Governor George caught a glimpse of Earl Harry and said, "The governor will send someone to return to China as soon as possible, and he is sure that China will dispatch more warships to hope to destroy the navy before the rise of sea power."

Earl Harry laughed. "Old Earl George always thought you were short-sighted and didn’t know the overall situation. You should have such a long-term vision."
The port was silent, and teams of soldiers were patrolling. Hundreds of large ships docked in the port, but they didn’t dock directly, but docked in the port. Even if they were attacked at night, there was a water barrier, so they didn’t worry about being boarded by people.
In the dark, a few figures walked sadly in the harbor. These people reached out and were vigorous. Even some obstacles were just a slight leap, but there was no movement. It is obvious that these people are martial arts practitioners.
The first person in the middle school is dressed in splendor. If anyone sees it, he will be frightened, because the decoration is that the bullfight is endowed by heaven and can be dressed in such splendor. It is either a court official or a high-level security guard.
In front of a corner, several figures suddenly stopped, and soon a group of foot soldiers came up with torches.
Looking at the coming team of foreign foot soldiers, the first person should jump and blink like a ghost, and then several foot soldiers will be twisted and broken.
Yu said that several of his patrol foot soldiers were wiped with their necks at the moment.
One of them stripped off these soldiers’ clothes and sent them to the official in the bull-fighting royal guard, saying, "Lord Yue is in charge of changing your clothes!" "
If anyone in the Wulin of the famous sect sees this official, he is afraid that he will recognize it at a glance as none other than Yue Buqun, the former head of Huashan Sect.
Yue Buqun embraced Chu Yi’s thigh in officialdom, but with his own ability, he rose from humble Royal Guards to command and know-it-all of Royal Guards, which is also a powerful figure.
Qian Ning, the commander of the Royal Guards, said that he was not Chu Yiren, but if Yue Buqun posed, even an official of the featuring party could be regarded as Chu Yi’s eye tentacles.
Yue Buqun changed his clothes and tidied up a little. At the same time, several elite security guards in his hand also changed their clothes. If you don’t look carefully, you really can’t see the difference with those patrol soldiers.
Looked around and determined their general position now. Yue Buqun nodded to several hands beside him and walked out of the corner with a group of people.
Yue Buqun and his party went straight to the depths of the port with torches.
If you break through a heavy card, you can cross the sea and cross the sea. If you are unlucky, you will encounter some words that carefully check the guards of the Coalition forces. So I am sorry that the ordinary foot soldiers, such as Yue Buqun, and other elite security opponents have broken their necks without making any noise.
At this moment, a Royal Guards official stared at the stuck soldier with a red face in his neck. "Tell me where your leader is?"
Loosen up a little. The soldier who almost suffocated in the past couldn’t help but breathe heavily. He finally breathed a sigh of relief. When he saw that ferocious face close at hand, the allied soldier’s heart sank into consciousness and opened his mouth to shout loudly. However, he heard a click and a pain, and his head drooped. Obviously, his neck was twisted.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-seven Prepare yourself for a posterior approach
A group of foot soldiers just lost their breath in a blink of an eye. Yue Buqun’s eyes fell on many big ships in front of the water.
Such a big thing happened in Tianjin Port. Although the court said that it had made a decision, it handed over the Tianjin Port to Yang Yiqing, the record.
However, this does not mean that Tianjin Port will no longer be injected in the future.
After all, it’s nothing more than tinkering around the edges in the capital city gate of Tianjin Port, but it all involves the invasion of Zhu Houzhao by foreign enemies. Even if you trust Yang Yiqing again, you can’t care at all.
Heaven, eyes and ears, minions, Royal Guards obey heaven’s command, and we know that Yue Buqun Royal Guards is a heavy man, and Yue Buqun has a strong brand of Chu Yi. It is said that Yue Buqun is Chu Yi’s chess in everyone’s eyes.
Even the command of the Royal Guards kept Qian Ning close to Yue Buqun. Although Qian Ning didn’t take refuge in Chu Yi, Qian Ning didn’t want to provoke Chu Yi, even though he was deeply trusted, but his heart was more clear. If you really want to talk about it, Zhu Houzhao is really trustworthy and has Chu Yi.
If let Zhu Houzhao and Chu Yi make a choice, Qian Ning can guarantee that Zhu Houzhao will definitely abandon him and choose Chu Yi without hesitation.
Qian Ning is in charge of the Royal Guards. Even if he is in the old court, he doesn’t look far, but he is definitely far from Chu Yi and Qian Ning, and he also keeps a rule out of Yue Buqun.
The Royal Guards Department also sent many Royal Guards to command and know Yue Buqun, a representative of Chu Yi’s Royal Guards. Naturally, a group of officials in the Royal Guards gathered together. These people all admire Chu Yi’s name, which can be said to be the King Wu Party in the Royal Guards.
The day ordered the Royal Guards to send people to sneak into Tianjin Port at any time to note the changes in Tianjin Port, so Qian Ning handed this job to Yue Buqun to handle.
