Then the man didn’t care to get the statistical yearbook. Get the paper and pen ready quickly. It will be ready in a flash.

Judging from this disease, this seemingly civilian guy is no worse than those professional knights.
"Zhou Jianguo Li Yuejin Autumn Equinox …"
Norman reported several names in a row. After the counter, the man was absorbed in writing. It was also an old saying, but there were some common letters in his memory. But those common words were partial and meaningless, not a word, but also mixed with old saying, which made people look puzzled.
Even if a knowledgeable white-robed mage came to see it, Zhang Er monk was puzzled.
Norman signed up for a total of names, and then waited for two breathing counters. After that, the talent finally finished writing, and it was full of sweat.
This knight who looks like a knight has just written a few words, but it seems like a fierce battle.
Finally Norman said to the man behind the counter, "Tell them to go to the House at four o’clock."
The man behind the counter is a little more relaxed, and he doesn’t guess the base much, so the meaning of this sentence should be "yes!" "
Norman turned to leave, but before leaving, Lisa finally said, "I think you must have a lot of doubts at the moment, Miss Lisa. If you don’t mind, you can go to my place to have a rest and have a cup of tea. I think I will be very happy to answer all your doubts."
Lisa has been thinking a lot about it in less than half a day. The more she thinks about Norman, the lighter her hostility is. Plus, her heart is full of love and hate for this human traitor. She has not refused, but she hesitated and nodded and agreed.
Normanby made a sign for Lisa to follow herself and then walked outside. After the counter, the man shouted Norman off again.
"The magic power of the old fairy in the stars can’t be defeated!"
Norman walked in front of Lisa, and his side was a little behind half a position, and Thea followed last.
So the three of them walked along with Norman as the leader. When Norman passed by, people would stop to salute. Some of them would shout the slogan "Stars, Old Immortals, Magic Edge" like the man in the Statistics Bureau just now. If Lisa paid attention to the observation, she would find that those people would shout that their clothes were all different from those of normal pedestrians. Some of them were still exactly the same.
The sea of stars is not big. Norman led Lisa to their destination before long.
It’s also a stone house, but it’s different from his stone house. The stone house in front of them is much bigger, and it is built on the back pond with six floors and covers a wide area.
The closer the city building density is to here, the more sparse the neighborhood is, and it has reached a state of sparseness. In addition to the building in front of us, there is a row of stone houses on the right hand side in the distance, but those stone houses are shorter than the one in front of them, and the momentum is not as magnificent as this one.
And there is a tall tower in these two properties.
The tower covers a small area, which is the size of an ordinary person, but it is very high, which is twice as high as the room in front of them.
Lisa looked up and looked at the tower, which attracted her.
Although the tower is a little high, it is not unusual for Lisa. It is not that she has never seen a building taller than this tower, but she has never seen a building weirder than this tower.
See this square tower. Four walls at the top of the tower are painted with a huge circular pattern and two thick black post noodles. From the two sides that Lisa can see, the position and shape of the black post are the same.
What is that thing?
Chapter five hundred and thirteen The human race!
There are several pieces of furniture in the spacious room, the largest of which is a table in the center.
There are three sofas in the corner of the room. Norman is sitting on a sofa. Lisa is sitting opposite him. Artemis Thea is sitting on that sofa. The three of them are in a tripartite confrontation.
Lisa looked at her and Norman wanted to know too much, but because she wanted to ask too many questions, she didn’t know at the moment. She finally chose one of the most important and incisive questions to ask.
"You really took refuge in the dragon?"
Although all the facts have proved this, Lisa still has a little fantasy because the image in her memory is so different from that in people’s mouths.
Norman answered her question very directly "yes"
Actually admitted …
Lisa didn’t give up and asked, "Did you make the Accari Massacre yourself?"
Norman still didn’t hide "yes"
If Lisa still has a little fantasy in her heart, Norman’s suspicion completely shattered her little fantasy
It is difficult for students who are not Mannheim to understand Lisa’s mood.
"Then don’t ask."
Lisa laughed bitterly. "This must be a dragon territory."
The world is very strange, and she imagined that she got both answers. She didn’t want to hear the answer the last time, but this question she was sure of got an answer she didn’t expect.
Norman shook his head. "This is the Starry Sea, which does not belong to the United Kingdom of Augustus or the Dragon. This is the Starry Sea."
Lisa Zheng is confused.
Now that Norman has taken refuge in the dragon, it is true that the church and the kingdom say that he should be the dragon big noble now, and this should be one of his territories.
Since this is his territory and he is the dragon big noble, how can he say that this place does not belong to the dragon?
Norman saw her doubts and answered, "You can regard this place as a third-party territory independent of the kingdom and the dragon clan, just like Hiram, you know?"
Lisa nodded mechanically.
It has been a while since she came to this war zone, and she still knows the surrounding situation very well, knowing that this is a remote city with no strategic value.
Then she suddenly realized something and suddenly asked, "Did you betray the dragon again? !”
The word "and" is good. Norman knew that she was a traitor to human beings in her mind.
But Norman nodded. "You can say that."
Lisa’s eyes began to shine brightly.
She will know that the great wise man who can be said to have pushed forward the world reform will not be a despicable traitor!
She felt that she had guessed the great wise man’s thoughts.

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