"Well, well done," Shi Wanbao mumbled while eating. He swallowed the Hu cake in his mouth with a deep breath. "Give him some food or starve to death, and it will ruin the old good thing!"

"here! Acts son this go to "the man hurried away again.
Moments later, the man came back to sit beside Shi Wanbao, eating and drinking, and everyone rushed around all night long. After eating and drinking, Shi Wanbao ordered his brothers to watch closely and not let Dou Jiande go. Only then did he find a soft couch and fell asleep.
The ship sailed south along the canal.
Yuancheng county, Wuyang county
Yang You paced the room. He was waiting for the news. Dou Honglian looked worried several times. She wanted to rush out and look for her father’s trace. But Yang You told her with certainty that she would rescue Xia Wang Yang You. The confident tone made Dou Honglian, a convinced lover, feel a little stable. But she was still worried that her father had been robbed. Where is it now?
Yang You walked to the edge of the map from time to time, narrowed his eyes and carefully looked at the map. He sighed. This time, the pseudo-Tang was even involved in Yang You. He didn’t expect to know that the man was a brokeback and ran to the west. In an instant, Yang You guessed that the brokeback was Shi Wanbao. Yang You was too familiar with him. At the beginning, he was captured by Yang You in the battle, but then he had to let Shi Wanbao go in exchange for Li Gang.
I can’t believe that Shi Wanbao actually took advantage of the chaos to steal Xia Wang, which made Yang You a little angry and surprised Yang You. To his surprise, the lone martial artist didn’t find Shi Wanbao’s trace, which shows that this person is very hidden.
Yang You couldn’t help narrowing his eyes when he looked at the map criss-crossing the riverbanks. He guessed that Shi Wanbao would return to Chang ‘an in one way, from Wuyang County to Chang ‘an. There are two roads: one is to take Hejun County to cross the Hubei Party and then bypass Bingzhou to return to Chang ‘an via Banpu, while the other is to take Luoyang to cross the Hangu Valley and Tong to return to Chang ‘an.
From the distance, it is the shortest way to take Luoyang, and it is relatively convenient to take the waterway. However, I am afraid it is not easy to take the river now, and it is necessary to go through the Wang Shichong site, but it will be longer when you need to cross Taihang Mountain by land, but most of them belong to the pseudo-Tang site.
The two roads have their own advantages and disadvantages. Will Shi Wanbao choose? Yang You mused at this moment when Dugu Qianshan hurried in and said, "The Royal Guards have reported that Xia Wang has fallen."
Dou Honglian got up nervously and said, "Where is my father?"
Yang You also turned and looked at Dugu Qianshan.
"It was Shi Wanbao who took Xia Wang away!" Dugu Qianshan’s words proved that Yang You’s guess was right.
"Shi Wanbao ran all the way to Yongji Canal in Jixian County. At present, the martial arts master has made arrangements to retake Xia Wang." Dugu Qianshan said and handed Yang You a wax pill
Yang You took the wax pill and crushed it. He immediately put his heart into it. "The red line Xia Wang was saved!"
Shi Wanbao was asleep in the cabin. This time, he arranged undercover through various channels, which took Dou Jiande away from it. Now that things have come to an end, my heart has relaxed and I don’t know how long I slept. Suddenly Shi Wanbao was awakened by a surge of pain.
Maybe he ate too much and called Shi Wanbao to get up in a hurry and run to the toilet. He just pushed open the door and a bad smell came out. He was sighing when he saw several brothers huddled together. Everyone was dumbfounded when he saw Shi Wanbao come in.
"Bunny, what are you doing?" Shi Wanbao was furious, but when he just spoke, he felt a surge in the backyard. He was so scared that he quickly ran a few steps to untie his belt and knocked a disciple open. The apprentice dared not speak and had to hide.
A moment later, Shi Wanbao felt comfortable. He got up with satisfaction and slowly returned to the house. But just lying down, he felt his stomach was noisy again. Is it because he didn’t eat clean today? Shi Wanbao muttered in his heart and ran to the toilet.
