to the seal of the gods for safety!"
"I know the master!" With that, Xiaohong turned into an air stream and dived into the sky and disappeared.
Xu Yi Lan Guixin took the two men to a gloomy room.
When I turned on the lights, I saw that it turned out to be a bedroom with a big bed. Everyone had everything, and the floor was smooth and shiny. two dog looked around and didn’t find any ghosts stationed. He was busy because the lintel hung an Arctic canopy seal to block the evil spirit
After closing the door, Pi two dog ordered Lan Guixin to "meditate and close your eyes!"
While wang hong Shang saw Pi two dog exorcise ghosts for the first time, he couldn’t help but ask curiously, "What does it mean to slip away?"
"ah? I just don’t care! "
Hearing two dog’s explanation, wang hong immediately jumped up and said, "Are you honestly telling me if you are doing bad things in the name of exorcism?"
"ah? I didn’t. No! Please don’t worry about this rule! "
"No, you have to give a reason, or the proprietress won’t listen to you!" Wang hong said that Lan Guixin is also a proprietress. She is a powerful woman in nine planets City. So prominent people make people worry about it. How undignified is that?
"Brother two dog, the leader of the team, has something true. I’ll listen to him!" Say that finish LanGuiXin body didn’t care about wang hong petticoats look like a fool, heart said, my god, two dog, how can this guy say that he lied? He’s really a little way to say that he’s not lying, so how do you want to look at people?
The more I think about wang hong, the less I feel! See Pi two dog always looks at Lan Guixin and knocks over the vinegar altar. "Little soul, where are you looking?" You shouldn’t look at it! " Said wang hong petticoats also rushed forward to cover your eyes.
This skin two dog became blind eyes black paint hemp black immediately Mao Tao "red petticoats elder sister, why are you so? I don’t see how to invite ghosts. Will you be quiet and stop talking? "
"No, you can’t look at her. You can look at me. No, you can’t look at anyone!" A slip of the tongue made wang hong petticoats make a big blush for a while.
"Red dress elder sister Lan Guixin is a nasty goat. If you don’t have enough mana, please don’t come out. Do you understand?" Pi two dog came to the gas way
"No, I don’t understand! You are cheating on women. This is cheating! " Wang hong petticoats a fierce beg to cover his eyes and push him away. I don’t know where she got so much strength.
Pi two dog didn’t want to dint is to take off wang hong petticoats "wang hong petticoats what are you doing? I knew I wouldn’t let you come! "
Wang hong petticoats a fart pier sat down on the floor to get up and grabbed him again. "Pi two dog can’t look at other women anyway! Unless you let her get dressed! "
Lan Guixin, who meditated at the bedside, laughed and cried when she saw two quarrels. "Brother two dog, the leader of Wang, is helping me to exorcise evil spirits and cure diseases. It’s nothing from his arrangement!" She said that I almost wrote for him, and he didn’t write.
"LanJie this not line ah you can’t encourage him! This is tantamount to letting him do bad things! " Wang hong said that the proprietress turned out to be a boring and coquettish woman on the surface. She also said that it was nothing. Isn’t it irritating to seduce two dog?
"Team leader wang, he helped me to exorcise evil spirits? Two dog made it very clear that the clothes will kill the law, and the gas law is weak. I’m in a hurry. Please don’t move! Besides, two dog, it’s not you. Are you in a hurry? " Languixin you’re welcome back to choke way
"The proprietress me!" Speaking of the emperor’s no hurry, the eunuch’s urgent words really choked wang hong’s petticoats.
"All right, you are not afraid to suffer, are you? Then let him see that I have no opinion! " Wang hong said that the wife of shop-owner had a good impression on her before. I didn’t think she was such a person!
"two dog brothers want you to cure me of evil diseases. You can take a look at it and you won’t lose a piece of meat! They are all experienced people. What is the ratio? "
After listening to Lan Guixin’s words, Pi two dog coughed, "Boss, please meditate and close your eyes and don’t cooperate!"
"Okay, I’ll listen to you!" Say that finish LanGuiXin did it one by one.
Seeing that Pi two dog first took out the magic seal and aimed at Lan Guixin’s yintang, he poked a chapter. In an instant, a halo swung open and disappeared into her brain. He did this because he was afraid that he was in a hurry, and he could not help himself. He had to first drop half of the nasty goat’s mana pit, and then he flashed out the goods and asked the ghost god to seal the city god to cover it and listen to him. "This guy, please come out and talk!"
