After expressing his recognition of Tian’s words, he unexpectedly refused Tian’s invitation.

"What?" Day accident
Obico seriously said, "I will guard my place in my own way."
"Is this the pride of monsters?"
Tianxiao expressed understanding to Obico.
Obico soon cooked the noodles and didn’t say anything to attract words. After eating, he left Juhui.
"My god, you have no messenger of natural disasters."
Yejuhui found a park and sat with Tian to watch the stars and chat.
Heaven smiled and said, "People who appear in front of me always have their own choices, but they don’t know that their fate is doomed at that moment."
Juhui suddenly felt a palpitation.
Obico’s refusal attitude is so obvious, but it is determined that Obico will be his messenger of natural disasters
What about her?
Juhui can’t help but think of himself.
When she first met the sky, she believed firmly that she would never be dark.
But now what?
Today, she has become an Ahriman believer, and can be said to be the number one believer in the human world.
This is a terrible change.
The most important thing is that this terrible change or Juhui himself didn’t feel the situation.
Juhui remembered that when we first met, we wanted her to be a messenger of natural disasters.
At that time, Juhui naturally refused without thinking.
But what will she become in a few days?
Juhui flashed a trace of anxiety in his heart.
"My god, is my fate doomed?"
Juhui couldn’t help asking.
"mortal destiny is doomed in my eyes."
God said that after a day, he went on
"I can guarantee that I will respect your choice."
"That’s good!" JuHui face with a smile in more specific things she has already don’t want to ask.
"Can we go home?" Tian Wen ju hui
Juhui looked at the sky and asked, "Can you always watch the stars with me here tonight?"
"good!" The sky meets Juhui’s sight and promises lightly.
Juhui smiled and pretended to lean on the heavens.
"I hope we can always do this."
Humble softly in the ear of Juhuitian.
Juhui quickly devoted himself to busy work. Now there are all kinds of monsters on the earth, including cosmic people, monsters and all kinds of talking creatures.
The captain of Juhui Victory Team can’t even breathe a sigh of relief.
This is the case that the earth has several super soldiers.
The return of Kidiello people was solved without much movement caused by human society.
Secretly active Ksenya Goryachova Camilla also makes Juhui feel uneasy all the time.
Obico decided to make a scene to make people remember him.
Diga can do it even if he doesn’t want to.
Obico is no match for Dijia.
It was Obico who was rescued by Ksenya Goryachova Camilla after his defeat.
Ksenya Goryachova Camilla didn’t know that the day had invited Obico to be a natural disaster messenger, and all she would do was to accept Obico’s hand.
In the face of saving lives, Ksenya Goryachova Camilla Obico gave in
He doesn’t know that Ksenya Goryachova Camilla is a heavenly hand yet.

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