"Oh, this is a certain risk factor in the recruitment." Wang Jie took a bite and then asked, "If someone is afraid of not wanting to be a soldier, can you let him go?"

He also saw it, and he heard that there might be someone in a car flinching.
"If you want to leave, we will pay him an extra day’s wages, but it has to be completed today." The imperial guard said and looked at others. "You will be fine if you all come and take medicine."
The pills were quickly distributed, and the imperial guard watched everyone take them, leaving none.
"What are you doing well in this car? Maybe you can win the first prize today and there will be extra rewards." The imperial army couldn’t help praising 1.
"There are rankings?" Wang Kai felt a sense of urgency.
"The top ten cars that have just come out according to the index will get extra rewards, and the first consideration is that the reward for exceeding the index will be increased, that is, after 100 pence, they will be sent back to him for good work. Of course, you can also accept the opinions of employees, and the first consideration will be given to your needs and then added to the index reward."
"Work hard!"
Imperial patted Wang Jie shoulder a pair of refueling dry appearance.
After people leave, the car also communicates with each other.
"Quiet" said that it is forbidden to make noise, and we will talk about it when the bid is over. "Wang Jie’s sentence is quiet when the car comes.
There was nothing before, but now it’s really good. Of course everyone wants to hear it.
This increase in rewards made the original fear that there was a problem and he wanted to leave people, but he also quietly closed his mind and waited until he saw what the follow-up rewards were.
If the rewards are really rich and they want to eat anti-crude drugs, they are willing to stay if it’s okay.
It’s a trivial matter to make them skin and cramp foreigners who can still move.
Wang Kai is also very satisfied with the atmosphere in the car, so he is not worried about today’s indicators.
Chapter 65 Yun Chao first appeared in the world.
"A total of 95,720 aliens have been dismantled at present, and the list of Qin Tianjian’s pre-selection personnel has also come out. I’m afraid the follow-up sewing and refining project will have to be moved."
"Chen Liuhuan has put down all the rebel areas, and the group of anti-thieves are also being escorted into the main manager of raw materials in the Imperial City, and a new list has also come out. If others send it as raw materials again, the official body will be able to let the Grinch come in the next ten to twenty years."
"Bai Xu has put the southern greenwood into prison, and now many people have been put into prison. Those robbers and thieves have also been escorted into the road."
Aside the gospel Grinch reported the general situation to Qin Mu Ye.
Qin Mu Ye picked up the Qin Tianjian pre-selection list, and the number of people who can come in is not much. All of them are car owners and a part of the squad leader, which adds up to more than 300 people.
"I know the rest of the employees, so I’ll give them training to fill the gap. Think of it as a rational medicine for graduation and resettlement. Don’t forget to give them another month to get out and go crazy."
"There are also people who have been selected into the list of Qin Tianjian personnel. Give one more one as a pre-adaptation."
After reading the list of eyes, Qin Mu Ye said that this list not only has names, but also various data and achievements in this period. The first one is the famous Wang Kai. On the one hand, his artificial ability is strong on the other hand, which can rank first.
The so-called anti-pharmacognosy is not to resist the so-called blood breath of aliens, but to create resentment and resentment in the process of making dragons.
This kind of thing is aimed at reason, so it is necessary to guard against it. This is part of the whole ceremony.
At present, skinning cramp is still a follow-up, and it needs sewing, cooking, forging and so on, which is even more shocking to reason. At this stage, rational drugs are definitely not working, so we have to change to a new generation
"Yes, it has been arranged." The Gospel Grinch left after reporting.
Qin Mu Ye rubbed his temples. He felt that his body was getting more and more bound. It was probably the suppression of him after the national movement rose.
It hasn’t reached its peak yet, and it will take at least a decade or two.
Don’t say that it will take such a long time for the official system to be broken. In this process, not only must we vigorously promote education to make up for the talent problem in recent years, but we also need to re-compile all kinds of books that have been changed by different nationalities, which all need to be restored by Qin Tianjian as an adult.
The difficulty is not great, just when killing.
More importantly, it is necessary to carry out the development of martial arts in the future, which is of great help to Dagan Zhongxing. It is not a problem to have fewer fighters and more infrastructure.
It is another matter that it may cause public security problems. It is impossible for everything to be perfect. Otherwise, why did he set up the Hanging Mirror Department to solve such a problem?
"One more thing. How’s the black hand probe going?" Qin Mu Ye asked.
The black hand is responsible for the overall planning, not only to manage the abyss, but also to help him manage it together. Since all the officials in the court were laid off from the post-Qin Mu Ye, he has never been to the court. After all, there is no one. What is he going to do?
Even an interview with Chen Liuhuan and Bai Xu is also in the imperial room.
"Dagan local decrees have great problems that need to be further reformed, but when they run, they go through the motions and have a great connection with local state capitals and county governments. Even though all the foreign students and intimate friends have been cleaned up, those officials who go to the first level also have some difficulties in handling them," continued the Gospel Grinch.
Qin Mu Ye also understood that it was another long-term project, and Qin Mu Ye hated it.
"How about directly modifying memory or common sense?" Qin Mu Ye thought about taking shortcuts and asking everyone to remember the common sense class. If they modified it, it would be simple to follow up.

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