Iron star and moon are like angry leopards, eating out Deng Yu’s letter at any time. The hand has pressed the sword. Zuo Qiu detached his fingers and stirred up Qiu Na Gu, but the missiles started at any time, but nothing happened again.

Xiao Qiushui said, "Now that we have been followed, let’s cross Guizhou into Guangxi at night!"
Iron star month a big roar a way "good! Those who stand in my way die! Those who roll are born! "
They went to Bai Yunfeng in the dark and windy month, and Zhenning came to Huangguo Town near Huangguo Fruit Tree overnight.
In the high wind of Mercedes-Benz overnight, everyone is happy again; It’s scary again. The enemy must be tracking and afraid to be nearby.
At this time, it was nearly midnight in Huangguo Town, but the water was filled with water, and it sounded like thunder in the distance. Xiao Qiushui reined in and said, "The rhinoceros pond is in the past."
Tang Fang frowned and said, "rhinoceros pool is wide."
Xiao Qiushui said, "Yes, this is the largest waterfall in the southwest. I heard that this is it."
Iron star month fierce a rein in the horse stand long HSS iron star month cheerfully tunnel "right! There is Huangguo Waterfall! What a big J! A thousand rhinoceroses roar at 10,000 gongs and beat 100,000 eggs at the same time. It’s so big! "
Qiu Nan, gasping for breath, said, "Come on, Old Tie, don’t shape yourself. Your shape is the best line."
Xiao Qiushui laughed. "But that’s amazing. It’s amazing. We passed the sunshine during the day, and the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful. We were blinded by dozens of colorful illusions. You see, this town is still so far away from Huangguo Waterfall, but it’s already moist."
Tang Fangdao "Then shall we go and have a look? Go and see Luo. "
Xiao Qiushui said, "We are going to go straight around Baishui River and cross Wujiang River by Panjiang ‘an Road. This time, we are going to see Huangguo Waterfall together!"
Six people, six horses, six horses, all screaming and rushing to the sky!
Huangguo waterfall
Guizhou has been a famous beach with steep mountains and steep waterfalls.
The Baishui River has been roaring like thunder since the 60-meter cliff. When the water drops and fog are splashing, it turns misty and drizzles down nearby Huangguo Town, so it is called "Sprinkling Gold Street on a rainy night". There are poems in the past.
The Yinhe River falls, and the thunder and the beads fall.
The horse is long and hanging like snow, and the drizzle is cold.
The six chivalrous men galloped around the waterfall and got into the horse to get wet, but their thrilling spirit towards Huangguo Waterfall was beyond words.
Water turbulence is rapid
Waterfalls will shed rivers and stir up one vortex after another.
Xiao Qiushui and others walk on steep rocks, and the rapids are very close to each other because of the narrow path. The Huangguo Waterfall on the moonlit night is not only amazing, but also the rapids are constantly twisted, struggling and tossed like a devil’s palm. The blue moon shines on the water, which is more like a mysterious force that has been lurking in the water since ancient times.
At this moment, the dark clouds came out one by one.
This month, Xiao Qiushui suddenly flashed a different idea and caught a glimpse of something sticking out of the rapids. The moon flashed.
Xiao Qiushui shouted a reflexive clap Tang Fang’s shoulder.
This should be very fast. Tang Fang didn’t evade slamming his horse.
Listen to Zuo Qiu detached thundered, "Boss, you-!"
At this moment, something popped up on Tang Fang’s horse.
Bloody tip!

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