Li Wenxuan was speechless when asked by his father.

In the back row, Wang Yueyue was in a hurry. What else did he want to say was pulled by Ding Qiunan. This time, he made a wink at her directly.
There are some fans watching the prospective mother-in-law every month.
"You will know when you go back!" Ding Qiunan to future daughter-in-law ear gently dripping goo way
Her words let Wang Yueyue finally put the uneasy heart.
And the co-pilot Li Wenxuan is sitting there at the moment, looking out of the window and not noticing the two women moving behind.
Li Chu tilted one eye and then said, "Wenxuan, do you want to marry Yueyue and want to be responsible for her? It’s hard to say that you are still a man.
But I hope that when you do something in the future, you will think about what the consequences will be after I do this. Can I bear the consequences and what I will bear?
Instead of ignoring people, especially men, when their heads are hot, they must learn to be responsible for their own lives before they can resist the family burden in the future. "
"I know, Dad!"
"Oh, I forgot to tell you two that your grandmother lives in our house now."
"ah? Dad Chu, my grandmother moved in with us? "
"Well, I think her old man’s house is a little lonely over there, and your grandfather will often make an application to take her over without going home. Your grandfather will come back to live if he doesn’t go on a business trip, but your grandfather won’t."
"Great, it’s much more convenient, otherwise it’s too much trouble to go home to see grandma every time!" Wang Yueyue happily clapped his hands behind.
Li Wenxuan is a little sad. It’s not that he doesn’t welcome grandma to live here. He’s happy that grandma can move here. After all, grandma brought him up.
His heart is full of joy and love for this unrelated grandmother.
The problem is that as soon as he has eaten his granddaughter clean, he will face his parents immediately, and there is always something in his heart.
Look at the father in the car for help. He is gone now. He was in high spirits that night and didn’t move forward just now.
A series of questions from his former father made him realize how ridiculous his former thoughts were.
Feel Wenxuan’s eyes, Li Chu smiled, and it’s good to know that you are afraid and awe.
"Let’s talk slowly when we get back."
"Dad, I know my previous thoughts are naive. I hope you and mom can help me."
Li Wenxuan’s words made Li Chu look askance, and even Ding Qiunan’s beautiful eyes lit up in the back.
When I am most capable, I know that I should take the initiative to seek help from my parents instead of blindly shirking my responsibilities or not looking back until my head hits the south wall. This is also an improvement, right?
"I know that you are my child, and your mother and I will definitely find a way to help you and let us talk slowly when we get home, okay?"
"Thank you, Dad!"
At home, I watched my granddaughter-to-be granddaughter-in-law, Aunt Wang, who had not seen her for more than two days.
Aunt Wang’s mood has been getting better and better since she moved in a few days ago, and even her appetite has improved a little.
Every day after Li Chu and Ding Qiunan go to work, Li Qin and Ding Ma next door will come and chat with Aunt Wang.
When three people have nothing to do, they play together. Li Chu teaches them cards and often forgets to eat.
I chatted with my grandma and aunt for a while, and Li Wenxuan followed my father to the room without even going in his own room.
Sitting in the pavilion, Aunt Wang looked puzzled and turned to Ding Qiunan in the direction leading to the Intermediate People’s Court. "Qiu Nan, what’s going on? How do I feel that Wenxuan is preoccupied? "
"Auntie, you future granddaughter-in-law did something wrong this time and don’t know how to deal with it."
"Do something wrong? What did he do wrong? Did you beat people in Dongshan? "
Aunt Wang’s words stopped Ding Ma and Li Qin from watching.
Realizing what Wang Yueyue was going to say next, she couldn’t sit still completely and ran back to her room in the front yard.
"Auntie, if you hit someone, it’s a crime, not a mistake."
"What’s the matter? Oh, you dead girl, hurry up and say don’t sell it to my old lady. "
Ding Qiunan looked at Aunt Wang’s anxious face and dared not pull it out again.
"Auntie, it’s not far from your wish to be a great grandmother!"
Although this is not a rock-breaking, it also stirs up ripples like throwing a stone into a calm lake.
"What did you say?" Aunt Wang, Ding Ma and Li Qin asked with different mouths.
"You heard me right!"
Li Qin, who sat beside Ding Qiunan, grabbed her arm. "Qiu Nan, do you mean that there is already a month?"
I don’t blame Li Qin for being so excited, but it’s a big problem for them to succeed Li Jiazong.
"Elder sister, it’s only been a few days. Even with the present, it’s impossible to know, but it’s true that the two of them have lived together this time."
"How dare this little brat fool around!"
Looking at the appearance, Aunt Li Qin Wang left the pie mouth. "Come on, Sogeum, don’t be an old lady. You can be happy if you want to be in front of me."
Li Qin smiled awkwardly. "I’m not happy. I’m really angry that this smelly little guy doesn’t know much."
"Come on," Aunt Wang waved. "Come on, my old lady is in charge and let the two children get married as soon as possible."
"Yes and yes Wenxuan now file eucalyptus has not been transferred to the army? Should be able to get married, "there has been no talk Ding Ma also said.
"Mom aunts this thing you don’t mind to marry two children, that’s for sure.
But you can’t just let this little brat go. You must make him realize his mistake and let him know the seriousness of the problem, or you won’t know what basket he will poke out in the future. "
Li Qin nodded thoughtfully. "You think so, and it’s no ordinary way for this child to walk in the future. You can’t be so Mao Mao and manic."
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Surprise
"Proper education is only for young people. It is normal to consider things less rigorous, or should young people be energetic and dare to fight?" Aunt Wang added.
"Great aunt, you’re right, but you know he will work in the future and dare not behave in such a way!
He’s in charge, but it’s a big deal, especially if he enters the health care group, but he can’t be too careful. "
Ding Qiunan is right. A doctor really needs to be careful.

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