"True his niang pain! Damn it! I have become stronger than I am. Why does it hurt when I fall? "

"… because everything has been reset" Gu Qingshan Road
Liao Hang not hum stared at him.
"At the end of the operation, it was reset by the worm, and we returned to this sorcery." Gu Qingshan said.
After a pause, Liao Xing sneered, "It’s like rebirth-doesn’t that stupid bug understand that the more times we go through it, the more confident we will be in control of the situation?"
Gu Qingshan looked at the few lines of firefly fine print in the virtual space.
"The second evil sacrifice will be official"
"Your causal mapper Liao Xing is about to fall into an extremely dangerous situation for him-if he can’t live, you and he will both die here."
All the fireflies’ fine print flew away.
Gu Qingshan got up and said, "Come on, we have to go out and see the situation first."
Liao Hang followed him out of the door.
They went downstairs to the front desk of the hotel and met the blonde again.
"Do you want to check out? Sir? "
She asked behind the counter
"No, I’m going out for a walk-"
Liao Hang smiled and said, "Madam, I know I’m a little reckless, but I still have to tell you sincerely that you are beautiful today."
"Thank you," the woman replied with a smile.
Liao Hang nodded and prepared to leave.
"Where do you want to go, sir?" The woman hesitated to ask a.
Gu Qingshan suddenly debuted "to map"
Liao hang suddenly
-by the way, I have to go through the map again before.
He smiled politely and said, "When we first came to this city, we wanted to look around, but we were not familiar with the road. Do you have a map for sale?"
The "Yes" woman took out a map and showed it to him.
"Ma ‘am, I already have this map. I’m sorry."
"If you have nothing to do, please go to his store to buy a more detailed map. Have a good time."
"thank you"
Liao walked out of the hotel and suddenly froze.
Outside the hotel, it was not a long street, but darkness.
See nothing
"What is this?" Liao Hang fixed color way
"I don’t know if I can tell you that the map just now is not the same as the last one." Gu Qingshan said.
"Damn it, I can’t see anything. What should I do in this situation?" Liao hang some panic way
Gu Qingshan look dignified gradually.
-this evil sacrifice has completely abandoned fairness. It is to kill people and set up sacrifices.
Can’t play with the black hand?
Liao Hang is an ordinary person. What should I do in the face of such a situation?
"-Liao Hang"
Gu Qingshan slowed down and said, "Listen, even if the evil spirit takes all your strength and makes everything go backwards, it can’t take away your memory and knowledge-that is to say, you still have the fighting experience of a yogi."
"I know what you mean. Now I’m practicing full-scale tuba-but this place has become really weird." Liao Daodao
"Return to the hotel and we will receive a message first" Gu Qingshan Road.
"Good idea" Liao Daodao
He turned around only to find that the hotel behind him had disappeared into the darkness.
The hotel is gone!
Liao Hang’s face changed and he tried to walk out a few steps towards the back and stretch out his hand to touch the hotel door.
He touched it.
The whole world turned dark except where he stood.
Suddenly the magic sound of the nine-faced worm sounded again.
"how about it? Gu Qingshan, are you still alive this time? "
"He is an ordinary person. You have no competitive spirit after this." Gu Qingshan light way
The nine-faced insect demon broke into a burst of smug insects.
"This is a dark prison! If you can live in this prison, I will lose! "
Gu Qingshan frowned and said, "Really?"

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