But why do so many deities choose Beidou to prove their way?
Even a monster like the thousand-handed prisoner chose to sleep and seek the loom again before waking up.
"Is there such a big mystery hidden here?"
The sword emperor was shocked. Before this, it was always Terran territory, and before that, there was a powerful assistant here. Here, medicine fields are everywhere, and it is the best to plant medicine fields with Terran certificates.
But they haven’t been here for a hundred years or ten years, and they don’t know that there is a hole in this land?
"It’s normal that you don’t know."
Liu Yu said that if he hadn’t communicated with the stone man that night, he wouldn’t have discovered so many secrets.
There are also stone men in the Shentan of Qunying plane, and there are also stone men here.
He vaguely felt that he seemed to have a little more communication with this talented person.
Suddenly, at this moment, a perfect green stranger suddenly walked out of the front. He looked very ferocious and angry, and Liu Yu frowned slightly when he appeared.
"It seems that you are as predicted."
The population said that the magic sound was very strong. Although he didn’t release breath, the sword emperor could not bear such aura.
You know, he’s a semi-saint!
Even he can’t hold the gas field. How bad is this newcomer?
Is he a fiend?
It is said that the inferno fiend is quite horrible, and the inferno status belongs to one person and ten thousand people. They are extremely rebellious, but the number of them is rarely out, which will make ten thousand people feel terrible.
"What prophecy?"
Li Yu said that he had met the stranger for the first time, but he didn’t ask his name, but asked an old acquaintance.
"I predict that the Terran can’t be destroyed directly, and it won’t be completely destroyed when I wake up for five years." This mysterious stranger sneered and his eyes were full of provocation. "Do you know anything?"
What are you waiting for?
Liu Yu asked
This makes stretched out his hand and pointed to Liu Yu, pointing to the Terran King "waiting for you to appear"
"It’s all arranged. Hehe, the Terran King was born. Don’t you know that 40 or 50 demons of your butcher block the immortal double magic seat and don’t show up?"
This makes the meaning fly very obviously. Since he dares to pretend to be a demon with thousands of hands, there may be no one else.
But a thousand-handed prisoner, how could he show up here?
The sword emperor turned pale with fear.
Liu Yu still looked at each other calmly and smiled faintly. "Prediction?"
"It’s not bad. I’ve been sleeping for too long, and you’re the one who showed up. King Wang Ren showed up."
Liu Yuwen suddenly face some changes.
Suddenly, his body teleported out and broke several wars, so he forced this makes to explode, and the light blood fog fluttered and sprinkled.
That’s the strength of the sacred land dzogchen. Please be clear when the sword emperor feels it.
Although he has been prepared for it, Liu Tianjun is such a strength, but now he feels that the middle of the back is still worse than the earthquake.
Chapter 957 Tianfu abode of fairies and immortals
"Ha ha ha!"
"King of people, your reaction is too slow! !”
"It won’t be long before this place will become my authentic place and you are just my inferno growing background."
As soon as this came out, Liu Yu knew that things were not so simple. The other party did not hurt at all and still talked loudly.
Then even the stone statue was pulled into a virtual crack and disappeared. Liu Yu thought about it and immediately came for nothing. Originally, he was put out by the other party, but he could see that the inferno prophet was hanging.
And I’m afraid that the statue of Tianfu Zun has hidden the enlightenment machine inside?
"It’s bad that the inferno got what they wanted at the expense of Monty and many magic soldiers. It seems that it’s perfect."
Liu Yu sighed.
The sword emperor came forward. "Is this good now, Tianjun?"
Once the thousand-handed prisoner has completed the enlightenment, the Terran will no longer have hope.
Liu Yu’s eyes showed a touch of profundity, and at the same time they shone brilliantly.
"You tell me about the past years, whether there was a Terran respect for World War I in the inferno?"
The sword emperor was covered in cold sweat. He knew what Liu Yu was thinking, but it was too risky to do so. "God, you must never act like this. The inferno has always been strange. I once honored the demon Lord and added the inferno. I have already had a statue of magic. If the inferno has a statue, I am afraid it will be terran again."
If Liu Yu releases a thousand-handed prisoner to break through the statue, then wait for them to become extinct.
Although Liu Yu is very strong, the blue sky is the strongest. Will it be victorious?
"is there any other way in your opinion?"
Liu Yu turned and asked a sentence
The sword emperor is speechless. You can’t kill the inferno at this time, can you?
Doing so means that the two families have fought the last battle, but at present, the Terran situation seems to be losing!
It’s natural that the king, who has made such a big decision, is not good at advocating.
At this time, several masters outside came in and brought the latest secret letter. The inferno actually withdrew all its troops from some places in Zhongzhou, and even some Terran prisoners were put back.
The news may have a good symbol, but it is disturbing.
This inferno has never stopped invading since the invasion, and now it has suddenly withdrawn in a large area, and I’m afraid there is more movement.

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