After repeated several times, Shi Wanbao felt that something was wrong. He immediately summoned the left-behind boat brother to ask carefully, but after asking for half a ring, he couldn’t find the answer he wanted, which made Shi Wanbao feel very strange. What was going on?
At this moment, a younger brother ran out with long hair and shouted, "Who knocked me out!" "
Shi Wanbao threw his robe in a rage and said, "What a scandal?"
The man was shocked when he heard Shi Wanbao’s words. He was so afraid that Shi Wanbao couldn’t help crying on his knees. "Master didn’t know who knocked me out a few hours ago and stripped me of my clothes, cut my hair and put me in the warehouse."
Shi Wanbao grabbed him and shouted, "What are you talking about?"
Several brothers looked at each other and wondered what was going on.
Shi Wanbao suddenly reacted. He pushed the humanitarian away. "I’ll settle accounts with you sooner or later!" Said and strode to the bottom.
A moment later, Shi Wanbao looked at the bottom of the cabin and was in a coma. Two brothers were livid. He grabbed a brother’s palm and waved it again and again to wake the man alive.
"What about Dou Jiande?" Shi Wanbao saw that he woke up and asked
"Isn’t that where Dou Jiande is?" The man said absently, pointing to the original place of Dou Jiande, but when he saw it clearly, he was suddenly surprised and his mouth opened wide. Where is Dou Jiande?
Shi Wanbao reacted very quickly. He shouted, "Stop the boat and search around. They can’t escape far!"
"hey!" The brothers hurried away together.
Dou Jiande narrowed his eyes by the canal. He sighed as he watched the boat drift away.
He is surrounded by a young Han, about twenty-five years old. His name is James Li, and he is a royal guard. At this time, he is struggling to tear a piece of leather goods off his face.
Dou Jiande narrowed his eyes and smiled. "This narrow escape is really thrilling. Jiande, thank you for your help!"
James Li was shocked and took a step back. "Xia Wang’s humble position is just obeying orders. Xia Wang can’t afford such a big gift!"
Shi Wanbao’s fast steeds crossed the disciples and soon narrowed the distance to Dou Jiande. He couldn’t help laughing and galloping on horseback, unaware of the ringing and pungent stench in the backyard. There is fame and fortune in his eyes. You must never let Dou Jiande, a fat sheep, escape!
Chapter 74 Hope and despair
The window of Dugu Takeshi looks dignified.
Positions put him in charge of Xia Wang’s safety. He has already made arrangements. When Zhang Dezhong sent Xia Wang away, he kept watching secretly, but suddenly Shi Wanbao came out and robbed Xia Wang with a group of unusually brave Han people. Because Dou Jiande was firmly controlled by Shi Wanbao at that time, the martial artist Dugu chose to bear it.
After Shi Wanbao withdrew from the refugee camp, Dugu Martial Arts followed the soldiers of the Royal Guards all the way. Through Shi Wanbao’s conversation, Dugu Martial Arts mastered Shi Wanbao’s whereabouts and traced it to Bowang Mountain. Dugu Martial Arts has basically understood Shi Wanbao’s thoughts.
When Shi Wanbao boarded the ship with Dou Jiande, the Dugu Martial Arts Master sent James Li, who was the best in water, to dive into the ship to find an opportunity to rescue Xia Wang. If he can save Xia Wang, he can make amends, otherwise he will be punished. Dugu Martial Arts Master’s heart is full of pressure.
Just as he was pacing, a security guard rushed in and said, "Commander James Li succeeded!"
Master Du Guwu was overjoyed and said, "Where are people?"
"Just fifty paces ahead, now Shi Wanbao is coming with his brother!" The man told
"Hum Shi Wanbao!" Master Dugu snorted. He quickly walked out of the pub and said, "Go and rescue James Li!"

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