Well, no matter what the truth is, the green-robed bodhi old zu, the leader of the Central South Demon Sect, is naturally not to be outdone. Although the two sides are still reluctant to exercise restraint and carefully test, the local friction has become more and more dense, and it is seen that the war will be launched at any time, and the whole southern Kunwu will be involved in the war

At this moment, the weather is unpredictable, although it is full of crises, it is also the time when the times make heroes. It is said that in the past 30 years, Hedong has its own small people. At this critical moment, it suddenly wakes up, and the blood is boiling, and the cultivation is climbing.
Cangwu City, a small county in the southeast, has just been divorced for three years. The teenager was shocked to see a green vine ring, and then a beautiful royal elder sister floated out of the ring. "Well, it’s because the innate wood spirit in the ring has absorbed your aura for many years, which made you fall instead of rising … Let’s let you help you join the right path with one arm."
The young man who was born to the handmaid in the cold wasteland in the north looked down at his green ox mount in dismay and said, "Master, did you know that your past life was the reincarnation of the mysterious god king who was besieged by rebels … It’s okay. Let’s go to the Sword Sect in Shushan first to take out the life treasure you lost there and then find a girl named Weaver Girl …"
When the Shanmen of the Sword Sect of Shushan was born, her life was strange, strong and kind. The orphan girl’s red dress walked barefoot step by step towards the Shanmen, facing the Shushan Sect, and she happened to travel in white painting … She didn’t teach her a firm eye and prostrated herself. "My little girl spent thousands of flowers looking for benefactors, please come to the Shanmen and teach her!"
Hey, hey, hey, where’s your moral integrity?
All right, throw these unethical sneaking into the action, and don’t care how much effort an empress has made to help them lie. At this moment, Kunwu South Hezhou Xu Zhihu is looking at the sunset glow outside the window with a strange face. By the way, recalling Chijie’s earlier paragraph, he said that Shushan intelligence …
In the evening, the setting sun is as huge as a whale, and the fairy boat is moving through the flaming clouds in the sky and sailing smoothly towards the holy land of Shushan, which is thousands of miles away. Although there is not much defense, the gas refiners along the way are awed, and some people take the initiative to escort the royal sword along the way, because this is a unique fairy boat instrument of Shushan Sword School.
In fact, at the end of May and the beginning of June every year, there will be several such fairy boats from Shushan to all parts of Kunwu to transport those who want to go to Shushan but don’t have enough training and beginners. It’s hard to say why they want to go to Shushan. Maybe it’s a master, maybe it’s an errand, maybe it’s a visit to the right clan …
The snake essence disease empress pointed out that the identity now is "going out of poverty and wanting to worship in Shushan to cut the demon and remove the demon and revive the family". Xu Zhihu successfully took the shushan fairy boat a few days ago with the help of magic to slightly change his appearance.
To be honest, he was really a little excited when he took such a tall door to transport the multiplier, but it didn’t take long to find out-"Hey? This thing seems to be similar to the high-speed rail! "
Yes, it looks very tall from the outside, and the real part of the fairy boat is just like that. Hundreds of practitioners and beginners have stuffed the fairy boat to the brim, chatting, chatting, eating, drinking and soaking up girls. From time to time, a middle-aged fairy merchant pushes a car through the already narrow passage and shouts rhythmically-
"Spirit yuan Dan to wow? The introduction materials of the Xianjian material, the first-stage instrument, and the map school of Shushan are wow? "
Er, this picture is really familiar. Xu Zhihu can’t help but twitch slightly in the corner of his eyes, feeling that his beautiful imagination is completely broken and remembering that Chijie gave information to shushan. Anyway, first make clear the details of shushan Sword Sect, and the success rate will be slightly higher, although it is still almost equal to …
The fact that the intelligence is correct can lead to a conclusion-the Shushan Sword Sect is really tall, really tall, really tall … Well, say the important thing three times!
