And he must find a way to kill the enemy in the bud so that he can rest easy.

After the dinner, Li Bai didn’t know what it was. He always felt that this Zhao An would collide with him in the future. He had to find a chance to get rid of this Zhao An.
Zhao Xiaocai still doesn’t know that Li Bai has killed him. How do you want to put eyeliner around the three emperors?
If anyone wants to hurt him, it’s not necessarily who will pick up who then!
Back to the yard, Gao Qiu, several people also finished practicing and waited for Zhao Xiaocai to arrange for them.
Gao Qiu Linggen, an extremely negative panacea, has also successfully advanced Linggen cultivation, and the speed will be greatly accelerated. I am afraid that there are few colleges that can compete with him.
Zhao Xiaocai laughed. "Well, you don’t envy Gao Qiu for acting well. There will be a magic bullet."
A few people nodded and said that they don’t envy it. Who doesn’t want to have more spiritual roots than others? It’s just that I didn’t grasp the opportunity this time! We must practice hard to get the appreciation of the boss!
Well, I’ll tell you to do a few things’ Zhao Xiaocai laughed’ and continue to recruit people for me, but in secret; Second, search all the information about three emperors for me. The more detailed the better. "
A few people are in high spirits, which means they can help the boss. It’s not something to reward for doing things well!
Chapter 62 Yan’s general trend
Chapter 62 Yan’s general trend
Let several people in Gao Qiu go to work. Zhao Xiaocai feels it necessary to study a dog egg.
I don’t know how this stupid dog managed to steal something from someone else’s auction house at the place where the demon pet was placed.
Want to know the somebody else’s auction house there but expert count this guy was a small inside what means? Stealing from others without anyone knowing it!
Zhao Xiaocai took out a Peiyuan Dan and said to the dog egg, "If you can snatch this Dan medicine from my hand, it will be yours."
I took a look at Zhao Xiaocai on my stomach and went back to sleep with sleepy eyes.
Zhao Xiaocai is so angry. This is Pei Yuandan, a dead dog who dares to look at him like that and ignore him. It’s embarrassing.
He remembered that this dead dog had eaten so many good things in the auction house, and he was already full. He was afraid that he still had indigestion. How can he see a Peiyuan Dan?
Suddenly, I have an impulse to beat this dead dog. I stole a good thing and even he didn’t have a copy of it, so I took it for myself. What a baiwenhang!
There’s no way this dead dog can temporarily give up the research idea if he doesn’t look at Pei Yuandan’s senior Zhao Xiaocai.
It seems that everything can continue to practice the knife method of cutting the sky.
Although the existing money can be exchanged to hit the skills in dzogchen, Zhao Xiaocai feels that it is better to practice in a down-to-earth manner
The exchange point has successfully upgraded the skills, although it is fast and convenient, but it lacks that sense of fun.
He doesn’t need anyone to fight for the time being, so he has to practice for a while by himself. When he wants to take over Xilan City, he has exchanged the knife method for perfection.
After practicing for a while, Zhao Xiaocai felt that there were too few means to the enemy, and there seemed to be no other means except cutting the sky with knives!
And he feels that there seems to be something wrong with his cultivation techniques, but he can’t tell where something is wrong.
Looking for Xiaorui to ask a result, hot face and cold ass were also despised.
I haven’t found any good methods and techniques for the time being, and Zhao Xiaocai has dismissed the idea of exchange.
Moreover, the power of the famous law is really good, but it is incomplete. I don’t know if it is not high enough for the time being!
It’s interesting to watch Zhao Xiaocai bring back the information.
I didn’t expect the court of Yan State to be divided into two factions to support the military attache of the Great Emperor. The other faction supported the Second Emperor and was almost a civilian.
Looking at the civil-military confrontation seems to be due to too much support.
It’s hard to say which of the two emperors has the advantage. The civilian military attache who runs the country seems to keep a balance.
It’s not surprising that the emperor is brave and ruthless and likes to hone himself in the army and get the support of military attache.
The two emperors, on the other hand, advocated self-cultivation, keeping the family in order, governing the country and being humble, which won the love of civil servants.
Is it strange to be san huang? Without the support of the minister of civil affairs and military affairs, he still insisted on not quitting too much!
San huang can be said to have no advantage in this battle. If it is normal, it should be out early.
And his superficial performance is really disappointing. If Zhao Xiaocai has not been in contact with him, he will be recognized as a Liu Adou who can’t help.
Does he have any cards? However, it seems that the Manchu dynasty’s civil and military officials have been divided up by the big emperor and the second emperor, and there is no power for him to compete for too much help!
Although he has gathered a group of playboys, the older generation of real people are honest and middle-aged, and these playboys can’t influence the general trend.
Zhao Xiaocai really can’t see through all the details of san huang!
What’s even more interesting is that there is still Li Yanran in the battle for Taitai, and someone supports her as a Taitai.
What’s the situation? Maybe someone wants to train another Wu Zetian?
And supporting the Li Yanran people in the court is not light, and stamping their feet will make Yan tremble. This person is to protect her all day and should be marshal Li Qingtian.
This is Zhao Xiaocai’s surprise that a marshal went to protect a princess without fighting well! But also openly come out to support the princess campaign too!
Zhao Xiaocai andao This Li Qingtian is interesting. I didn’t expect his thoughts to be so avant-garde
It is still very serious that men are superior to women in the magic fairy mainland. It takes not only courage but also responsibility to support a princess in this situation.
If Zhao Xiaocai is naturally close to Li Yanran, he is not familiar with the three emperors.
He wondered whether he could support Li Yanran? If she becomes a female emperor after being too hard, it will be of great benefit to herself. Of course, all this is too far away, but it is not impossible.
Although now he has no words in the court of Yan state, it is too early to fight for it. It has not been more than ten years since he was afraid that Yan Huang would not settle down.
In more than ten years, Zhao Xiaocai has grown up enough. It is not impossible for him to be strong enough to have no friends, not to mention supporting Li Yanran to be a female emperor of Yan.
And Li Qingtian’s support for Li Yanran seems like Yan Huang didn’t say anything!
What does this say? It says that the Emperor Yan has no objection to the queen Yan having a female emperor!
Zhao Xiaocai learned that every Yan Huang can be in power for 200 years, and after 100 years, he must choose his heir.
However, if you want to do too much, there are still requirements: the lowest strength must reach the infant period;
Second, during the election campaign, you must go to the army to experience and accumulate enough military achievements;

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