If sending energy is a general micro-debris state, then sending energy in ancient times … is of course ancient debris.

Although Lin called it that, this ancient fragment should not have the function of sending.
Lin thinks they are a kind of … continuous miniature ancient.
Simply speaking, the creation of the sea will extend this miniature ancient from the outside … These miniature ancient are arranged together to create this effect.
This method is … quite good because it can be connected without’ contact’ in ancient times.
These miniature antiquities have been extended from the outside and touched this ancient wall.
And’ read’ data from the surface.
Because these miniature ancient times are very secretive … they can’t be detected before Lin.
But 2 can feel it … Lin observed 2 feelings and thought of this miniature ancient possibility.
So Lin tried … something that could affect the explosion and blow up ancient walls.
This is actually not to blow up the walls, but to blow up those connected miniature ancient times.
And Lin’s practice is indeed a success. At the moment of the explosion, Lin detected … these miniature.
Although they were almost undetectable when they were in a stable state, Lin could detect their’ activity’ the moment they were blown up.
Although there is a short moment, Lin can already know what direction to create the sea.
Because these small things are connected together, the first one can be tracked for a long distance.
At the same time, there are also detection arms outside Lin
They can feel that these miniature ancient times have been extended to a direction that Lin is familiar with.
That is, the current direction of’ Little Ershi’
Little Walsh is now sailing fast in a certain distance, and when Lin exploded just now, little Walsh also sensed these miniature ancient times at this moment.
This is amazing because it seems to have happened to pass through the position of Little Gersh.
This made Lin discover that … these miniature ancient places seem to be "collision sites".
It is determined by detailed location method.
Of course, even if you create Haizhen, it may move there.
Or prepare a trap for Lin.
It seems that all the interesting things have hit that place.
Although Lin’s expectation has become higher, it will take a long time to get there.
This period … Nothing special will happen.
Lin thinks so.
Because the sea was created after being bombed by Lin once, there was no micro-ancient time to connect the data here
This also allows Linfa to reconfirm the position of creating the sea once again.
But knowing that there is such a thing as "micro-ancient", Lin can conduct research and investigation from this aspect.
If you learn to use it, it will definitely be very useful.
The other is to observe the database. They are at war.
Although Lin hasn’t intervened much, Lin won’t let them die. If there is a little left in the database and 2, Lin will keep the rest of them for study.
But now Lin found that it seems that they will not be destroyed by small nuclear protectors.
Because … they are going to escape.
Like the small nuclear guardian, the database and 2′ thinking ability’ have also been growing over time.
But they grow slowly.
Maybe it’s because their number is relatively small, but their intelligence has increased significantly, because at first they are like ordinary microorganisms, although they can send some brain wave information, but they can devour growth.
Now it will become more and more complicated tactics.
Now they have thought of a tactic that is most suitable for the present situation-escape from here.
The idea is 2 out.
It fought with the microorganisms in the database while fighting a path in the small army of nuclear protectors and arrived at the entrance and exit of the … 2 area.
Because it was originally a small nuclear guard force that blocked the exit, they lost a lot after such a war.
But they also managed to escape to … the ancient main channel.
Because these micro-organisms have propulsion ability, they can move quickly.
Lin found that they all flew to the nearest area quickly.
To be exact, it’s’ area 3′
Lin has confirmed with Foam that Area 3 is said to be an area where there is nothing special.
Although some data creatures lived before, they should be abandoned at present.
The bubble is not very sure about this either.
Actually, Lin found the bubble and now she plans to … run away.
From the fact that 2 was reconstructed again … The bubble recognized this ancient place as a very unstable place.
Even if it has the ability to kill these microorganisms, it is not going to do so, but to leave here.
After all, this ancient people don’t know when something strange will happen.
So Lin took it and followed them to … 3 area to have a look.
This area is almost a completely dark place like the bubble.
But here … Lynn thinks it should not be without life.
Because Lin felt some’ information’ at the moment she came in.
Of course, the database and 2 should also feel it.

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