It has been tens of thousands of years since the founding of the Sword Sect in Shushan, which is known as the leader of the Sect of Tiandao Road. It is incredibly profound. There are countless secrets of the alchemist, Dan Yao Ling Shi, and it is often necessary to give the order to all the clans in southern Kunwu to respond and follow.
At present, nearly 1,000 brothers in the sect department are outstanding talents, and all kinds of Dan medicine are added without money, which is like cultivating and cultivating practice for one year, which is worth ten years of ordinary sects. Each of the twelve true brothers has a mid-level pedicure to compete with the heads of other sects.
Of course, when it comes to the Shushan Sword Sect, we must go to the awe-inspiring white-browed real person. It is said that the prestige of the Shushan Sword Sect is incredibly high, and it broke through to Tianyuan Peak Dongshan hundreds of years ago. Now, it is a miracle that he can pull out a machete under such coercion, let alone resist.
Let’s put it this way: the status of Shushan Sword School is equivalent to Xu Zhihu’s understanding of PetroChina and Sinopec, which claim to be one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. If they want to monopolize, they will monopolize. If they want to increase their prices, they will buy five million chandeliers. There is no way to be rich and powerful. Some people have status and strength. That’s the nature!
"It’s said that our family is under great pressure." Wait until we turn over the whole information and Xu Zhihu can silently pull out a box of milk to calm down.
Well, let’s not talk about whether the hidden action will be hunted to the ends of the earth once it is exposed. Now the problem is that the Sword Sect in Shushan is so tall that it will definitely break its head every year to worship the younger brother. It is estimated that only a small part of this fairy boat will come to worship the master … Er, how can a novice who can’t even take a photo in this situation be able to worship in Shushan smoothly?
It happened that the empress took more care of Chijieer Muliu and they did not hesitate to come up with anything to spend thousands of lives, but when she came to our house, she didn’t even have a magic weapon to protect herself. She said very seriously that "Zhihu has so many people in the palace who have the most confidence in you …"
"Hey, hey, hey, if you casually say this, will my small universe rise to the sixth sense?" Recalling the farewell scene a few days ago, Xu Zhihu couldn’t help silently lamented, "Well, well, it doesn’t have to be a teacher, right? Maybe I can have a pot in a small restaurant in Shushan anyway."
Speaking of pots and pans, he couldn’t help but turn to look at the mountain package beside him. What’s the welfare brought by the merger of the first two mountains? Pots and Xiaoqian are all going well, but they have saved him a lot of Lingshi.
However, although they all rose smoothly, the changes in pots and pans were not great, but the original magical power was strengthened; I’m in a daze. Xiaoqian doesn’t know if the CPU has been updated after this promotion. There are actually several kinds of talented avatars, and they are all very strange …
Bang! He’s thinking about it here. He’s driving smoothly, but suddenly he’s slowing down at the moment.
A moment before everyone could react, I heard a milli-emotional sound throughout the fairy boat. "Your fellow fairy boat is about to arrive in Shushan …"
Have you arrived? Xu Zhihu was slightly surprised and full of curiosity. Just a few seconds later, when he saw the spectacular scene in the turbulent clouds, he still managed to control his breath in air conditioning even though he was psychologically prepared.
Thousands of feet away, like Rise of the Legend, a mountain peak in the sea of clouds is so huge that it covers the sky and hangs upside down, so it exudes endless surging green light, and it seems that the whole world is in its center, and everything worships it …
And around this huge inverted peak, there are dozens of small peaks with the same inverted shape, which revolve around the main peak like the stars arch the moon. At dusk, the sunset glow bathes thousands of lights and flies around this peak, or it turns into a rainbow of heaven and earth, or it sets the heaven and earth off like a leisurely flying crane …
Emei is majestic! Amazing work! Integrity!
Even though how many special effects have been seen in the film, Xu Zhihu is still awed by such an incredible majestic scene at the moment, and even though he is thousands of feet away, he can still feel the awe-inspiring shock wave that belongs to the Shushan Sword School, roaring like a stormy wave, which makes people lose their minds and control their trembling …
This is shushan!
