Xia Shengge’s wound hurts and she can’t talk. Sheng Qingqing was afraid that when she chatted in the ward, she specially brought her own tablet to return the recent hit series to let her pass the time.

Ink cloud to see miss big after so long didn’t leave meaning gently cough a can nai ChengQingQing have no reaction at all.
Before Naimoyun got home, he urged, "It’s time for the big lady to go back!"
ChengQingQing naturally heard the ink cloud to cough is don’t want to ignore him, I didn’t think he really have the guts to rush before.
Alas, she just spoils him so much that she dares to take care of her everywhere now.
Do you want to give him some color to see if she goes home?
Knowing that Sheng Qingqing was in poor health and the hospital was not a good place, Sheng Shengqing urged, "Brother Mo said to Qingqing that you should go back!"
Sheng Qing Qing Nai "Then I will come to see you after school tomorrow!"
"No, let’s just talk. Don’t get sick or I’ll be guilty!" Go on strike and laugh and joke.
ChengQingQing Chen a sentence hate darling turned away from the ink cloud toward the strike grateful nodded and walked quickly over to help ChengQingQing door.
Ji Nanfeng was worried about her sister’s injury, so she slept in the afternoon and sneaked to the hospital regardless of her injuries.
He looked through the ward glass and didn’t have the courage to go in.
The strike was probably about sleeping and lying quietly with your eyes closed. In the afternoon, the sun shone through the window on the hospital bed, which made her look even paler and more angry.
When the nurse came to make rounds, she saw Ji Nanfeng pushing the door and asked, "Are you a patient’s family? Why don’t you go in!"
Ji Nanfeng looked at the nurse’s door and hurriedly ran away. "I’m in the wrong ward!"
"How can even the ward go wrong!" The nurse couldn’t help laughing and shaking her head.
I probably fell asleep when I heard the talk, and I opened my eyes. By the time she looked at the door, the nurse had closed the door.
"Did I wake you?" The nurse has a very good attitude. She likes this brave little girl very much.
Generally, this kind of injury is the most painful at this time. Many young guys groan in pain, and she just keeps holding back.
"No, was there someone outside just now?" In a daze, she seemed to hear the little brother’s voice. Did the little brother come to see her?
"Oh, that’s the wrong ward!" The nurse stuffed the thermometer and said with a smile
After listening to the strike, I looked at the ward door again and saw nothing. I lost my sight and closed my eyes again.
Ji Nanfeng’s chest hurts badly when he runs to the stair mouth and exhales in one breath. How can he compare this pain with his sister? It serves him right to hurt her and hurt her again.
Chapter 39 This little guy is crazy.
It’s late autumn, but the weather makes people feel unreal.
When Ji Nanfeng rode his bike early, he saw his sister’s bike parked next to him and looked gloomy.
I’m used to two people learning to ride fast in front of him and chasing him behind my sister while shouting "little brother, wait for me!" "
He rode for a long time and looked back, but he didn’t see his sister’s shadow. He laughed at himself and became more listless.
Ji Nanfeng walked to the door of the classroom and was pushed out by Song Yu. Song Yu punched Ji Nanfeng in the chest. "How can you be such a jerk to your sister!"
Song Yu hit an old wound just yesterday, but Ji Nanfeng didn’t move as if he were numb.
"Sister strike is so good to you. Have your conscience been eaten by dogs? Ji Nanfeng, I tell you that I just like singing my sister. If you dare to hurt her a point, I will get it back for her with interest! "
Song Yu went to the hospital yesterday and came back from the strike. She was so sad that she came to school early in the morning and planned to clean up this small meal.
Ji Nanfeng was sorry about the injury caused by the strike, but he didn’t intend to strike back at all. But he got angry when Song Yu said that he liked the strike. Why did he like his sister?
How can a dude like him deserve his sister? Absolutely not. Don’t even think about it.
Raising my hand towards Song Yu is a punch for two people. You punch me and I fight in the corridor. The two of them are famous for their sudden fight. Just now, a classmate tried to persuade them to yell and get out. Who dares to fight before?
They blocked the corridor to enter the classroom, and people were blocked on both sides as if they were onlookers
ChengQingQing then two people have rolled to the ground for a while this for a while that ChengQingQing mercilessly evil for a second.
These two children are full of energy and crazy this morning!
When you hear two people holding a word, Sheng Qingqing will soon understand that Song Yu is a singer.
"If you play this small game, you should clean it up!" Sheng Qingqing cheered when he saw Song Yu punching Ji Nanfeng’s face.
The students next to you took a look at Sheng Qingqing, Miss. You really can’t be too busy watching the fun. You are still applauding!
Sheng Qingqing doesn’t care. If she has the strength, she will also teach her a lesson this season. She is afraid that others will rob her sister, but she can do it herself. What is this called?
Just then, Mr. Wang came over and the crowd made way. "Stop it!" "
When two people heard the lead voice of the class, they both knew enough to stop. It was a fifty-lap experience, and I still remember it very well.
Ji Nanfeng just got up from the ground, and both faces hung up. Song Yu’s eye socket was green, and Ji Nanfeng was not much better. His cheek was punched and bruised.
"You two go to the office with me! Others go to the classroom to read early! " The squad leader turned away from the rest of the students and quickly dispersed.

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