If this thing is done well, it will naturally be a great achievement, but if it is not done well, it will inevitably offend the sky. Obviously, this is a kind of beating and suppression of Yue Buqun by Qian Ning. After all, Qian Ning is the command of the security department, which makes the influence of Yue Buqun in the security department gradually comparable. It is only natural that Qian Ning will not have a sense of crisis and suppress Yue Buqun.
Yue Buqun is naturally aware of Channing’s intention, but he is not too guilty about Qian Ning’s calculation of Yue Buqun.
Since Qian Ning handed this matter over to him, Yue Buqun made up his mind to take this opportunity as much as possible.
If he can seize this opportunity to solve the alien invasion of the enemy, I think his Yue Buqun name will inevitably become famous in the ruling and opposition parties.
So Yue Buqun didn’t stay an honest bystander in Tianjin City to note the changes in Tianjin Port, but personally led his confidant to sneak into the port.
Yang Kun, a security guard, looked at the big ships ahead and frowned. "My Lord, these people are too alert. The big ship didn’t dock. It’s dozens of feet away from the water. If we want to ship, I’m afraid it’s not that easy."
Dozens of feet away, there is no other ship in the surrounding water, which means that if you want to get close to the docked ship, you must cross the tens of feet of water, and more importantly, you can’t disturb the soldiers.
Yue Buqun narrowing her eyes in front of the water situation Yue Buqun, of course, is to see points at the moment Yue Buqun is frowning.
He came to Tianjin port from the capital, but it was only half a day. Although he said that he knew no less than the port news through the Tianjin Port Royal Guards, Yue Buqun didn’t expect that these invading enemies were so cautious and occupied the port, and they didn’t choose to dock.
Dozens of feet of water can’t be crossed so easily. Of course, if the water quality is good enough, diving in the past is not a problem. Yue Buqun and several officials in his hand can really have no more than one third of the water.
Yue Buqun looked at the slightly shaking water surface, but his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. It was not bad for him to repair Yue Buqun. There were really few people who could help him in World War I among the first-class players in Jianghu.
But Yue Buqun’s water quality is really poor. If you really want to let Yue Buqun dive, Yue Buqun may drown.
Yue Buqun confidant Yue Buqun doesn’t know anything about water except a few people
Said Yang Kun at the moment is not clear Yue Buqun impassability mouth to Yue Buqun offer way "adults belong to us can dive boat when the time comes to find these alien leaders …"
Thousands of officials Lei Ming is also a confidant of Yue Buqun. Others don’t know, but Lei Ming knows well whether Yue Buqun will be watery or not.
Lei Ming gently coughed "No!"
Several officials looked at Lei Ming consciously, and it was obviously not clear why Lei Ming would suddenly stop him.
Listen to thunder first toward Yue Buqun looked at this just toward all around, "adults and other identity have something naturally we belong to do adults need to wait here for our good news is".
Yang Kun several people opened their faces with something of a sudden look towards thunder, with something of consternation and envy in their eyes.
At this moment, Yue Buqun looked at Yang Kun and said, "Yang Kun, you can lead people who are proficient in water."
A security official realized, "My Lord, you …"
Yue Buqun said with a smile, "The official has his own way to board the ship."
Yang Kun nodded at Yue Buqun, then several Royal Guards who are proficient in water quietly followed Yang Kun, then the night covered and slowly swam towards those big ships dozens of feet away.
A team of patrol foot soldiers in the flagship office walked past these foot soldiers and looked very depressed. Some people kept yawning, obviously very sleepy.
Several red lanterns hung high to illuminate the surrounding deck, which means that it is difficult for the light outside the ship to reach the water surface, but it is a dim root that makes it impossible to see the water surface clearly.
This flagship Dutch ship is naturally Governor George’s resting place, and Earl Harry obviously can’t live with Governor George. It is said that this flagship has Governor George without Earl Harry.
At this time, Governor George is in the middle of the cabin. The cabin is not too spacious. A figure is sitting there in front of a general in Governor George’s army.
Jill, the confidant of Governor George, is looking at Governor George with a solemn face and a somewhat surprised look. "Is there something wrong with your Excellency inviting me here at night?"
Governor George said kindly to Jill, "How does Governor Jill treat you on weekdays?"
Jill heard this and quickly said to Governor George, "The Governor has been very helpful to Jill. If there were no Governor, there would be no Jill. If the Governor has any orders today, even though it is."
Hearing Jill say this, Governor George’s face showed some satisfaction. Jill was able to achieve such a flagship captain today because of what he carried, which can be said to be a confidant among his confidants.
Looking at Governor George Gil, he said slowly, "Governor Gil has something to tell you, and remember it firmly."
Jill looked as soon as she heard Governor George say, "Jill, remember that once there is any big change, the first thing you have to do is to drive the flagship far away from the port and the battlefield …"
Jill first one leng seems to be thinking of something, and her face is somewhat hesitant. "Governor, you are …"
Jill didn’t just react with a little stupidity. Governor George was showing off his meaning. He was preparing a posterior route for himself!

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