Want to come to the original blue domain situation should be similar to the wild land now.

He Luyuan also thinks that among the six colleges in the Alliance, except the Imperial College in the capital, which is located in the center.
The remaining colleges are on the edge of decentralized alliances.
Perhaps there is a reason why Lu Yuan doesn’t know this distribution.
After Liu Yuan digested this information, he probably knew what Su Meng was going to say.
"Master, then it seems that you are not an orthodox ally?"
Su Meng nodded and said, "It’s true that I was born in the Dragon Valley outside the League."
"And the west side of the Dragon Valley position alliance is the place near Skyfire Veterinary College."
Near Skyfire Veterinary College? !
Then how did you run so far?
You know, the place where Lu Yuan first met Su Meng was Yongjiang City.
And Yongjiang City is located in the north of the alliance near the Great Wilderness College.
How many colleges are left? East of the Magic Capital Royal Veterinary College Alliance.
Shuilu Yushou College Alliance South
So a look at Su Meng’s appearance in the north of the alliance seems to be not so difficult to understand things.
But what is she doing in Yongjiang city?
Thinking of this land source, I asked directly, "Master, what’s your purpose in Yongjiang City?"
Su Meng said with a smile, "I said I’m from Longgu. Do you think anyone you met in Yongjiang City might have it with me?"
Liu Yuan blurted out "Dean Hao Ren? !”
Su Meng didn’t agree or refute.
"Strictly speaking, it is Hao Ren’s pet beast, White Dragon."
"Let me tell you this. In the words of our Dragon Valley Alliance, every core member of the Royal Dragon Normal University Camp has an adult dragon pet beast."
"Of course, in a sense, our Dragon Valley is not a normal royal beast family."
"Because whether we can become a dragon master depends largely on whether the dragon chooses us or not."
Su Meng seemed to think of something interesting and said, "You don’t know that I was always wronged when I was selected by Mao Mao."
"Mao Mao is the former polypodactyl caterpillar. At that time, I wondered why a polypodactyl caterpillar would appear in the Dragon Valley."
"Later, I learned that Mao Mao was actually a descendant of the Dragon Valley. These descendants of the dragon were all kinds of crawling pets in the early stage, which was a means to protect themselves."
"What I will appear here has a lot to do with Mao Mao."
"Although I am a descendant of the core members of Longgu, my family was very indifferent to me because Mao Mao looked too weak at that time."
"Just at that time, Longgu also wanted to further lay a good foundation with the alliance and let me come here with my elders."
"But before I came to the League, I had already made friends with Long Gushi several times."
"In order to show sincerity, Longgu also let some alliance geniuses enter Longgu to see if they can contract the dragon."
"Hao Ren was the first batch of alliance geniuses, and he was lucky enough to successfully contract the powerful White Dragon."
"But he doesn’t know me because I have been with him for a long time. Of course, I don’t know him either."
"At that time, when I came to the League, I felt very depressed because I was abandoned by my family."
"At that time, Mao Mao really didn’t have any advantages compared with me."
"I was forced to learn other animal bending skills, and the gourmet animal bending teacher was my choice at that time."
"The reason is also very simple. I ate a lot of delicious food after I came to the League, thinking that I would not be a powerful dragon master anyway, so I would just be a chef."
"After the family saw my choice, they simply let me stay in the alliance and got me an alliance identity by the way."
"It’s an accident in Bailong. We have a tradition in Longgu, that is, every adult dragon needs to return to Longgu to leave offspring."
"Bailong was not yet an adult when he left Longgu at that time, but he still had to go back to complete this system when he became an adult."
"Family investigation shows that Bailong may be in Suijiang City again, so let me go over there and look for it. Even if I find it, I will say that the other party will go back."
"Now you know what makes your alliance status so special?"
Liu Yuan nodded his head. In a sense, Su Meng is similar to his past ambassadors.
Most of the league’s top suspects will try their best to get along with her.
Liu Yuan didn’t expect his master Su Meng to have such a special background.

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