His street was destroyed overnight three years ago. At the end of the street is the ruins. After three years, people will cover their noses when passing by …

With a little thought and unwilling to be lonely, the princess finally waited until General Yuwen’s ice face was away from the bow of the ship to meet the charming sunshine, feeling the fresh wind in Luohe, and the little princess stretched her hands and lamented for a long time without stretching her shoulders, but her big eyes were looking around to confirm that General Yuwen’s ice face had gone away. This just called a wave and called a little maid, Ling Er.
A master and a servant gave each other a wink and wanted to land along the splint.
"Princess! Please stay! " Another tall and powerful figure blocked the princess. Before leaving, General Yuwen specially ordered the lieutenant Yan Lingwei, who belongs to the good life, to defy military orders again.
"Do you dare to stop me?" The little princess assumed a posture that was not dignified at ordinary times, but she grew up guarding her, but she couldn’t see this posture in front of Yan Lingwei. Instead of being serious, it looked fresh and interesting.
"Dare not! It was the general who commanded the princess to be on the safe side or to keep the warship. "This lieutenant Yanlingwei was very heavy when she sailed into Luohe County."
He knew that this land was once the place where the leader grew up, and his tone was somewhat involuntary.
If you don’t eat well, you will be soft
The princess was so clever that she leaned forward to pull the lieutenant’s skirts and said pathetically, "Liu Lieutenant Liu Shu …"
"Linger and I grew up in the palace and never came out. You have been watching us for more than ten years. Please help Cher this time!"
I’m afraid! Liu lieutenant hurriedly stepped back and maintained a respectful posture.
"Dad let cher worship into the monastery to study and practice, saying it’s for the sake of safety. Isn’t it just another place to put me under house arrest? I haven’t really seen the bustling streets and bustling Fang city since I was a child. Do you have the heart to continue to let Xueer stuffy in the cabin without even taking a look? "
Lieutenant Liu moved slightly.
No matter he or these Yanlingwei have been in charge of guarding the White House Gate for more than ten years, they have also been guarding the princess for more than ten years. This emotion has already surpassed the identity difference. Lieutenant Liu once thought that if she had lived up to that female words, I am afraid that her daughter would have the size of a princess.
The princess couldn’t help glancing at the sound of harps and gongs and drums. "Uncle Liu, look at someone getting married over there. It’s so lively … Please, let Cher have a look. Cher promises not to run around!"
The pleading look melted the ice and snow, and a warm current flowed from the bottom of my heart.
"To inform the general!"
To kiss Shi commanded a sentence Liu Lieutenant or feel sorry for it. Finally, Nai nodded and summoned several kiss Shi to follow the princess closely.
How can he resist the Yan Lingwei brothers behind him and how can he resist coming to the leader’s former residence to have a look at the former Luomen, which is now scorched?
Luohe County is not a big county in the Dayan Empire and the territory of seven States, but it relies on the rapid development of Luohe waterway transportation trade. More than ten years ago, with the rise of Luomen Luo family, this small county became more lively and prosperous.
Since then, Luo family seems to be synonymous with Luohe County.
However, three years ago, the murder of Luomen ruined the whole Luomen family, and this synonym was gradually forgotten by people.
But this Luohe county has not declined because of this, and it is cold and cheerless. Because the Luomen family came from Tiandong River family and took a fancy to the business opportunities here, it has become a believer in this Luohe county in the past three years.
Today happens to be the parents’ wedding day in the main river of Luohe!
There are guardian roads on both sides of the street.
The crowd was gradually divided, and the groom rode on a fine horse and smiled happily, and kept greeting the people of Luohe County enthusiastically all the way.
For the Jiang family, who is idle, eating, drinking, and enjoying being a long-term husband, today’s marriage still needs to be done in any case.
But he can’t even calculate that someone will rob his relatives in Luohe County at the moment!
"Snatch the bride …"
A scream immediately frighten away that onlookers and enthusiastic people.
The sound source is a young girl.
The princess took Ling Er’s hand, and the two of them tried their best to rush into the wedding procession.
The wedding procession was forced to stop.
Protect Sineitai has been ready.
Jiang’s parents frowned slightly, glanced at them, rushed into the guard and passed by. The two girls were grateful to the two kind-hearted girls and didn’t pay much attention.
He suddenly felt depressed when he looked at a group of fierce guys, especially the leader and grim-faced man, who seemed to be trying to capture the two benefactors who tipped them off alive!
"My goodness! How dare anyone rob the young master of his territory? Really, when I am a building full of Luohe Ba Shaojiang, I will spend money? "
Chapter IV A bowl of water and a steamed bun
The mountains and rivers on the back of Luohe County are the sunset mountains and rivers, which naturally flow into the clear water of Jiangluo River.
It was at sunset that the teenager tightly closed the fence and tied the bamboo rope at the courtyard gate. He was carrying a cold gun and staring at the bamboo house outside the courtyard. Every grass and tree had not moved for a long time.
Teenagers have lived alone in this sunset mountain for three years. For three years, no one has communicated with this mountain. The fellow villagers in Luohe County don’t know anything except the inn shopkeeper at the foot of the mountain. When the jungle is densely covered with monsters, there lived such a teenager.
After a long time, the teenager took the cold gun with him and walked farther and farther down the mountain road in the sunset.
He is preparing to go out for a long trip.
It may take three to five years, ten years, or never come back.

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