The ups and downs of the world of mortals in the sea of misery actually broke away from the body of Ji Xiang, and she sank into the sea of misery and gradually disappeared, but the body of misery seemed to grow a lot.

This world of mortals is also a lot of disasters, which belong to suffering, and it is also an indelible big trouble for those who are entangled.
"It’s great to be able to erase my world of mortals!"
Ji Xiang was surprised, but soon it was a little strange.
"Hey? There seems to be something wrong. "
The fear accumulated through the ages has transformed the avatar of misery, but it is not the same as what you saw in the previous future.
Shouldn’t your great magical power be that wandering sky?
Isn’t that avatar formed by fear? But in this scene, there is a situation in which you display your fear in the dreamland in front of you.
"Is the avatar still changing?"
"or is it really a new magical power derived from the sea of suffering?"
Ji Xiang doesn’t talk about everything, for example, for himself, the world of mortals can not only turn merits into merits, but also improve the true meaning of the three religions after suffering, so that he can move frequently and he should visit the Bailian stronghold more often
When this heaven and earth feared that the gas department would disappear, Ji Xiang and two other people also disappeared from here.
The wall of the kingdom of God has already been broken through.
The sea is rough
And Kyoto chui fook sensed that Ji Xiang had left Taoyuan and the world was destroyed, but he didn’t say anything.
"Killing three demons destroyed my creation of Taoyuan, and the autopsy site was also destroyed … This monty, my kingdom, Hu Fei’s provocation is really infuriating."
"But those three guys also have rebelled against my mind and want to go beyond my control and re-enter the state of being born and being a god, and then step into the realm of true immortals … if you die, it’s all right."
"Otherwise, I’ll destroy Taoyuan myself and lose my own fortune. Now I’ve been cut off by the magic. Although it’s like breaking my arm, a new person will come out and inherit it, so that the dragon will enter the sea and the birds will be free from fetters!"
It’s not the land that matters.
It’s the country!
Just like Middle Earth always said that there would be emperors, dragons and Long Mai here.
This is the only way to create this future.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Make their way out.
Crossing the sky and blocking the sea, the elephant looked back and saw that it was a mountain peak that stood like a mountain. The whole Japanese country floated in the sea and was isolated from the world. The great power sealed off its country, and this power spread all the way to the distant sea to reach Tsushima Island and North Korea.
"A large number of national games are rushing in the direction of North Korea as if to cover it. I’m afraid it’s too difficult for this torrent to cover the outside of the country?"
The waves in the sea are surging and far away. All the people in North Korea and Tokugawa Ieyasu have retreated to the cities along the coast and there is no way to continue the counterattack. Of course, this is what they want now for the body rape and anti-thief Tokugawa, Maori and Kuroda.
The information that will be sent to Japan should also have arrived in the country. Will Hideyoshi continue to send troops in the future … There is a high probability that it will not.
"It’s better to go home and farm when the tide is gone."
Tokugawa Ieyasu tentatively said this sentence but did not expect to be affirmed by two "anti-thieves"
"The general said yes. It’s just a waste of national strength to go to war again. I’m afraid Hideyoshi can’t balance it. I’m not allowed to return to my homeland until I die."
"If at that time … I don’t know so good"
Maori looked at Kuroda tacitly.
Then don’t blame us for betraying our faith. Ow
The fact letter has also implicitly expressed this meaning. They don’t believe that Hideyoshi doesn’t know the situation at the front line and is afraid that he will be hot-headed. In that case, the battle can’t be fought.
Don’t go crazy, but if you want to go crazy, the family will see you again. Save your life first and then take refuge. Go back and help fight back. Maybe it’s time for your fief to come back. It’s time for you to die.
Chui fook is fierce, so what? He can’t leave the country again.

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