In the plot, it must be that the Regent Xiao Li is one person and ten thousand people.

Actually, naturally, it’s divorced
The ending is almost the same as that of his hostess, and it all disappears directly.
At the same time, Xiao Li will not know that Mr. Tian is an oriental shepherd, and he will not know his mistress
And he still knows a little about each other in her Jianghu route.
Xiao Li, do you know those women?
Wang Mu don’t dare to think if Xiao Li know his identity now …
"That a few immortal is hard enough …"
"The national soaring world at the helm of fairy court female emperor …"
"If you let her know that Mr. Tian secretly hooked up with many women behind her back …"
This account to Wang Mu dare not imagine …
Moreover, Xiao Li’s country soared very early, and no hostess in the ending of the Jianghu line knew that he was also renamed Mr. Tian.
They should all know each other.
If Mr. Tian’s identity can disappear, disappear.
It’s so troublesome to be immortal …
I’m a little baby …
[Mr. Li, in that case, I won’t ask more about this thing. You will always contact me after you keep it]
[Wang Mujie doesn’t mean that the divine mirror can’t …]
[Mr. Li, recently, a group of monks have sneaked into the world to hide their identities and want to learn from the world. I’m going to let you help me focus on observing it, and then I’ll get back the magic mirror if I have a reward afterwards]
Wang Muxin said that there is still this matter?
Do you need my help as a monk?
[Mr. Li, you have a magic mirror and can report to me at any time … Well … Besides, Luna … Although she is a fairy in the world, she doesn’t have much experience … You don’t want her to connect too much and cause her to yearn for the world and destroy the fairy rules! 】
[Wang Mubai]
[Mr. Li talked here for the time being today]
"The world fairy court sounds really unusual …"
Wang Mu sighed with emotion. Then another magic mirror searched for the moon fairy signal.
There is probably something missing in repairing the magic mirror. The search process is very slow.
It took a long time to show the addition.
[How about Luna? How’s that? 】
[Wang Mu is ok. Mr. Li said that a group of monks from the world have sneaked into the world for a while. Let me help you observe and take back the Shenguang Mirror after the event … You got it? 】
[Luna? 】
[What’s wrong with Wang Mu? Is there a problem? 】
Luna … No … No problem. Just listen to him.
Lunar Palace
"Why didn’t I know about it?"
Luna looked puzzled. "Who is so bold? Even if there is such a thing, shouldn’t it be handed over to the law enforcement god of Fengtian Pavilion? How mother also intervene in these small things … "
"Is it difficult to smuggle those monks?"
"Well …"
"It’s not this little trick, is it?"
Luna shook her head slightly. Forget it.
[Luna, tell me the story quickly …]
[Wang Mu, etc. Ask a question first. Is there another recruited king in your fairy dynasty? 】
[Luna, yes, our fairy dynasty is the only one … It is said that …]

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