16 injury
1 defense
115 psychic force …
This number is among the best even in the whole elite world law! But I have never heard of such a number in the elite before!
Just about to speak, there was a complaint from the back room dormitory.
"What are you doing naked? It’s so noisy in broad daylight that you can’t let people sleep."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Make a team.
"Ah, Brother Xuan was woken up."
Bald man combined his notes with his brain facing Fang and wanted to say.
And the party wants to look back into the direction of the sound.
It’s … This look.
"Former … predecessors …"
“? ? ?”
This elder not only shocked Fang Xiang, a bald man beside him, but also shocked Han Xuanxuan who just came out of the back room.
"And you are?"
Han Xuanxuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled one.
No one will call himself this name unless it is a dream journey to the west.
The last thing Han Xuanxuan wants to encounter is that when he meets an old Murk who knows his own people and makes sense in Fudan University, he has decided to retire. Now, although the dream westward journey is uphill, once his identity is exposed, it is still a very troublesome thing.
There are many people who know Murk and Han Xuanxuan, but they have really seen their own reality. Generally speaking, they all know their own Han Xuanxuan, but in front of them, they want to … Han Xuanxuan can’t remember where he has seen it, but it looks a bit familiar.
"The elder is me! I am Fang Xiang! "
Fang Xiang is particularly excited now.
He never thought that he would meet Han Xuanxuan at Fudan University.
Han Xuanxuan Xu Ren?
Former old Murk core player
It’s also the end. Before joining Murk, it was Murk No.2.
This is the top output of the whole dream world!
Even if there were no Sook and the ending of these people, Han Xuanxuan’s body light would be hard to defend the whole dream world!
And Fang Xiang, although he is the main conductor, is also full of worship for Han Xuanxuan. How can he not be excited when he meets Han Xuanxuan now?
Han Xuanxuan thought for a moment when he heard Fang want to sign up, and then he remembered who Fang wanted to be in front of him.
"Oh, oh, I remember!"
"You are a former meteorite god war battlefield to sit in the front row of the little command, right? After hearing about it, you inherited the light of Murk and renamed your team Murk, and later, you dreamed of a journey to the West. "
Hear Han Xuanxuan party want to some embarrassed rubbed his head.
"Compared with your predecessors, I am still far behind."
Even though Fang Xiang’s new Murk was called the successor of the old Murk by millions of dream friends in the dream westward journey, the new Murk still failed to get to that crucial step.
The new Murk in the 19th-level Shenwei realm only stopped their steps.
This also makes millions of dreamers regret that when the new Murk was dissolved, those foreign fantasy westward journey players lost nearly 70% of their first class.
It can be said that the old and new Murk dominated the fate of the dream westward journey.
Murk is successful and Murk is defeated!

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