"I will follow you to the death!"

Zhao Yun and others fuels.
"Ha ha, it’s too early to talk about it now. Let’s talk about it. Just now, I said to start a school and talk about your views." Ning Caichen smiled at Zhuge Liang.
"Setting up a college is a great event that benefits the country and the people, but I don’t know if you want to get to that level and what kind of situation the school is in. Is the state-sponsored school closed or if it is closed?" Xiao Teng said the most direct problem of running a school: "Now, although I have achieved gratifying results last year, the state treasury is not sufficient to set up a school. If the current situation of the country is over, and if it is closed, I am afraid it is also difficult for the people to send women’s schools now. Last year, it only solved the problem of food and clothing for most people, and some of them were state pensions …"
It is difficult to learn doubt in this era, and the most important thing is that economic conditions do not allow it.
"It is impossible for most people to learn at a touch, but there are always some difficulties. However, we can start with a few major cities and let some people learn. With the development of the State of Jin, the people of the State of Jin will become rich sooner or later, and we will set up more schools accordingly. However, if the state treasury allows, we can consider reducing learning so that more people can learn as much as possible …"
"Let some people learn the virtue accomplishment of some people, which can also alleviate the temporary treasury problem to a certain extent. When the treasury is abundant, the people will become richer, and we will gradually expand the scale of education. I believe that in a few years, the state of Jin will definitely undergo earth-shaking changes …"
Chen Gong said what he thought, and Ning Caichen nodded his head with satisfaction. What Chen Gong said was that nothing in his mind could be touched at once, and it was even worse. Even though there were still a few poor mountain children in China in the first world, not to mention how many roads were dumped by China in the first world, it was unrealistic to let a few people get in touch with education first.
"Chen Yushi’s statement that great kindness and education is a great plan for the State of Jin, but we can’t solve it at one time, but we can slowly let a few people get in touch with education. As I have developed, the State of Jin will surely usher in a new life." Ji Xuan also said.
"That’s the case, then it’s settled. Run a school according to the current situation in Beijing and Jin, such as running a hole, a public station, an excellent teacher. The four of you are responsible for agreeing on a countermeasure and show it to me then …" Ning Caichen said, "If possible, there should be at least one primary school in every county and a middle school in every big city …"
If possible, Ning Caichen also wants to expand the school to villages and towns, but he knows that the situation in Jin State does not allow temporary expansion to the county seat, which is a good start.
"If you build a university for the time being, you can build Yedu. Just call Yedu University and Yedu is named."
After thinking about it, Ning Caichen said that Jinguo University is different from the first university. The talents of the university are all scientific research, which has been a disguised imperial examination. There will not be many natural people, especially in the initial stage of education
Zhuge Liang and others hand way
"In addition, if schools are set up around the country, if there are girls studying for boys and girls, they can set up classes for boys and girls, and if there are women teaching, they can set up special women’s colleges to encourage them."
Hesitated for a moment, Ning Caichen continued, this era is similar to that in ancient China, where men are superior to women and men are different. He has a heart to let women receive education, but considering the background of this era, it is impossible for male and female students to sit on everything like I did, so it’s okay …
This is caused by the concept of different times and backgrounds, and it is almost deeply rooted. The woman has accepted this concept from the bottom of her heart. Even if she has the intention to change, she can take it step by step. Ning Caichen is still the idea of equality between men and women. Although he has several daughters-in-law, so what? This is based on the willingness of both sides.
Chen Gong and others handed over their hands, although there was some doubt in their hearts that Ning Caichen allowed women to study. The general trend of this era was that most women were virtuous. Although talented women were more popular, they didn’t say that Ning Caichen had done such an outrageous thing once or twice. At the beginning, the imperial examination broke the original selection system, and later, the land was confiscated. Everyone was used to it, and women’s studies made them feel a little strange, but it was not impossible … "Teacher’s psychological affairs, I think this time, Yedu University will be set up as a president by a teacher?"
Ning Caichen looked at Jiyuan Jiyuan again. Although he would often take part in court politics, Ning Caichen could see that Jiyuan was not very interested in politics. He also had an idea long ago. Since Jiyuan was interested in politics, it was a pity that he let him go to education and such a knowledgeable scholar didn’t go to education.
"This is a very good position. This position of headmaster belongs to Bo Yuan …" Zhuge Liang was the first to say with smile.
"Mr Ji knowledgeable when a teacher by worthy example" Xiao Teng and others also said.
In fact, Ning Caichen and Zhuge Liang are both great scholars, but Zhuge Liang, the king of Ning Caichen, is also the prime minister. On weekdays, there are many political affairs, so he can concentrate on education, and he is the most qualified and disciplined.
"So I won’t put it off." Jiyuan surrendered his face and revealed a smile. He taught Chinese literature what he liked best. He really meant it.
"Let’s decide at this time, such as making holes, public stations, writing heads and teachers. You four will be responsible for it, such as making a charter and showing it to me."
Four people hand way Ning Caichen and looked at Xiao Teng, lyu3 bu4, zhaoyun!
"Although the times are peaceful now, it is also an undercurrent. There are also many enemies in the State of Jin. Maybe one day, the war broke out suddenly. Although the State of Jin is now self-developing, we must not relax in the military. This matter has been a little harder for Qiu, Feng Xian and Long Duo."
"This is my duty."
