That horrible momentum directly made Fang Luyuan and others feel great pressure.

Without hesitation, it’s almost purple thunder finch’s display of Wan Lei’s prison instantaneous, and they immediately launched a defense.
Tam and Xiaoguang instantly returned to Liu Yuan.
Then Tam’s body turned golden yellow for a short time.
Spiritual tattoo form and soil reinforcement!
Open the soil reinforcement tam and put your hands on the ground.
Soil skills, soil flow wall!
A large number of rocks rose from the foot of Luyuan and directly wrapped Luyuan and others around him, forming a hard rock barrier.
And others are also immortals at this time, which is even more magical.
Each has its own way to defend itself.
And those who don’t have strong defensive skills immediately hide in other people’s defensive skills.
Just after the people started to defend themselves, a series of horrible purple thunder fell from the sky.
As soon as Tam created the rock barrier, it immediately vibrated and exploded.
Tam’s arm’s soil attribute spirit tattoo keeps shining and a lot of sweat comes out from his forehead.
A series of new rock barriers rose from the ground to fill the part shattered by purple thunder.
It finally lasted for about five seconds, and then the explosion outside the rock barrier finally subsided.
As Tam lifted the rock barrier, people saw the scene outside again.
And when they saw the situation outside, everyone was shocked.
Seeing that the original flat ground is like being bombed by missiles at the moment, it is full of potholes.
There are still a few flowers on the ground, and there is a pungent burning smell in the air.
At the same time, Catherine also let her white tiger pick up the psychic barrier.
And Shen Yuntao and others around her are dying.
Because if it weren’t for Catherine’s words, they themselves could not resist this gold-level field skill.
Although the purple thunder finch is a powerful prison.
But this kind of atmosphere is not the main killer.
Its purpose is to create a suitable combat environment for oneself.
The thunder power of’ Wan Lei Tian Prison’ is better than that of Lei Guang Ball in front of the purple thunder finch.
Although the scene caused by’ Wan Lei Tian Prison’ was amazing, it did not cause too many casualties to Liu Yuan and them.
But even so, Wan Lei Tian Prison was originally deadlocked and there was a change in fighting.
In the sky, the purple and red thunderbirds are constantly stirring their wings.
And every time it incites the sky, it will continue to be attacked by terrorist mines.
Let’s look at that. These thunder attacks are not intentional by purple thunder finches, but a big atmosphere thunder attack caused by the change of surrounding weather in Wanlei Prison.
That is to say, when Liu Yuan came to fight, he had to face not only the elemental thunderbirds’ attacks, but also the horrible thunder that fell from nowhere at any time.
This is thunder Stein Luoyan, and these gold-level strong people are ok.
Their physical strength and gold pet beast bring their own domain skills.
So that they won’t be easily affected by these mines
But for the rest of us, these thunders are terrible.
Because these thunders have a silver attack power just along with the weakest one.
They will be seriously injured even if they don’t die
The situation is reversed …
Purple thunder finch in the sky looked at Fang Luyuan and others with a yoshimitsu in their eyes.
Choosing to expand the field proves that it has decided to be serious.
By the golden level, the IQ of fierce beasts is not weaker than that of ordinary intelligent life.
Before it out of caution and not in a hurry.
Because it’s not sure if these guys have any hidden means that might hurt themselves.
Determination of elemental Thunderbird aft a period of observation
Although these people are good in strength, their threat to themselves is limited because some people can’t fly.
The purple-red Thunderfinch, who thinks she has the advantage, decides not to give this group of prey another chance.
It greedily glanced at Fang Luyuan and others singing in the sky!
With that sharp bird singing, the element Thunderbird is like the tide in they nest.
And the influence of "Wan Lei Tian Prison" on these elements seems to have increased to a certain extent.
Purple thunder finch oneself also follow blunt come over.
Show is ready for a quick victory.
Seeing this, Luo and the leader immediately made a decision.
"Let’s fight to the death!"

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