Chapter 176 A bolt from the blue
"Brother, your way is not low. It’s a pity that you are in the wrong place! I’m Duan Dianying. What’s your name? " The instant room set off a wave of rushing weather. When two dog heard it, his mind rang and he couldn’t help but be stunned. This ghost is not only resentful, but also a spectre with strong mana. Think that he can turn Lan Guixin’s villa into a secluded house and gather a man and two women to wait on him. He should be a ghost master.
"Eldest brother, I’m Pi two dog, and I just want to know about the situation tonight. You turned somebody else’s Lan Guixin into a demanding woman, and her possessions are devoted to dealing with Ye Shaoshao, right? If you have any grievances, please tell the truth! " His attitude towards this cargo is unusually sincere and asks
"Turns out to be leather brothers! Lan Guixin is my woman. Ye Neng can be a dog for a long time. She deliberately caused a car accident and killed me and then took my woman! If it were you, would you take revenge? "
If it’s really Ye Shaoshao who is guilty of murder, he can’t just stand by and ignore it!
According to the rules, all Taoist priests or witch doctors who exorcise evil spirits and catch ghosts should help the unjust ghosts to avenge their wrongs.
"Eldest brother has such a big grievance. To be fair, please wait a moment and I’ll ask the woman. If that’s true, I’ll avenge you on Lan Guixin and look at your past mutual affection. Will you let her go? If you really love her, you should make her happy and bless her silently. What do you think? "
"Leather brothers since you promised to help me revenge that I listen to you! But I have been patient for half a month. If the king’s egg is still alive for half a month, don’t blame me for not keeping my word! "
"Brother Duan, I will follow the rules and give you a satisfactory explanation. Don’t worry!"
"Good I temporarily not LanGuiXin body waiting for your good news! By the way, Ye wears an amulet all the year round to make a bodhisattva statue! You have to ask Lan Guixin to know the truth! "
Say that finish Duan Dianying murders into a virtual shadow from Lan Guixin body away from the window and disappear.
That’s right. Duan Dianying’s murders didn’t directly seek revenge from Ye Shaoshao. It turned out that he had a powerful amulet!
After understanding the whole story, Pi two dog suddenly took back the seal of the city god and saw a white light flash across Lan Guixin. Suddenly, he made a tingle, like waking up in a big dream and looking at apricot eyes. He asked nervously, "Brother two dog, please come out?"
"Please come out! Boss, let me ask you something. Who is Duan Dianying? "
"Ah?" Wen Yan Lan Guixin almost fainted when he was black at the moment, and said, Oh, my God, can Pi two dog really invite ghosts? What is this guy doing? Oh, my God, he’s got this avenue at such a young age, okay? Thought of here, Lan Guixin didn’t dare to hide the whole story. "He was my first boyfriend. He had an accident a few years ago and unfortunately left without finding the perpetrator! It was that runaway who ruined my life. To tell you the truth, I spend a lot of money every year to find the king who killed my boyfriend! I haven’t given up until now. I won’t give up if I have a breath! "
"You didn’t ask Duan Dianying to tell me the name of the murderer!" Pi two dog considers how to deal with this matter because Lan Guixin has no feelings for Ye Shaoshao. What is the situation of these two? He is completely blind.
But he has promised Duan Dianying revenge for him, so he said he would rather cheat people than ghosts!
Knowing that he knew the name of the murderer, Lan Guixin suddenly forgot that he was slipping away and grabbed him excitedly. "two dog brothers, who is the murderer? Tell me quickly!"
"Wife of shop-owner, how is your relationship with your family Ye Shaoshao?"
Speaking of his married life, Lan Guixin has some holes in his eyes. "I think feelings and marriage are two different things. To be exact, Ye Shaoshao and I are boarding together to get what we need. I need Ye’s connections to open a supermarket. He needs me to help him make money! To say that emotional talk is not good but not bad! "
"Which is deeper than Duan Dianying’s feelings?" He said it would be better to ask in advance. In case the couple are very loving, he certainly can’t tell Lan Guixin the name of the murderer.
Lan Guixin saw that he kept asking her about her marriage life without mentioning the name of the murderer. Suddenly, she was at a loss. "Brother two dog, is this my private matter?"
"Of course, if you don’t tell the truth, I can’t tell you the name of the murderer!"
"Duan Dianying is my first boyfriend. Compared with Ye Shaoshao, what I really love is that Duan Dianying still remembers him!" After saying this, Lan Guixin said that it is strange that it has been so long since two dog finished the ceremony of asking God. I don’t have that crazy idea of wanting a man anymore. So it seems that the goat who is in a hurry really please go?
"Boss, this is not a child’s play, but a life-threatening day to tell the truth!"

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