"It’s interesting to say that if we can really defeat Yuanying Tianjiao in Jindanjing, we can definitely make a name for ourselves in Jiuzhou’s history of cultivating immortals."

"May be based on this Wang Mu strength is really strong cross-border words can, after all, then …"
Accompanied by bursts of shouts like tides
Gaotai Wang Mufei went to look around and thoughtfully.
Fang Fang’s mother-in-law is looking at herself with a strange face.
She is the referee.
There are countless monks around, and they look like ants in a beehive.
"You this tianjiao war officially"
Gu’s mother-in-law resounded all over the cloud. "The top spot is that Wang Mu ranks in the order of rules. His arrogance can challenge him one-on-one. Winning and losing in the order of ranking can’t automatically admit defeat."
"point to stop"
"This is a noble light platform, but a magic weapon for fairy defense, and it has its own rules."
"There will be no more than Yuan Ying’s peak power fluctuation in the enveloping range of Xuanguang Baotai. When both sides receive the power that will fall, they will be automatically resisted. You can fight as much as you can."
Fang Baotai exudes a light mask that hangs over the whole emptiness.
At first glance, the battle seems to be thousands of miles away.
It’s enough to be a simple battlefield for Brother Yuanying.
This level of defense magic weapon can not be destroyed.
Plus, there is an automatic search function to keep you alive.
It’s impossible to kill the black hand, which almost eliminates all bad situations.
Wang Mu is located in Xuanguang Baotai, but there is no discomfort.
Obviously their own strength level root can’t shake this level magic weapon.
Don’t say that you can’t shake even those Yuan Ying’s peak arrogance.
As koo mother-in-law finished the scene quieted down.
Soon the cat was Zongyu Tian Shu flew to Lang and laughed.
"Then I’ll do the first game!"
Said he held a mysterious tracts to Wang Mu, a moment to say
"The secret is always Tian Shu."
"Please advise"
"Sword of Wang Mu" Wang Mu also nodded.
I’ve seen these powerful Tianjiao before, and I really wanted to play against them.
Unfortunately, there was no chance at that time because of Qin Xiong’s special test.
I didn’t expect to fight now
These are the same times as Gu Yuqing. Tianjiao was crushed to death. The main reason is that Gu Yuqing has special means and special physique. No one can carry it. Often, he has lost half without starting work … The roots can’t be beaten.
Now that Gu Yuqing has broken through, they have become heads without a chance to participate in this session.
I can finally hold my head high.
Jade Tian Shu smiled, and the palm of her hand shone brightly for a second.
In an instant, the tracts flew out of it like heaven and earth, and several rays were rapidly fused in the middle.
"ten thousand machines are solved!"
Jade Tian Shu’s hand-pinching tactic lights up a divine light between the eyebrows, which is the integration of the divine light and the divine light
In a few moments, the combination of different optical machines was almost blink of an eye, and a giant machine beast with a height of one hundred feet appeared.
It’s more like a half man than an actual animal model.
Like a man, like a beast, like a beast.
There are two pairs of mechanical wings behind, and there is a place in the center that looks like the core light of the sun.
The dish crane is said to be the highest secret of the celestial Sect. It has been studying all kinds of machines, and the celestial Sect is famous. The walking of the celestial Sect is different from that of many monks. They give Wang Mu a feeling that it is not quite right with the painting style of this world of cultivating immortals.
Wang Mu, a former swordsman, feels a bit outrageous.
After Feng Yuezong saw Jade Tian Shu calling out the beast, Wang Mu was even more curious.
Now, seeing this behemoth with a sense of science and technology, it is worthy of taking the forefront of cultivating immortals.
However, the bright black and gold light on the body surface gives people an indestructible and tenacious feeling, which seems to be able to plague all kinds of tricks. The lines wander around and light up like neon, and finally disappear into the body and disappear.

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