Chapter 22 Dislocation Events

Fu Qili had a quick look at the planning of the water park, and then he paid attention to the 21-story hotel. After carefully reading the hotel planning, he hesitated for a moment before saying to Qilian Mountain, "Is General Manager Qi the final plan?"
Qilian Mountain shook his head and said, "This plan can be said to be a framework, but the details of the final plan may be different."
"Oh, oh" Fu Qili nodded and watched the whole plan carefully. From time to time, he pointed to the drawings and asked Qilian Mountain to answer them one by one.
After more than half an hour, Fu Qili had a full understanding of Shangri-La’s plan, and arranged for the workers to put away the drawings and put the round table back in its original place. Everyone sat down in the original order.
Fu Qili cleared his throat and said, "Shangri-La enterprise water park project is of great significance to upgrading Shengjing city level, enriching people’s amateur life and improving Shengjing city image. On behalf of Shengjing municipal government, I would like to extend warm welcome and sincere greetings to General Manager Qi."
I motioned for a note to be secretly handed around me. Fu Qili took out a pen note and wrote a series of numbers and handed it to Qilian Mountain. He said with a smile, "General Manager Qi, this is my office and residence. Shengjing can call me at any time to ensure that he is on call."
Qilian Mountain kept the note safely away while thanking repeatedly, and moved the table like a stream of meals. The topic of both sides was no longer limited to talking about investment, and they chatted casually.
Qilian Mountain didn’t eat this lunch until about three o’clock in the afternoon. When boarding the bus, Fu Qili called Ou Guiqing out to see him off and got into the car to talk for two or three minutes before letting people out.
Qilian Mountain looked at Fu Qili’s Volga sped away and turned to Ou Guiqing, who had just arrived from Fu Qili’s car, and said, "The mayor of Europe will be my car. Don’t squeeze that golden cup with his comrades in the district."
"Well, I’m going to discuss something with you, too." Ou Gui said quickly.
Compared with Ou Guiqing’s level, the Laohai brand car in the district government has some standards, so when attending some public activities in the city, the district leaders all take the 212 jeep or squeeze gold cups of bread with their families. Although the level knows well about the car matching standards, it has not yet reached the level of arrogance.
Qilian Mountain watched Ou Guiqing get into the back seat and said, "What’s the matter with Ou District Chief?"
"What European mayor has a question? Don’t deceive me, Mr. Qi. Is Shangri-La Enterprise and Nanhu Science Park quite close?" Ou guiqing asked
Looking at Qilian Mountain, Ou Guiqing nodded with a smile and waved his thumb and said, "Qi is always frank enough. Hai Ping greeted me earlier. I and Liang Haiping of Nanhu Science and Technology Park are iron buddies. Qi always calls me Lao Ou, and it is heretical to call Ou District Chief."
Qilian mountain ha ha a smile and said, "the warden that I really don’t polite"
By buying Nanhu printing house and building a family building for the district government, Liang Hai Pingping and Ou Guiqing get along very well, especially by single-handedly pulling out the old district committee of Ou Guiqing Heping District. Before retiring, I will count my retirement. Sun also got a welfare house in the district shortly after my birth, but each suite of those four buildings has already taken its own roots, and there is no suitable excuse to take back the room that has been separated. This kind of thing is simply not allowed. Ou Guiqing’s last requirement for his old leader is more headache than that.
Finally, Liang Haiping moved a house from Nanhu Science and Technology Park to the district to help Ou Guiqing solve this thorny problem. Soon after the house was sent out, the old district party Committee suggested that Ou Guiqing remember the news after retirement. After this incident, things went bad in the science and technology park, and even the annual inspection of licenses, taxes and motor vehicles was changed to the government’s initiative.
"There is a question I want to ask if it is true that General Qi just said that the hotel plan can change things?" Ou guiqing asked
After all, the design institute hasn’t made a field trip to the engineering site to see what the final plan will become or is suitable for the site owner. Qilian Mountain nodded and said that Liang Yuan hasn’t seen the whole drawing yet. Liang Yuan is critical to modify it. That’s certain.
Ou Guiqing hesitated for a moment and some winglets asked, "Can Shangri-La consider raising that 21-storey hotel by 10 floors?"
"Hissing" Qilian Mountain gasped and frowned. It suddenly occurred to me that Ou Guiqing stayed in the car for several minutes when seeing Fu Qili off after the meal. This requirement seems to be Fu Qili’s mind.
Where would Qilian Mountain have thought that the twenty-second floor Furama Hotel, a five-star hotel located in the northeast of Dalian, would be officially opened in the middle of this year? The main body of furama hotel has already been completed and the renovation work is under way.
It turns out that Shengjing has never had a 20-story high-rise building, and there is a huge gap between it and Dalian. Even if you have any ideas, you can sigh for a long time. Now Liang Yuan has taken the initiative to deliver the door and got a 21-story hotel, which is one floor shorter than Dalian. For local officials, this is simply adding fuel to the fire. However, it is not very nice to talk about the provincial capital cities and border cities.
