For example, if you forget something, you will ask it. When you ask it, you will ask it some information that is difficult to remember. Ask it where to put something. Because mechanical dust crocodiles can always answer it immediately, they regard it as a … search tool.

However, when those researchers discuss and study various things, they never look for it to study and discuss together, as if it were nothing but searching and reporting time.
This makes it feel extremely unfair, so it is only a matter of time before it leaves angrily. Most dust crocodiles think that machinery has no feelings, but in fact, these mechanical dust crocodiles have almost the same emotions as personality creatures. They will feel unfair and generate anger.
This is also the reason why the mechanical dust crocodile finally decided to become a traitor.
At some point, it doesn’t know how to link up and plan to attack the two races.
Although we don’t know the details of the traitor’s mechanical joining process, it is not surprising that he joined the attack team.
It joined other people to attack the dust crocodile institute and told them the general situation of the institute, which enabled the death squads to quickly find the location of the toilet and blow it up.
When the disgusting sewage research institute exploded, the institute was also in a panic, and the death squads quickly continued to attack other places of the institute
The explosion did not particularly blow up any place, but caused explosions everywhere outside the institute, causing more panic and causing the institute’s troops to investigate the situation everywhere.
Then the death squad is going to attack the key position-the energy room.
The energy room is an important area. If you blow it up, the whole place will fall into darkness.
According to the traitor, there is still a lot of spare energy, but the spare energy is responsible for preparing some key areas. If the main energy room is solved, they will certainly be able to steal some mushrooms.
So the death squads showed their actions again, and this time they will go directly into the research.
But this operation is not so smooth.
Although the institute was in a panic, most of the troops went out, but they were found by the institute’s stronger monitoring equipment during the process of sneaking into the institute
The top-mounted machine guns will not be submerged by sewage, so they are shot fiercely.
But that’s what death squads do. That’s why they are called death squads. These players have no intention of going back alive since …
Some of their companions’ lives were delayed, and some of the players had to enter the research department. The traitor led them to stink and the research channel quickly advanced.
After fighting with the troops inside and sacrificing some of them, the last few players finally found the energy room
They are the last life in exchange for the theft team stealing mushrooms and blocking the opportunity for the dust crocodile to continue its research, so they did not hesitate to detonate all the explosives they carried.
And the mechanical dust crocodile traitor is not going to live. It may be tired of … this place that discriminates against machinery.
It was also killed with the last member of the death squad and was affected by the explosion, so the energy room fell apart.
The explosion in the energy room shook the whole research institute, but the first reaction was not the wall around the energy room, but …
There are many mushrooms in this institute.
Something unusual happened to them because of the explosion … They … bloomed.
Perhaps it is at this time that they can truly meet the name’ Solidification Bloom’
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-seven Solidification process
Dust is everywhere in its field of vision
They are covered with furniture and floors. The original clean and bright walls are full of holes drilled by many small creatures. The roof is like corroded, and there are cracks and scars everywhere.
The plant that glows by the window has withered and collapsed after the door … Two bones embrace each other and sleep.

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