And more powerful than she thought.

"Well, I’m going to ask you about this situation. After all, the two worlds are merging …"
"The two worlds together? What, I didn’t notice? Oh, you mean this world is more aura, right? That’s true, but these have nothing to do with us! " Bai Ying really didn’t notice any specific changes.
After all, they happened to be in Murphy Castle and had been there for many days.
If it weren’t for the fact that the blood clan duke came to Murphy Castle only a few days ago to ask the white tigers something, maybe they wouldn’t have been able to wait until Yang Guang appeared.
Then it means that their chances of death will be very high.
Yang guang heard lyu3 bu4 words with the bear demon will almost after there would be no struggle.
Chapter seven hundred and forty-nine The great cache
Yang guang felt that it would be better to understand some things by yourself.
After all, the place where the White Tiger Mother House is located is still a little limited, and it is not normal that the central area does not feel the atmosphere of this world change.
Just like in ancient times, when the emperor of a country alternated, many people in remote areas simply didn’t feel any big changes, because the tax payers changed and knew that the weather had changed.
In that case, Yang Guang has no plans to entangle too much.
On the contrary, he also took out the body of Count Murphy from his belongings.
Directly handed it to Bai Ying. "This blood count’s body should be a big supplement for you, right?"
After all, the blood wolf heart is a precious thing for both humans and monsters, especially the blood clan earl level, even blood is a big supplement.
"Thank you, the body of Count Blood Wolf is really a good thing for our mother." Bering did not refuse Yang Guang’s kindness because she felt that the body was not as valuable to Yang Guang as before.
But for their mother, it is something that has the opportunity to advance to a higher level.
Good stuff!
Even Bai Ying is not enterprising, but her son Baiyun is still young!
Need a better future
With more powerful power, we can ensure that we are better qualified to live. They are demons, and they didn’t accept the body of the blood count like human beings.
More importantly, she already feels that she owes Yang Guang a big favor, so she might as well owe another one.
Maybe this is Yang Guang’s compensation for their mother.
After all, they saved Yang Guang’s life.
Yang guang felt quite happy to see the white tiger mother instead of being polite.
Come on, I give you something sincerely. A fighter at his level either gives nothing but gives it sincerely.
There’s no need for you to come. It’s really boring for me to be polite
The average person Yang Guang is too lazy to pay attention to it.
"The corpse of a bloodless count is a little chicken-ribbed for me."
If it’s the duke of blood clan, it’s not small for Yang Guang. Naturally, it won’t be given to them at will unless it’s in urgent need.
"In addition, I will give you some beast Dan, which should be very effective for some demon generals." Yang Guang really took out some beast Dan from his own things and handed it to Bai Ying again.
After all, he is a top alchemist. If he wants to refine this kind of low-level beast Dan, it is still very simple to go to the treasure shop to buy it, then it will be a little lost.
Yang guang, of course, also able to shrug off those little things.
What do you mean that Count Murphy’s body is chicken ribs? Because Yang Guang is fully charged, it will be able to refine the secret method into a level member of Wu Zong and the base will not be strengthened to the level of Wu Sheng.
This limit is limited.
It’s better to kill the duke of blood clan than to refine the member at the earl level!
It’s easier not to talk, and the limit is higher
It will be refined into a puppet with advanced martial arts fighting capacity, and then some rare things will be added to strengthen the basic primary martial arts fighting capacity. There is no way to run.
"You can stay here well. After all, the enemy should be dead. Of course, the best thing is to change a site." Yang Guang said that and then he planned to leave himself and have more things to deal with.
No, it should be said that there are still many blood dukes to kill.

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