Chief always looked at Xie Daoling with biting color. "Now please ask adults to make an immediate ruling on this woman’s unauthorized integration."

This is the bottom pay!
No matter how many people in Xie Daoling’s alliance support her, no matter how fierce she fights, it will directly drive her into perdition to catch her and merge the two worlds without authorization!
"What’s the good verdict? Since she has no quota, she will die." The man simply said.
He looked at Xie Daoling with some regret. "Do you think it’s my own death or mine?"
Xie Daoling felt the irresistible vastness of each other’s body and thought about it rapidly.
-no, even if I try.
It’s a far cry from it. If you are desperate to start forgetting Sichuan, you may even get more overlord.
By that time, the whole world will be destroyed
She secretly sighed and saluted, "I wonder if you can give me a little time to explain the aftermath?"
Men said, "900 million world arbitration will never be resisted by the world and people, but there is still a little bit of human kindness. Please deal with the aftermath as soon as possible when I can give you something."
Xie Daoling said, "Thank you."
Her body moved with energy.
All the flowers in the void are powdered, and the ancient statue slowly opened its eyes.
Xie Daoling’s murder has locked an elder.
An elder exclaimed, "My Lord, you must never do this. She’s not telling the story. She wants us to die together!"
It is also difficult for men to frown.
At this moment, Xie Daoling was making a final statement with Gu Qingshan as he quickly recited the sound.
"Castle Peak, you don’t have to blame yourself for doing the right thing just now."
"After I die, you don’t have to worry about taking everyone to practice the alliance."
"I have a secret method to hide our world temporarily-"
Her words were suddenly interrupted by Gu Qingshan.
"Master, you won’t die" Gu Qingshan said.
"hmm?" Xie Daoling raised his eyebrows.
Yes, Gu Qingshan laughed. Nothing will happen to us.
He crossed the Hundred Flowers Fairy and walked towards the man.
The man glanced at Gu Qingshan and didn’t mean anything, but suddenly he remembered something like a line of sight and took it back and looked at him carefully again.
Male surprise way "yi? What are you doing here? What about Barry the gambler? "
Chapter six hundred and forty-nine Everyone is happy
"Hi, Wang Chen. I didn’t expect to see you here." Gu Qingshan laughed.
In the past, when the strong in Abreu came to see the Queen of Thorns, Barry had brought Gu Qingshan to his group of friends to introduce him one by one.

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