"Now let me say that we are going to war this time."

Fang Xiang said in QQ group chat
"First appearance in our Cunshan, then publicity of the Tang government, lovelorn daughter village, and twilight of your ex-boyfriend Lingbo City."
When Fang wanted to say this sentence, there was something strange in his heart, because it was not like this when he returned Murk before. Who was the starter and who was the substitute? Everyone knows it very well, and now the dreamer team has a prototype, including an understanding of everyone’s hardware, stunts, summoning animals BB, etc. But take the roll call just now, and he doesn’t even know what the real name of your ex-boyfriend is. These people have not taken the initiative to tell him and he has not taken the initiative to ask.
He said they were all QQ names of these people.
"It should be no problem for others to take a break for the time being. There should be three outputs and two letters in the first game. Besides, according to the news posted in the previous post, it is necessary for everyone to pay attention to it. It is not so bad luck to meet Carry in the first round. Our chances of winning the championship are still great!"
Chapter 36 Silence
"Don’t worry, colonel, our luck will not be so bad. How can so many teams meet a million-strong team like Carry in one game?"
Make public QQ group inside comfort thought.
Other players also echoed, but there was some lack of confidence in the words.
Party want to knit the brows finger tapping the keyboard to send way
"I hope you remember one thing."
"It’s not that we lost to Carry, but it would be more troublesome to meet them too early."
"I hope you have confidence. So what about Carry? What about the million great light team? "
Fang wants to say these words because he hopes everyone in the team can be a little confident, and don’t be afraid just because the opponent is a million-light team, and as Fang wants to say, what about a million-light team? Has he ever abused a million big light teams?
It’s a dreamer team, but those members don’t take Fang Xiang’s words seriously, including publicity, and they don’t think that if they meet Carry, the team will have a chance to win. After all, the hardware is there, and their team numbers may not be as expensive as each other’s. How can they fight if the gap is so obvious?
And for these parties want to also didn’t say much.
With the dreamer team, the team members posted a post about several teams, played several games across, and got into a tacit understanding with each other. After all, we will let everyone go to rest first. After all, the preliminaries of the evening elite cup will begin, and if there is a mistake due to fatigue, then it will be true.
The people in the team quickly dispersed, because the temporary operators in the Fantasy Westward Journey can go to Taibai Venus in Changshou Village, and everyone is not worried that the dreamer team will not be able to play well before the game. Everyone has already filled up the temporary operators, including Fang Xiang, and this time it is already full of operators.
Fang Fang couldn’t help sighing when he glanced at his account attributes. If it weren’t for the fact that the funds had not been circulated just after returning to China, he would have replaced these hardware. Besides this, there is another reason why the foreign party didn’t change the hardware.
If Fang thinks that he can change hardware funds at any time, he will casually enter a big light team with his excellent command ability, which is full of martial arts gods, but if so, there is no way for Fang to verify himself well
after all
Growing up in adversity can get more gains!
Fang Xiang narrowed his eyes.
At this time, there is also a personal line in the game friend list. His team members have all gone to the game to "rest" according to Fang Xiang’s words. I don’t know whether it is a rest or not. For Fantasy Westward Journey, not everyone is as hard to give up as Fang Xiang. Now many players in Fantasy Westward Journey regard it as a pastime tool to kill time and chat.
There are too few players who really have the feeling of one dream for ten years, and they may have left the game, and perhaps they are disappointed with the dream of westward journey
Because of the continuous updating of planning, Fantasy Westward Journey has changed from a pure leisure game to a more commercial game, and now stall vendors can be seen everywhere in every device.
These people don’t really love the fantasy westward journey, but hope to make a profit from the fantasy westward journey and gain something from it.
Only when the former wants to connect himself with the "big anchor" of Fantasy Westward Journey will the former urgently hope that Fang wants to return to Fantasy Westward Journey again.
Because the fantasy westward journey really needs another player who is similar to the former Suk’s thought, and drives all players who love the fantasy westward journey to devote themselves to the ten-year dream again.
"I’m not saying that let you all go to rest? How do you return the line? "
I don’t know if it’s because of chatting or other reasons, but I want to send a message to make public.
"#99 this horse is going to be an elite cup. Where can I rest? My chances are only two points short of running full. I have to run a few more chances while there is still time. "
Make public reply thought.
#99 is a dreamy journey to the West, and it is also a proper advantage to say this with a nosebleed and a slightly nai expression.
"Are you very close to winning or losing?"
Fang Xiang sen Dao
Make public shook his head.
"How much is the real win or lose? Who doesn’t want to show off in the elite cup? Players like us may be awesome in the minds of many dream friends, holding five holes and sitting on angels, pigs and pigs, all kinds of pick up hot chicks, but we know how far we are from the top people. "
"If my family hadn’t refused to give me money to play online games, maybe I could become one of the top fantasy players now."
"I have been playing Fantasy Westward Journey since I was six years old, and it has been more than ten years now, which is even longer than the word" ten years and one dream ".I have invested too much myself in Fantasy Westward Journey, because I couldn’t participate in various competitions without a team. Now it’s hard to have a team, so I naturally hope to give myself an account of my dream career for more than ten years."
Make public the words sent to come over.
Fang Xiang was silent.
"I already saw it when I was in the first 1V1. Brother F, your command ability is really super powerful. Although our team’s hardware is not as good as Team Carry’s, maybe it’s not without a fight?"
"So I think it might be easier for you if you can improve yourself. Actually, I have a feeling that you are not as simple as it seems. Brother F, everyone has a story. I won’t ask you if you are a team now, and I hope to be one of you."
This remark is to make public that I want to talk to Fang Xiang several times in the past few days because he can always feel Fang Xiang’s coldness of rejecting people thousands of miles away
It seems that I don’t want people to go to my heart.
And see make public words want to silence.
Chapter 37 Real Technology
Fingers on the keyboard seem to want to knock something out, but Fang wants to knock out words, but his hands are trembling at this time
It’s shivering
Make public this words didn’t say wrong.
Since the establishment of this dreamer team, I have never thought of everyone in the dreamer team, including Zhang Yang, as one of my own. He belongs to Murk in his heart. He has already made a decision for every position in his heart, but it is because of his own selfishness that he and everyone in the dreamer team are close, but they will never touch the great valley. Although everyone is in a team, they are strangers.
Zhang Zhang’s mouth is a little dry before he wants to take a deep breath and knock a few words on the keyboard.
"I’m sorry"
When I saw these three words appear in front of my eyes, the young people in an Internet cafe finally showed a knowing smile.
"Nothing, Brother F, what’s your name?"
"My name is Fang Xiang"
This time Fang Xiang didn’t hesitate, even if he knew what his name "Fantasy Journey to the West" represented, he still turned his back and sent it to Zhang Yang. Yes! Zhang Yang said yes, since they joined the dreamer team, everyone is a team. It’s really selfish to think before!
"Fang Xiang?"
Make public one leng.
Where does this name seem to have been seen before?
And so on……
Fang Xiang? F?
Could it be …
Make public here just to react to think there and then sent a word.
"I used to be captain Murk and Fang Xiang."
This sentence directly created an uproar in the heart, and he was stunned for a moment.
Murk and Fang Xiang …
How could he not know Murk and Fang Xiang?
That was the top player in Fantasy Westward Journey! When Fang wanted to lead Murk through the chop general’s direction, he levied 69-level elite world, 9-level brave world and 19-level great power world. When those Fang wanted to lead Murk fans, their dream friends once said that if Fang wanted to lead the new Murk to 175-level Tianyuan world, he would probably follow the previous predecessors in leading the old Murk.
It’s not necessary to go beyond it!

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