Ou Guiqing looked at Qilian Mountain and frowned repeatedly, knowing that his request was a bit overwhelming. He quickly said, "The city can give Shangri-La a loan and land concessions."
Qilian Mountain Root can’t make a decision on such a big thing and said with a wry smile, "This thing is too big, far beyond my limit. I have to communicate with Bian and I will definitely explain the preferential conditions to the company."
Ou Guiqing also knows that it is impossible for a horse to get an accurate answer to this kind of thing, and he has informed Qilian Mountain about it himself, which is considered to be the completion of the city’s account.
Twenty minutes later, Qilian Mountain sent Ou Guiqing back to the district government office building, and then directly returned to Nanhu Science Park, turned around the flower pond turntable of Science Park, and asked the driver to stop at the main entrance of the three-story office building. Volga commanded the driver to hold a large volume of drawings and go straight behind him to the third floor. He gently knocked on the door and entered Su Liangyu’s office. Now Liang Yuan really stayed here.
"Old Qi is back." Liang Yuan took a sip from his coffee cup and looked at it. The driver, who was holding a large volume of plans, asked, "The plan of Wusong came out so soon?"
"A small steel structure project is still happy to pay a high price for settlement, so the design institute attaches great importance to our work and dispatched capable forces to finish it three days ago," Qilian Mountain said with a smile
"Where’s Old Su?" Qilian mountain looked at such as desk also asked.
"Old Su said," Look at me. Everything is at leisure. "Liang Yuanxiao said.
Qilian Mountain put the planning map on the desk and said, "Xiaoyuan, your leisure day is over. Mayor Fu Qili of Shengjing just gave us a problem."
Qilian Mountain explained the meeting with Fu Qili together with Ou Guiqing’s request and Liang Yuan in detail.
Liang Yuan listened to Qilian Mountain and felt a sense of distress. What kind of thing is this? This kind of thing should be a few years later, when Shi Yuzhu, the head of the giant group, ran to his head. However, Fu Qili was dark enough and pulled directly to the 30 th floor. If this hotel can be completed nine years ago, it will be the first ten heights in the country. It is also very promising.
Although it is a simple addition of ten floors, the overall cost will be reduced by 20 to 30 million, and the construction period of the water park will be prolonged by about one year, and the planning will have to be redone. Liang Yuan bowed his head and calculated the advantages and disadvantages of the whole thing.
"Xiaoyuan, why don’t I reject the European district chief?" Qilian mountain see Liang Yuan long silence asked 1.
"Let’s not discuss this matter first," Liang Yuan said.
"Lao Qi and I will go to the lab to see what we have newly made, and then I will tell you in detail." Liang Yuan got up from the sand and gulped down the coffee in the cup, and then went out of the office building with Qilian Mountain.
Out of the office building, Qilian Mountain now Liang Yuan didn’t go to the white building of chip experiment, but took himself to turn a corner to bypass the chip laboratory and walked to the pale yellow device laboratory at ordinary times.
"Xiaoyuan * * Device Lab is hosted by someone?" Qilian mountain asked
"It hasn’t been a month yet to find a suitable candidate, but it’s still uncertain whether you can join the device lab."
"This laboratory has recently turned white when I saw the real old Qi, which is something you are familiar with." Liang Yuanxiao said.
The two men said as they came to the front of the light yellow square light steel building. Liang Yuan reached out and pulled out a hard plastic card in his coat pocket. After shaking a few drops at a dark gray device embedded in the wall near the door, the light yellow color steel door clicked in front of him. Liang Yuan put the card in his coat pocket, stretched out his hand and twisted a door handle and pulled the side door of the car directly.
"This thing looks very advanced," said Qilian Mountain, licking his mouth. "It’s also Lao Su and them."
"Well, this is the first set of experiments. If there is nothing wrong with it for a while, the chip lab plans to replace all the doors in the garden with this one, and then Lao Qi will come back with a card." Liang Yuanxiao said.
The principle of this set of things is very similar to the special ladder card that Liang Yuan encountered in some office buildings in his previous life. Because Liang Yuan tried his best to promote the concept of "letting chips come into life" through chip experiments, the chip lab has been trying to integrate single chip computers into these daily equipment around facilities such as frequent doors, taps and photos in daily life.
Like this, the color steel door can be extended to intelligent buildings after card authentication, which is far more advanced than calling by number.
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Chapter 23 Complete gas equipment
Qilian Mountain followed Liang Yuan into the side door of the device laboratory. Like the chip and gas turbine laboratory, the device laboratory also collected a large area of sunlight through the dome, which shone from the special glass on the ceiling of the laboratory. The light green dust-proof ground scattered green reflections, giving people an illusion of stepping on the grass.
Liang Yuan took out another card from his coat pocket and inserted it into a card slot near the door. With a deep "hum", several rows of high-voltage lights hung on the roof load-bearing structure, and the lighting was good, and the car suddenly became perfect.
Qilian Mountain looked at the card in the card slot and asked curiously, "Was this the door just now?"
Liang Yuan reached out from his coat pocket and handed the door card to Qilian Mountain and said, "It’s not the same. The door is light blue or light red."

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