Three fuels way
Finally Ning Caichen looked at Wei Zhaung.
"At present, the situation is turbulent, and no one knows when the war will suddenly break out. The Royal Guards will be handed over to you. I want to know the situation around the country for the first time and pay more attention to those mysterious forces. The identity of the person with a blue mark between the eyebrows should be not simple …"
Chapter 417 Daxing Education
Although the present situation is relatively calm, Ning Caichen dare not take it lightly because the water in Shenzhou is too deep. Even though he is now fighting almost as powerful as Xiang Yu, he dare not really fear that all the facts can threaten him. For example, Phoenix Island, the Phoenix, even now, he dare not say that he can deal with that thing. For example, Kunlun Mountain is no less forbidden to him now. There is another time when the giant with a blue mark between the eyebrows appears, which is also from a big power. Ning Caichen has not figured out where the channel is …
These are just the tip of the iceberg. With the start of the post-war period, no one can guarantee whether there will be any terrorist forces or people who are stronger than Ying Zheng, who claims to be the closest to the ancient emperor. In the end, the Yangtze River in Wyndell Dichinson is not surrounded by people. How strong Ying Zheng is? He doesn’t know because he hasn’t seen it, but according to Wei Zhaung and others, Ying Zheng’s strength has gone beyond the extreme level of real contact. Even now, compared with Xiang Yu’s Ying Zheng, it is definitely a generation of fierce people who claim to be the emperor, although they don’t have the emperor, but it is such a statue of
Except for the ancient emperor, who dares to say that the natural enemy Ying Zheng can’t do it, Xiang Yu can’t do it, and Ning Caichen still can’t do it.
"All right, let’s go. I’m strong in the state of Jin, not because one person is strong, but because everyone in the state of Jin is strong. It’s because generations of grandchildren can make Wang Chao endless. I hope you can work together with the same sex to build the glory of the state of Jin."
"I will bow to the essence and die."
Everyone fuels and finally leaves Ning Caichen and walks out of the imperial house. He can control the general development direction of the State of Jin. Specific things need Zhuge Liang and others to implement. If everything is done by himself, he is not exhausted. Besides, if he really wants to do it himself, he may not be able to do a good job in politics. It is ok to ask him to talk about it with a lifetime memory, but if he really wants to do it himself, he will not have the skills.
"What kind of school is this?" Zhuge Liang and others moved quickly at noon to get out the specific articles of association of the school. After asking Ning Caichen, the notice was posted on the bulletin board of Yedu City for the first time. At the same time, the news was also spread all over the state of Jin without a corner.
This has caused great waves. After the new land policy, there is no doubt that schools are another breakthrough policy of Jin State.
"I’m not strong enough for one person, but because everyone in the State of Jin is strong for generations, grandchildren, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, generations, OK! I was strong in Jin, and everyone was strong at that time. This sentence is well said! " Someone shouted and felt a kind of body blood boiling.
"You are the real people of the State of Jin. May everyone in the State of Jin be as big-minded as a dragon. Throughout history, only you can live in the State of Jin in this lifetime. This is the greatest blessing for Li Wen in this life!" Some scholars lament that their hearts can’t be calmed down for a long time.
"We want to thank you. If you don’t have positions, you won’t have me in the state of Jin and you won’t have me waiting for today." An old man said this and was grateful to Ning Caichen.
"This is a great event in the state of Jin. From then on, the school and the people of Jin will usher in a brand-new way out?"
"Three-year primary school and six-year middle school entrance examination have passed the entrance examination to the university to enjoy the treatment of six officials … this is the imperial examination. No, this is better than the imperial examination …"
"From now on, the people of Jin have a way out."
"After we have people with lofty ideals, we will never worry that there is no way out. This has given us a road to heaven."
"I’m not strong enough for one person, but for everyone. I’m not strong enough for one person to build the state of Jin, but for everyone to build the rise of the state of Jin and study hard! OK! Our hearts include all the people of Jin. How can we let our people down? It’s a pity that our people with lofty ideals in Jin have witnessed the rise of Jin in this life … "
This moment is shocking, just like the promulgation of the new land policy and school policy in the State of Jin last year. The State of Jin once again caused great waves, but it was applauded. Especially, some scholars with lofty ideals were ecstatic at this moment. The imperial examination system was cancelled when it was held for a while last year. Although the situation in the State of Jin is getting better and better, they are still careful that there will be no way out for them in the future, but there is no doubt that this time it has been completely solved and the previous imperial examination system is more perfect.
Setting up education is not really a precedent in Ning Caichen, but unlike Ning Caichen, many dissenters did it a hundred years ago. However, there is still a difference between the fact that many dissenters cast martial arts in heaven and the fact that they respected martial arts and didn’t run any schools.
The imperial court moved quickly, and the whole big machine was running. In less than ten days, the news of setting up a school spread all over the state of Jin. This is a breakthrough and a big thing, but most of them are applauding that water flows downwards and people hope to climb upwards. Who doesn’t want to get ahead? Ning Caichen’s move undoubtedly showed them a way.
"Pursuit of this move is to give us all Jin people a tongtian avenue ….." In a restaurant in Baiyun City, Sanchuan County, Jin State, a young man in Tsing Yi was named Wang Wen, and there were two people next to him in white, Li Zhao in blue and Du Shaochun, all of whom were from Sanchuan County.

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