The fact is that Xu Zhihu was still stunned by a large group of scattered repairs mixed with flying boats until a gas refiner hit him next to him. He just came to his senses like a dream.
At this moment, the passengers of Xianzhou have already left the wide temporary pier, and there are several swords flying from the mountain peaks from time to time, and you are greeted by the rich aura of the towering green mountains hundreds of feet away …
"Well, even the outermost secondary peak has such a strong aura?" Xu Zhihu took a deep breath and suddenly felt that Dongshan was simply a misty city compared with this kind of cultivation treasure.
So with emotion, he looked around blankly, but he didn’t know what to do next. At this time, a middle-aged gas refiner happened to pass by the dock and looked at him curiously …
"Er, man, I’m sorry." I finally caught a living Xu Zhihu and stopped him. "Excuse me, excuse me, if I want to go to the Sword Sect of Shushan, what should I …"
I heard a loud roar before I finished asking questions!
At the moment, hundreds of gas refiners with different shapes suddenly appeared from the ground and gathered into a raging sea. The waves were aggressive and suddenly rushed at him!
Chapter 76 This is not Shushan
Damn it! It’s been caught!
The setting sun hung upside down at the peak pier, watching hundreds of gas refiners come at Xu Zhihu angrily. The first reaction was undercover failure, the second reaction was that the empress was really unreliable, and the third reaction was to escape …
Uh, it’s over!
In an instant, this large group of gas refiners have long been like a disaster, and they have been completely trapped by three layers outside the three layers. Everyone is scrambling to be enthusiastic and murderous, and all kinds of roars and roars are like thunder roaring through the whole pier-
"Friends, are you here to master? That’s right. Knowing Elder Chen of the Sword Sect of Shushan can help you introduce him. It’s no problem for you to go directly to the Sword Sect of Shushan with a word from Elder Chen, but this introduction … "
"Don’t listen to his nonsense, Taoist friend. Every year, there are not 5,000 apprentices in Shushan, and there are 3,000 people waiting in line. You have to queue up for two months to come to me. There is a serial number, and Geely is still very high. If you really want it, take it!"
"F * * king you cheat young people so good? Daoyou, listen to me. I have a detailed record of the introductory examination questions of the Shushan Sword Sect over the years and the tastes of the elders. If you buy now, I can also give you a heart-clearing pill to help you relax before the exam and get a good state … "
What the hell is this?
Xu Zhihu struggled desperately in the crowd, tears welled up in his eyes, looking up to heaven, what do you mean? Is it really Shushan here? Do you agree with the leader of the right clan? Do you agree with Haoran Zhengqi to kill demons and get rid of demons? It’s almost a lie, so no one will take care of it?
"That’s enough! Aren’t you guys really afraid that the Shushan Sword Sect will come to ask for guilt? " But at this time, I saw a red-faced man with a full face of anger and pushed those guys. "This Taoist friend, you ignored them. If it weren’t for the recent busy fighting with the green-robed bodhi old zu, they would have been driven out of shushan."
Thankfully, there is finally a reliable guy, Xu Zhihu, who can’t help but sigh and hand over to this brave man. "Er, thank you, man. Could you please tell me how to get to the Shushan Sword Sect again?"
"Good to say good to say" Red-faced man waved his hand very heroically, but after looking at him a few times, he couldn’t help frowning slightly. "But, Daoyou, please forgive me for telling you the truth. I’m afraid you want to join the Shushan Sword Sect smoothly …"
"Who said it wasn’t?" Xu Zhihu also feel the same way and sighed.
"It’s okay, it’s okay." The red-faced man patted him on the shoulder to express comfort and thought thoughtfully. "Actually, if you are going to practice, it’s not necessary to enter the Shushan Sword School …"
"Hey? Dude, what do you mean? " Xu Zhihu slightly surprised raised his head.
"I mean flexible." The red-faced man suddenly smiled and showed his white teeth. "To tell you the truth, it takes me three months to get a full start at the Shushan Daofa Training Center near me. Will it be refunded to ensure that you master less of a Shushan Daofa package?"

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