Don’t wait for Lin Yueru to speak in the future. Zhao Linger issued an order as commander-in-chief of the Shadow Corps

"Shadow Corps appears."
Ninja dressed in black and trousers came out of the shadows in the courtyard.
"Miss Linger, my hand may be a little frivolous."
In the future, Lin Yueru looked at the shadow corps and said to Zhao Linger in advance
Now put the words in vain also save a moment Zhao Linger abandon her overweight.
"No moon is like a girl, you can do whatever you want."
Zhao Linger is very so-called
Shadow legions are immortal, even if Zhao Linger wants to kill them, it is very difficult, and even worse, Lin Yueru.
Zhao Linger really don’t think Lin Yueru can put the shadow corps?
In the future, when Lin Yueru saw that Zhao Linger said this, he would no longer ask about the combination of waist and horse and pose as a boxing posture
With Zhao Linger’s order, the ninja soldiers of the Shadow Corps are agile and jump towards the future Lin Yueru.
These ninja soldiers are not very effective. Lin Yueru can solve one with one punch.
It was solved by Lin Yueru in the future, and the ninja soldiers turned into a black gas and disappeared
For a time, it will be easy for Lin Yueru to cope in the future.
But it was not long before Lin Yueru felt the pressure in the future.
Mainly psychological pressure.
Because she found that no matter how hard she hit her, the enemies she faced never seemed to decrease.
In the future, Lin Yueru will be considered white at this time. What would Zhao Linger say? Let her do whatever she can.
"Miss Linger, can these weirdos always be resurrected?"
In the future, Lin Yueru will be impatient and take the initiative to ask questions to Zhao Linger.
"Almost," Zhao Linger said.
"Then I give up and stop fighting."
In the future, Lin Yueru will admit defeat quite simply.
"Stop and retreat"
Zhao Linger to the shadow corps.
Those ninja soldiers ordered a ban.
Zhao Linger ordered the rear to disappear into the shadows.
"The world is really strange."
In the future, Lin Yueru feels that his enemy’s heart has also been hit a little.
At the same time, in the future, Lin Yueru flashed some thoughts in his heart and took the initiative to propose to Zhao Linger, "Miss Linger, I want to travel around the rivers and lakes with you."
"A person who practices budo can’t produce any results. Whether you or your shadow corps are quite good opponents."
In the future, although Lin Yueru hasn’t seen Zhao Linger’s hand, after playing against the Shadow Corps, Lin Yueru has already expected Zhao Linger’s strength in his heart.
"Fat girl, what did you say? Are you going with us? "
Zhao Linger hasn’t said anything, but Li Xiaoyao’s reaction is a little big.
He and Lin Yueru are very difficult to deal with. He can’t accept Lin Yueru if he wants to go with them.
It was just when Li Xiaoyao was about to object that it suddenly occurred to him that it would be convenient to fight with Lin Yueru if Lin Yueru went with him.
Only by knowing ourselves can we be invincible.
It’s a little ugly if you still lose easily when you come to Linsibao to get revenge on Lin Yueru again.
Li Xiaoyao will be opposed to swallow into his stomach and then seriously to Zhao Linger way
"Shine, this fat girl is a little annoying, but it’s more lively to have one more person with her."
At Li Xiaoyao Lin Yueru Gherardini in the future.
She still knows more about Li Xiaoyao’s sex, so naturally she can guess what Li Xiaoyao is thinking.
Li Xiaoyao is a person who loves noodles very much. She lost twice in a row and lost face twice. I’m afraid she even dreamed of getting back.
If she hadn’t been so much stronger than Li Xiaoyao, Li Xiaoyao would have been tempted to challenge her again.
Zhao Linger was silent for a while. "Moon is like a girl. I’m going to Nanzhao. Where are you going?"
"Well-I’ll go to Nanzhao with you."
In the future, Lin Yueru said without thinking.
Zhao Linger saw Lin Yueru and couldn’t help thinking of what he had said to her when he let her leave Fairy Island.
On the same day, I told her that she was a king and had extraordinary personality charm, and naturally she would have many companions who were willing to help her
Zhao Linger has always been dubious about these words.
But now she believes it.
If not, how could Lin Yueru have just met her and walked with her and accompanied her to Nanzhao?
Chapter 43 Doll line Flo Little King Kong
Zhao Linger inexplicably is full of confidence in Nanzhao Bank this time.
Although Tian has taught her a lot, she has never been away from Xianling Island except that she sent Dasong to Lin ‘an and Zhao Linger with Tian in the past.
Zhao Linger left Fairy Island with uneasy feelings after getting the arrangement of the day.
As a result, after leaving Fairy Island, Li Xiaoyao wanted to escort her.
Now Lin Yueru also said that she would go with her.
Zhao Linger suddenly felt like a king.
Lin Tiannan learned that Lin Yueru was going to follow Zhao Linger and them to walk in the Jianghu, and then she was generous enough to send her daughter out.

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