"The door-storing skills are fixed like food in a cold room, which needs to be maintained without consumption, and it can almost go on like this."

It’s meaningless to have only one magic weapon.
Is he a little serious blow.
But what if there are 10,000, 10,000 and 100,000,000 thunder magic weapons stored in the door? Wouldn’t it kill all ghosts and gods?
The idea of killing evil spirits is exaggerated, but there is no doubt that the door has given him another killer weapon.
A … A ten-year-old one-second killer.
"The door has a storage limit, but it can be continuously expanded through its own cultivation. Even if it is a newborn, it will take me a lot of time and energy to fill it."
"There is one more item in daily life."
It’s not easy to get stronger. Fang’s tutor sighs slightly.
When he came, he still had to continue to practice on the other side and study ways to engrave it into the inheritance.
Promotion is impossible.
Say that even if you can bear this skill, it will be scrapped after a few times.
But it is worthwhile for two or three people to learn.
Especially Iloshi
"The first latosolic red level is that this girl’s life skills are cheaper than her."
Fang you glanced at the girl’s contribution balance and thought about giving the most appropriate exchange price.
It’s hard for him to get it done in a short time.
Fang You came to Fangbei Square before Fangbei.
Around the square monument, there are several people staring at the mysterious characters of the monument and wringing their eyebrows.
An Jian You, Qian Qiu, two high positions are also impressive.
However, they stared at their eyes and couldn’t wait to stare at the inscription on the stone tablet, which was not normal.
"Why can’t you realize it?"
"Yes …" Qianqiu pulled a handful of hair like a chicken nest, and his eyes were still staring at the inscription. "It’s too difficult to understand the law at this time!"
"When I was not promoted to a high position, I was able to get started in more than ten days, but now I am at a high position and have a more thorough understanding of the law. I haven’t touched a threshold for several days!"
Fang you pour some curious.
Qianqiu life skills’ dream bubble’ involves a little time.
He can slightly adjust the gap between the bubble and the outside world. Normally, the outside world is only a moment, but he can lengthen it by one second, two seconds and three seconds.
Equivalent to three seconds of strong control.
With the cooperation of teammates, the illusion is very dominant.
This is also why Qianqiu came in a hurry when he heard that the monument was born.
Then I hit my head full of bags.
So hard? Unreasonable!
"How hard is it?" Fang youwen
Qianqiu thoughtfully, "It’s not a difficult problem at one time. It’s that kind of … that kind of …"
He can’t come!
The law is difficult to express in words.
Fang you looks at the peace and sees the seclusion.
AnMei also bitter face "well … how can I put it? Compared with other steles, the inscription is as good as the sky. There are more than one hundred people on the stele. There are only a few people left in a few days. I’m going to try again for a few days and retreat if I can’t really touch the doorway."
She doesn’t lack contributions, but she obviously can’t wave at times.
She blinked at her tutor.
Unlike these cute new high-ranking tutors, his old man’s strength is unfathomable and there are countless rules to master.
Even if the tutor is familiar with the law of time, she believes it.
It’s a pity that she can’t talk about getting started at a certain time, that is, she can’t even see the clue at the threshold. If she can get started and know some basics, she can still ask her tutor for advice.
Fang’s tutor went straight to the front of the monument and sat quietly in a futon.
Looking at the inscription on the mysterious and mysterious time.
When stripes appeared before his eyes.
Rotate, stretch, jump, twist
He seemed to fall into a time hole, as if the fragments themselves were distorted when he fell.
For a long time …
He seemed to wander in the whirlpool for years and decades.
Fang’s tutor suddenly came back from the shock and shivered. He didn’t open his eyes, but hit the panel in his heart.
It’s only been a few minutes.

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