Master Chen took several people to the main room, Wang Mi made a cup of tea for everyone and then went out.

Li Chu took the cup and drank a mouthful of water and thought for a moment, saying, "Master Chen, I don’t know what happened yesterday, but the old lady’s situation today is caused by too much emotion and she didn’t have a good rest last night."
Paused and then said, "Master Chen’s old lady’s physical condition, you know, if we do it again …" Li Chu shook his head.
Chapter 42 Excitement
The young woman sitting opposite suddenly ran out crying, covering her mouth, and Chen’s wife got up and followed her out, shouting her name.
Master Chen shook his head when he saw this scene. "It was my sister who didn’t come back for a long time. She just came back yesterday and my mother was excited when she saw her."
Li Chu is not interested in other people’s family affairs. He took out a pen and paper from his bag and wrote a prescription to Chen Zhu, "Just drink it once every morning and evening for three days."
Master Chen took the prescription and called "Xiao Wang, come in."
Secret Wang pushed open the door and came in, took the prescription from Master Chen and handed it to an envelope.
Master Chen changed hands and put the envelope in front of Li Chu. "Dr. Li, you must accept this visit."
Li Chu looked at the envelope and put it in the bag without saying anything. It was quite thick.
After loading, Li Chu is ready to leave.
Master Chen stretched out his hand to press the pressure and motioned for Li Chu to sit. "Dr. Li, don’t hurry to leave. Let’s talk."
Li Chu, you are a big leader. I’m an ordinary doctor. What do we have to talk about?
Master Chen hesitated, "Dr. Li, I apologize to you first. I asked someone to investigate privately without your permission. You are sorry!"
Li Chu hitched a heart but still didn’t speak. He sat up straight and looked at Lord Chen.
Master Chen smiled. "Before my name was Chen Fangguo, there was another name called Fang Ping. Do you remember?"
Li Chu had a familiar feeling when he heard the name. He thought it over carefully and finally found the name from the depths of his memory.
"Did you come to our house with Uncle Wang before?" At that time, Li Chu’s family had not moved to Sijiucheng.
"Do you remember? I was your uncle Wang’s hand soldier when I returned to the army. "
"Do you also know my brother-in-law?"
"I was in the same regiment as Wen. I was a battalion commander at that time. He was supposed to be a company commander. After the victory, we both left the army in tandem. I didn’t expect him to marry your sister after leaving the army."
Li Chu smiled. "My brother-in-law and my sister’s references are Uncle Wang."
"How time flies!" Chen Fangguo sighed with emotion and knocked on the desktop with his knuckles as if he had made any decision. "I have seen your medical skills, Xiao Li. Have you ever thought about taking your master class and entering the health care group?"
When Li Chu heard this, he was stunned by the health care team on the spot. Of course, he knew that his master had told him something that was not confidential in the health care team before.
There are full-time and part-time jobs in the health care group. His master used to be a part-time job, and his main business was a medical college professor.
Li Chu huanguo to god to look at Chen Fang national road "master Chen thank you for your kindness and thank you for your affirmation of my medical skill, but I am a little too young".
Yes, it’s too young, and the youngest doctor in the health care group is over forty.
If Li Chu is recruited now, no matter whether he is part-time or full-time, he will be grilled.
Chen Fangguo shook his head with a wry smile. "I think it’s time to wait for a few years." I looked at my watch. "I’ll have a light meal here at noon and then go."
"No, Lord Chen, I’d better go back to eat. There are still some things in the hospital."
"Well, I’ll let the king send you."
"I’ll just take the bus if it’s not Master Chen. It’s not far from Wang Mi."
"You!" Chen Fangguo smiled and held out his hand and ordered a little Li Chu.
Li Chu got up and walked out with a smile.
Go to the yard, Li Chu turned and said, "Master Chen, please stay and send someone to see me if you need it."
"Ok, then I won’t send Xiao Wang. You send Dr. Li for me."
The king’s secret off Li Chu back door went to the courtyard behind Chen Fangguo "the main doctor Li seems to have an object".
After listening to this, Chen Fangguo turned to look at Wang Mi.
The king’s secret then told his hospital that Li Chu and Ding Qiunan had talked.
Chen Fangguo smiled and sighed, "Alas, it’s too late!"
Just then, his wife came out of the east wing and heard him say, "What’s too late?"
"I’ve come to introduce Xiang Li to Dr. Li, but I’m already seeing someone. Isn’t it too late?"
His wife also felt a little pity when she heard it. "The last time I heard you say, I thought the kid was not bad, but he already had a date, so there was no way out."
Chen Fangguo nodded. "Well, it’s not bad. I’m still awake. I just told him I wanted to introduce him to the health care group, but people turned me down without saying a word."
His wife asked curiously, "What did he say?"
"I’m too young."
His wife and the king’s secret were shocked, and then they reacted and lamented that it was not profitable to make people dizzy. He was a wise man.
After Li Chu walked out of the alley, he looked back and turned to leave.
He chose to walk back instead of taking the bus.
He didn’t expect this master Chen to be an acquaintance.
A former acquaintance, to be exact. He inherited these memories.
Then I thought of Uncle Wang, who is reclaiming land everywhere in China. He must write a letter to tell him later about this matter, or this Uncle Wang will really punish him when he knows it.
Li Chu took out the envelope from his satchel and opened it. It contained 5 yuan and some tickets.
Sugar tickets, peanut tickets, melon tickets are all five pounds, and there are two coat tickets. This thing is rare. Anyway, Li Chu has never seen a sign-in and never has.
When I went back to the hospital, it was already over when I had dinner. Li Chu didn’t mean to skip a meal or be okay.
When I entered the office, I saw Ding Qiunan sitting at the desk and watching carefully.
See Li Chu back Ding Qiunan closed up and came over to help Li Chu hang the bag on the wall and asked, "Did you eat? I also made you some food. "

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