Lin Yi got down on one knee and took orders in the snow.

The eunuch duck said in a voice, "I was ordered by this order when the weather was smooth. Although Lin Yi committed a great crime, she did it for a reason, and now she is repentant and pardoned."
This imperial edict really surprised everyone!
Song evil is stunned.
Amnesty released!
The word eunuch rings Lin Yi’s ear!
Lin Yi suddenly raised his head.
Just a few snowflakes fell on his face.
On this cold snowy night, Lin Yi’s face bloomed with a delighted smile.
He really didn’t expect that this purport turned out to be a justified release!
From then on, he will return to the rivers and lakes.
Did Teng Bin say that there would be "unexpected happiness"
It’s not his close friends in the imperial edict. I wonder if they will be charged again. Maybe the emperor has another meaning
Lin Yi heaved a sigh and said, "Sin people Lin Yi took orders! Thank you, Long En! "
Song evil reacted from ignorance. He shouted, "How can the emperor have been in a coma for several days? ! Where does this imperial edict come from? Teng Bin, you have to explain it! "
Now the emperor is in a coma. After hearing what Song Evil said, the chief prison officer is not sure whether this imperial edict is true or not.
After all, it’s too handwritten, but it’s real
So the chief prison officer also tactfully asked to see the imperial edict
Teng Bin said, "A few days ago, the emperor woke up for a while and arranged a few things. If you don’t believe father-in-law Chen, show it to adults Song and Zhao (the chief prison officer)."
Father-in-law Chen showed them the imperial edict.
The imperial edict has the seal of the emperor, the seal of the door and the seal of the province.
It was a real imperial edict.
Then father-in-law Chen handed the imperial edict to Lin Yi.
Lin Yi took the imperial edict.
Now that he has the imperial edict, he doesn’t have to fight out.
He will walk out of this prison with his head held high.
Ma, the chief prison officer of the imperial edict, changed his attitude. Congratulations to Lin Yi, who also ordered people to hoop Lin Yi’s wrists and ankles.
A bunch of people in Dali Temple are also deeply moved. In the past 100 years, Lin Yi was the first criminal who was pardoned as a "prison".
Song evil genial smile that you have to take one of their own.
But the current situation is so complicated that Teng Bin can’t let them go easily.
Teng Bin ordered the Nighthawk Guard to surround them.
Teng bin way "song’s adult! Tai Shouyu seal is true, but how did you get it? Lin Yi, I think there is something else to hide! You can’t leave until the matter is investigated! Give it to me! "
So the nighthawk guards took all the Song evils.
Lin Yi strutted out with an imperial edict.
This again people stop him.
Now he is no longer a great sinner!

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